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Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Actress Spotlight: Amy Kinder! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers, recently I had a contact from young actress Amy Kinder. She has several new film projects in the works, watch this space later in 2016 and 2017 for more exclusives on her! Until then check out her websites and reel!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amykinderactress/?fref=ts

Friday, June 24, 2016

Producer/Actress Lilly Melgar Interview (C) 2016 A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive. EMMY WINNER!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, four years ago I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lilly Melgar following the release of the film she produced, entitled 'Black Cobra'. Fast forward to 2016, and my ass deserves a beating for not connecting with EMMY winning producer Lilly Melgar earlier. Lilly chats about her EMMY winning series 'The Bay' among other projects. This interview is just the beginning, watch for more as soon after her new series 'Ladies of the Lake' comes out, until then it is damn time to get inside the creative mind of Lilly Melgar.
DMR: Lilly, the series 'The Bay'; which you are one of the producers and star in the series as Janice Ramos recently won a Daytime Emmy, pretty amazing, as when the show started their was no award for digital series. What are your thoughts about winning an award and the landscape of digital content today?
LM: When we began we knew this was the future. We knew it was something 'special'. We have now won 2 Emmys for best digital series, 2 Emmys for best actor and actress on a digital series and 8 nominations total, including my very first Emmy nomination as an actress this year. I also won my first Indie Series Award for best actress this year for my told as Janice. … Did I or 'we' know it would turn into all of this? No. I am in awe of how much this little community/industry has grown, at how far we've come and how it still feels like we've only just begun.

DMR: Congrats again on all the awards and nominations, long overdue. Chat about your character on 'The Bay' Janice, what is her motivation, and do you see some of yourself in the character?
LM: Janice is a complicated character living in inner conflict. She wants to do the right thing but is driven by her emotions and need for love. She has always been driven by love and it's only brought her loss and pain. After her brutal rape, it is time for Janice to go within and clean house. She needs to heal and focus on herself. This is a major turning point for this character. 
DMR: Chat about the differences on acting in a network daytime soap vs a digital soap, more freedom, etc...?
LM: I found my home and my way as an actress in this medium. I live for the freedom of expression and space it allows. There's an intimacy that simply can't be captured on the daytime network medium... I love shooting on location, how you're able to capture every breath .. Every sigh .. How you get to live in a space .. My passion for this craft is getting to express the human condition .. To do that to the best of one's ability you need to get rid of limits, censorship .. Anything that confines you ... In short ... I love everything about this experience. 
DMR: I fully agree, the digital medium has opened up to more creative avenues. Chat about being a producer on the series, what are some of your behind the scenes duties?
LM: I love producing on the series. I get to overlook wardrobe, make up and all things beauty related. I'll sit with our director, Gregori J Martin when permitted and be his second set of eyes. I help out with sponsorship and post production. I also got to co-direct our new opening sequence. We're a team. A family. As producers, it is our job to put out the fires that inevitably happen during a shoot so the director can direct and actors can focus on acting. A few of us producers are also actors on the show so on those days we are only allowed to focus on our acting. We have a system that gets better every time. 
DMR: Lilly, you started emotional fires on 'General Hospital', yet you put them out on 'The Bay' haha! Shifting gears, chat about the 'Soapbox' show, how did the idea come about? Working with Martha must be a blast, the episodes are light, and fun, and you are able to get some interesting guests.
LM: I was offered a show at TRadioV and I didn't want to do it alone. I had just shot some guest appearances on a segment called Soap Dish and the times Martha and I were on together were completely engaging. Both opinionated women that respectfully disagreed. The chemistry was undeniable! So I came to her with the offer and idea of having Soap guests since that's the world we knew and came from. She was pregnant at the time and resisted but I 'persisted'. (lol) She came up with the name and began producing 'Soap Box with Lilly & Martha'. The rest is pretty much history. We instantly created a space for our guests to just come and hang and for our supporters to get to know the person behind the 'persona'. We love our Soap Box and each other very much. That's why it works. Well, she is one hell of a producer … that helps :).
DMR: I really love the show, the guests on it are fun, How about new episodes, I know you have been pretty busy?
LM: We feel awful that we've been forced to take such a long break. I can't give you a return date but just know we miss it as much as you all do!

DMR: I look forward to the return of the show. Chat about your new series 'Ladies of The Lake' and your role of Angelica Louis. How did you get the part, and chat about the filming process, any cool behind the scenes stories?
LM: I am ridiculously excited about "Ladies Of The Lake". I absolutely loved everything about this project and experience. The script, the team, the work, the people … everything was just 'magical'. The producers, Michael & Barbara Caruso and Kyle Lowder ran a tight ship. The attention to detail and care was impressive. Our director, Sonia Blangiardo was nurturing and effective. As actors, we all had epic chemistry and all showed up with our A game. When everyone is 'that' good, it ups your game. I can only imagine the results. I am dying for this to come out because I know our supporters are really going to enjoy it! 
DMR: I saw ADR is being done for 'Ladies Of The Lake', is there a release date for the series? What digital outlet?

LM: No release date as of yet and the outlet is yet to be decided.

DMR: Please keep me posted. Concluding the interview, discuss future projects, are you going to produce new material? Final thoughts?

LM: I also have a romantic bilingual comedy coming out in theaters later this year. It's called "Tongue Tied" and I play Marta. The very first acting gig I booked was for a TV pilot in Spanish. I felt like my life had come full circle when I finally again got to act in my native language. So happy it's coming out this year.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview. Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives.

Check out Lilly on her exclusive site @  www.lillymelgar.com

Check out her two recent short films @ 

Scarlett: http://youtu.be/2bq3xJDOgHs

She has a cool organic natural product line called Scent By Lilly  @ http://youtu.be/e23WS2zB0zA
.. Can be found at lillymelgar.com/shop

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When kids grow up - Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above photo: (C) 2016 Shahaub Roubari (For Promotional use only)

In the midst of working on an interview, I received a nice message from Marissa Labog about her new film 'When Kids Grow Up'. Needless to say after watching the 9 minute brutally honest R rated film about rape and danger, I am stunned, and actually stopped working on my interview and feel the need to go off script and talk about this film not as a review but as a matter of conscious. I warn the viewers, this is not a film for kids, it is made by adults, for adults.

Today, more than any other time in our history, women face the harsh reality of being berated verbally and physically. Walk a mile in the shoes of a lady for one moment who is around 5ft tall and see what happens if she is alone, breaks down, and has to go for help. For the most part, unless it is a group of guys wanting to mug another guy, when a guy breaks down, he goes into a gas station, bar, etc... and just makes a call or goes and gets help. Well Marissa is a very petite lady, and in 'When Kids Grow Up' she is showing what it would be like if the tables are turned. Yes it is a work of fiction, but I feel the film is one born out of frustration towards the treatment of women by men. Rape and assault are very serious subjects, as a guy I can only imagine what goes through the mind of a lady who has either been in this situation, or actually experienced an assault or rape.

The takeaway here is to be aware of your surroundings. I mean if you are able to travel in pairs or even if not, have a person to call or that checks in on you by calling at a specified time. Marissa is a trained dancer, martial artist, and stunt woman, but obviously this is a film about turning the tables, becoming the attacker. In all reality, a few well place blows and evasive maneuvers is probably the way to escape with your life.  Although taking out 6 attackers is not realistic, avoiding the situation is, or at least escaping from it.

For Marissa Labog, 'When Kids Grow Up' marks a milestone in her career. It is brutal, honest, and unforgiving, but a bit of light hearted entertainment at the end. Marissa is gonna do you know what to everyone, and blood will be spilled,  well than count me in! Shahaub Roubari directed the project and it can be watched on youtube now @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ACRC3znVU

Oh, in case you were wondering, of course Marissa was interviewed in 2013 on your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report @ http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2013/04/actressstuntwoman-marissa-labog.html

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Actor William Forsythe Interview (C) 2016 A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive! Exclusive Photos!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today I have the distinct pleasure of chatting with legendary actor William Forsythe. From working with Sean Connery on 'The Rock' to independent films such as 'The Devil's Rejects' and the upcoming 'Check Point', and a variety of high profile TV series, Forsythe has carved out an amazing body of work full of unique and interesting characters. Often truculent and unforgiving on screen, William is a kind-hearted soul off screen, and takes time out of his busy schedule to conduct this exclusive interview. Enough of my babbling, time to go in hard and heavy Forsythe style!

DMR-Chat about the changes in the audition process since when you just started out and the rise of new media like Netflix, changing the landscape for actors now.

WF-The whole game has changed, me, I am kind of a dinosaur, it is a change that I am not so crazy about. I feel the business as a whole, has become a lot more impersonal, as in send me a demo tape on your phone, and I don't own one of those phones. The entertainment world has be come a self serve place, such as emailing you a script and expecting you to print it out The business is somewhat less efficient. It has taken away a little bit of the edge of the industry. 


WF-As far as Netflix and those services, the product they are putting out is phenomenal, I went and did the guest star last year on Daredevil, which was a great time. I also did a guest promo spot for Netflix, which was great. They were gracious wonderful people, and the series and things they are putting out are absolutely top notch.


DMR-Have you watched Daredevil series? Thoughts?

WF-It is excellent, I had seen a few episodes prior to being cast, but I did catch up to it before I went on it. The main reason I caught up to it was Charlie (Cox). Charlie and I were friends when we did 'Boardwalk Empire'. I know Charlie, Vincent (D'Onofrio), it is great to see such a top notch show. You go in and do one episode, you never know how it is going to be, but the people (on Daredevil) were great so I had a great time.

DMR-It is nice to see Netflix put out great programming, what are your thoughts, on new media in general?

WF-I think the world is in a transitional phase when it comes to media and computer streaming, we are an experimental generation. 

DMR-Changing the discussion to a couple of past projects, chat about your role as Sheriff Wydell in 'The Devils Rejects'.

WF-We were in the worse locations it was hot, we were out in this god awful desert, but the experience was phenomenal, great family, great group of people, Rob (Zombie) is a really strong director. At a time when it comes to yes or no, Rob is really strong and a lot of fun, and he puts a lot of trust in his people, I had a blast doing it, and it doesn't surprise me that people are still talking about the movie, because it was an unusual and different kind of film, and I loved working on it. Rob let me go, I told him in the Elvis scene scene Rob, The guy is knocking Elvis, I am not going to put up with that and he told me "Do whatever you want to do." So if you ever see that film again and look at the film critic's face he has no idea where I am going. When I stood up and threw him, the look of shock on his face. To this day I laugh about that. I think the Devil's Rejects is the greatest film Rob made, I hope he gets back to that kind of material it just kicks ass on so many levels!

DMR-Another fantastic older project, chat about working with Sean Connery in 'The Rock'

WF-That was a highlight for me, I always followed Sean Connery, I grew up with James Bond, he has such a passion. When I got to cross swords with him on ('The Rock') I was so happy. To be honest with you I took a couple of chances and I did some things, like I cracked Sean in the back of the head as I went by him, and I did do things where he could of just turned around and said "If you touch me again" instead you see this gleam in his eyes, you see this great actor. I also said “why don't you help us while you have little left...”, once again I ad libbed that, it is phenomenal just to see where he went with it. I had a great time, moments like that are dreams come true, to work with someone like Sean, to have a real quality piece of footage. I am not usually a big fan of huge action movies, but that film had some of the best cast that had ever participated in any film in history.

DMR-Going forward in time to more recent projects, chat about 'Check Point'. The film has a very serious topic of homegrown terrorism, I feel the concept is not really a fantasy, but a slowly evolving reality. I am curious of your thoughts on the topic of homegrown terrorism.

WF-I don't think it is anything like we are experiencing now, but at the same time, you see violence throughout the world, you see no one can have a conversation any more without it turning into an argument. There was a time when people could sit down and strum though it and figure something out. I think that portion of ('Check Point') is very realistic. I said to Tom (Thomas J Churchill director of 'Check Point'), If you dig a tunnel, you would send the tunnel south? Would not the tunnel have come out in Massachusetts somewhere, haha? You buy into the ideas as it is an entertainment film. Discussing the actual time we live in, I hate the way the world is full of terror, I feel bad for the young kids. I traveled all over Europe as a youngster, and now all the places I used to go are the targets.

DMR-Focusing in on 'Check Point', do you have any behind the scenes production stories, interesting tidbits you can share?

WF-Fred (Williamson) and I laughed our heads off, all the time, we laughed constantly on the set, they had Fred and I in a trailer, we were have a great time. Movies are not so easy to make, especially on a tight budget, there is varying levels of experience, so the comradery and being able to laugh and have a good time, and to be able to put forth a good product is really so important. I had the most fun with Fred, I love the actors, Kenny (Johnson), I love Kenny, he is a phenomenal actor, a genius, he really put it together. There was a moment when they were running out of time due to the budget where they were about to cut the scene, and we discussed it and it was re-shot properly. People do not realize you think it is OK. to walk away from something, but I know, if we do not get this right now we will all suffer later on. Everybody is friends, on ('Check Point') and I feel we were allowed to be honest with our feelings during the production of 'Check Point'.

DMR-Can you talk about your character what motivates him, is he driven by honor, revenge? How much of yourself do you see in him.

WF-I read the script and I got about 60 pages in and I said this is great me and Fred, and these guys are going to kick ass, things change when I get to page 63... (Ed Note- William revealed his character nature in the remainder of his answer, and will include film spoilers, I will add into the interview upon release of Check Point! Keep Reading for more!)

DMR-Thanks for the insight into 'Check Point', we will chat more about the film upon release, focusing on independent films in general, do you feel when you do smaller budget films you have a certain mindset going in that is separate from doing a big budget film. Do you change your method of acting?

WF-For me it stays the same, I won't compromise no matter what the budget is. If the budget is lower, you have to be more prepared, more together, you really have to reach inside. I am experienced in all levels of film, I will not step off, it is so easy for people to turn around just say oh OK just go with that and make it happen. I hate it when that happens, I just say park your ass somewhere else if that is your attitude. Everyone needs to do their best, the job is the same job, regardless. I love independent film, I have always loved independent film.

Above Photo Credit- Home page for fighter Jake LaMotta

DMR-I agree no matter what it is a proper standard to uphold. Chat about 'The Bronx Bull', new film that just came out, with you as Jake LaMotta.

WF-With that film I feel we shot a really good movie, it was two years ago we shot it, I am actually going to a screening of it that will benefit the National Guard, in St Augustine. I have known Jake, and he was the only person I cared about. they gave me 67 days to prepare and get into the ring, I joked if I was 27 they would have given me 120 days. I had my fight trainer, Steve Fleming (The Bronx Bull fight Choreographer). He is a friend of mine, he literally moved in with me and we were at it 8 hours a day. We studied Jake, and we talked about his fighting style, and the fight game as well. I am looking forward to the premiere, and hope it is successful, as I know the original film('Raging Bull') is a lot to live up to.

DMR-William thanks for taking time to conduct this interview for Dan's Movie Report. One final question, any advice for the younger generation of actors, advice you know now you wish you knew when you were starting out?

WF-We all grow. I learned to fight for the things I believe in. I have learned a lot more about humanity I have learned now no matter how many years you have been in film you need to reach inside to always respect yourself, refine yourself, never run out of the dramatic feeling and ideas, and never stop growing.

Special thanks to Samera Entertainment, Jelly Magazine, and Michelle C. Lee for their help in obtaining this amazing interview. Keep reading Dan's Movie Report, don't share the news, make your own! Watch for more 'Check Point' Exclusives later in 2016!

For more information on 'Check Point' point your browsers to http://www.checkpointthemovie.com/


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Displacement Successful Screenings and Updated Information, From Maderfilm Productions! Exclusive!

 Above photo: Poster for Displacement for festivals.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. As I sit down to type this report, the wheels are in motion for the latest offering from Kenneth Mader, 'Displacement' to be unleashed to the world this fall.

Recently Maderfilm have created this special reel for the fantastic FILM-Com conference in Nashville!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoszG3Vqe3k

For more on Maderfilm productions check out their official YouTube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuIRt1vl2NLezZg4rrjxxtw

Maderfilm announces next feature after 'Displacement'  https://maderfilm.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/maderfilm-announces-next-feature-after-displacement/

After a successful worldwide premiere to a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Reel Independent film fest garnering an award for best Sci-Fi film, and Bruce Davidson wins for best supporting actor, the film screened at the well respected long running USA film festival in Dallas and star Courtney Hope was featured on local TV! http://www.wfaa.com/life/usa-film-festival-presents-displacement-/151032764

Above photo: Exclusive for Dan's Movie Report (C) 2014

Courtney has seen her latest project the Microsoft video game 'Quantum Break' released and she has been featured in the LA times and Dallas morning newspaper!

 Here is her exclusive interview from 2014 on the set of Displacement @ http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2014/07/actress-courtney-hope-exclusive.html

Dan's Movie Report strongly recommends the film as a must buy, and also recommends that the company that picks up the film give 'Displacement' a theatrical release.The  film has big screen qualities for an indie, and needs to be shown to the widest audience available. The two hour film is of the highest quality and has distinct 'repeat watch factor'. With the award winning talents of Bruce Davison and Susan Blakely, and emerging star Courtney Hope, 'Displacement' is my top pick for the first half of 2016, and rates a 9 out if 10!

Review from Dan's Movie Report is @ http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2016/05/displacement-2016-movie-review-c-2016.html

The official website for Maderfilm is @  http://www.maderfilm.com/
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/maderfilm/?fref=ts