Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rock Of Ages! Exclusive report! Danny Shamon (C) 2011 Part 2

For this segment I decided to step out of the box. During a re-shoot of the main explosive sequence, I decided not to go back into the arena, and saw a small green screen backdrop set with a couple of different sized ladders with cameras attached to each one. Three Cameras in all, at a variety of angles. Also a guy with an ipod cam from a distance.

A group of four or five young groupie girls were screaming at the top of their lungs and moving in different angles. The costumes were perfect, and they hired women of all sizes. This shoot had to be rushed as they were shooting the main sequence inside the arena. The second unit folks were telling the girls to look into this cam that cam and scream and cheer.

It was quite funny, but I kept my distance and observed. The garbage workers at the Hard Rock have seen it all, but even a few of them stopped in their tracks with their little cart for a bit to watch. All of the ladies were smokin' hot, young and just screaming although they were screaming to playback of 80s tunes. Actually it did remind me of the 80s rock scene, being in my 40s I remember it all! A tall blond in thigh high red and white leggings and skin tight mini shorts was stumbling around after her portion of the shoot and damn near fell into me, not the worst thing that could happen, but already have a lady. I was like are you ok? she said she had lost part of her heel, and she stumbled off. After that I had to go, my ears hurt from all the screaming and I was about ready to laugh.

I have to thank my buddies Kantz and Chyna for this tip on the second unit filming!

Next Report will be the explosions, lights and fire!

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