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Producer Natalie Burn's Acceleration Wraps Filming! New Info, Video and Photos!!

Above: Poster for Acceleration, from Natalie Burn's official Facebook Page. Natalie Burn's exclusive shout out for Dan's Mo...

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Producer Natalie Burn's Acceleration Wraps Filming! New Info, Video and Photos!!

Above: Poster for Acceleration, from Natalie Burn's official Facebook Page.
Natalie Burn's exclusive shout out for Dan's Movie Report !!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, Producer/Actress Natlaie Burn recently wrapped up production on the feature Acceleration. Follow your dream is the spirit of independent film making and of course my own site. Natalie was gracious enough along with Daniel Zirilli directing to do this exclusive video for Dan's Movie Report~

Natalie just announced the full cast and crew via her official Facebook Page:

#Accelerationmovie “Action has never been so fast!” I can’t express enough gratitude to everyone who had worked with me on my movie. You made filming fun, fast & easy. I am so thrilled to announce my cast @dolphlundgren @chuckliddell @spflanery @officialdannytrejo @jasonlondon72 @lewtemple @alsapienza @rampage4real #sallykirkland @dobromir_mashukov @riganmachado @dukeaugie @tonytambi @nebchupin @maylingng Thank you guys for all your amazing character work. Special thanks to my two directors @merinomichael & @danielzirilli you guys were the force behind this machine. Super thrilled with my DOP @janmlosada your work & choices of colors will make this movie stand out no matter what. Thanks to my amazing line producer @ without your calculated commitment this would have never happened. Shoutout to my top crew set coordinator @candivision than @jessneuman also the best 1st AD @judeswalko great @bronsonland & his unique outfit choices @kevyyn also @meldee3 & all the PAs/Actors who dedicated their time unconditionally @dnizzles @richardjohnseikaly @corey storyboard artist @lucas_dimedio set photographer @ianfisherofficial food by @cateringonsite my amazing hair by @lexx super fun makeup from @biancaappicemakeup Amazing stunt coordinator you really kicked my butt @arnoldchon & team @dplayingmantis @alan_silvatron @benjaminkeepers Thanks to my Distributor @cinetelfilms @gmtfilms @etafilms for believing in me as a producer & as lead actress @maserati for your fast cars & many others @kayfloww @3dalchemist @namastepriyanka forgive me if I left out someone I’m truly thankful for your help #Acceleration #film #poster

Natalie had this to say about the film's stunt coordinator “The key in life is to surround yourself with people that challenge you & you can learn from. Don’t be afraid if they are better than you, your will to be like them will push you to the next level, & that’s how you’ll grow. I am so fortunate to be training with one of the best #master #stuntcoordinator Arnold Chon at Unbreakable Performance I have a goal and he is helping me achieve it.”

I agree, push yourself beyond the limits you think you can achieve. Also do not be afraid to fail, as from that one can learn.

Natalie had the opportunity to work with some legends in the acting and action world, including Danny Trejo.

Photo Credit: Natalie Burn's official Facebook Page

Just wrapped my new film I produced and acted in #Acceleration #Accelerationmovie directed by Michael Merino & Daniel Zirilli thanks to everyone who had worked on it with me all the cast & crew. Especially Andrew Reyes You made the filming so easy, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Stay tuned for more cast pics...#photo with the amazing & super friendly Danny Trejo” 

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Please connect with Natalie Burn on her official outlets:

Friday, February 8, 2019

Vanessa Cater Action Spotlight! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Vanessa Cater Action Spotlight! © 2019 Dan's Movie Report 

Above: 2019 card. Vanessa is a SAG performer in L.A. and is 5ft 10 inches tall.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers in an effort to spotlight talent worldwide, I present Vanessa Cater. Vanessa Cater. I must say, I was always wondering who the incredibly fit lady in the Hanz and Franz commercial that aired a long time ago was. Yes it is her – Here is the commercial: 

Above Vanessa in Hanz and Franz State Farm Commercial. The image is (C) State Farm and used for promotional purposes only.

Fast forward to 2019, Vanessa has a brand new action reel and it is epic! Check it out on YouTube:

Check out Vanessa's YouTube Channel for even more action:

Vanessa has worked on many projects and is not afraid of doing the hard stunts, the crash landings, and action, while not afraid of displaying a more sultry look. Her can do attitude should propel her to even great heights!

Vanessa is active on Instagram:

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Actress Jet Tranter Interview! 2019 Tidelands Chat (C) Danny Templegod

  This photo and all photos were provided Jet Tranter andare from the Sets of Tidelands!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers, once again another exclusive detailed star interview! Jet Tranter came to my attention because of Lady Bloodfight, please check out our first interview.

Today, Jet discusses her role on perhaps what is the most insane show currently on Netflix, Tidelands! Trust me, put the kids to bed, and binge, and binge again, turn off the lights and binge some more! Get ready, strap in, time to get to the boat, get crazy, time to JET!!!! 3-2-1 Go! Text is blood red, for a reason!

DT: Jet, chat about the casting and auditioning process for Tidelands.
JT: The casting process is never easy - in fact, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You get the call - you get the lines and then you have a limited amount of time to memorize, rehearse, find readers, tape, edit and/or audition on top of your day job. I was originally asked to test for Violca however the talented Madeleine Madden landed that role. Shortly afterwards I was asked to self tape for a guest role - Corliss. For this audition I had to perform a painful giving birth scene. We only shot 2 scenes of me screaming on all fours as I thought it was only a matter of time before the neighbors called the police. After my efforts I ended up landing the role of Leandra as the original actress failed to pass the physical requirements. Oddly enough they didn’t ask me to test for Leandra, I guess my previous hard work paid off.
Above: Amazing location on Tidelands!

DT: This show was the very first show that Netflix has done as an entire Australian production, chat about some of the sets and locations of the show. Most of my readers have never been to the area.
JT: The filming took place around Brisbane. There were several site locations, a huge studio for the interior scenes and a big tank where some underwater scenes where shot. My favorite place to film was Stradbroke island. It was like a working holiday with beautiful white sand and dolphins popping up on the beach to say hello. I highly recommend a visit there. The art department did an amazing job of giving the sets that unique mysterious “Tidelands feel”, the attention to detail was outstanding. It looked great on screen but the feeling I got being present on set was something magical..
Above: Dangerous Jet! In Tidelands!

DT: Chat about your character, Leandra she is like the most insane demon, violent enforcer, like the main attache to Elsa Patakay's maniacal Adreille, How did you get into your character?
JT: Leandra was a fun role to play, as a supporting character she didn’t have an extensive back story but my job as an actor is to take what I have and make it my own. I spent a week developing her life. I found a time where she was vulnerable, a time where she found her strength and I pinpointed the moments that changed her from an innocent child to becoming the ruthless Leandra. Adrielle was like a mother to Leandra whom she deeply loved and admired. Despite the violence in her nature all of Leandra's actions were justified, serving her Queen gave her life meaning, purpose and perhaps a little bit of pleasure. I don’t believe anyone really wants to be the “Bad guy”. Even bad guys have their reasons, their story to tell. 

Above: Poster for Tidelands (C) 2018 Netflix, used for interview only.

DT: Great advice, be your own actor, learn but no need to copy! Chat about your training regimen, once you landed the role, did you alter your exercising and eating?
JT: Whilst I normally maintain a certain level of strength and fitness - landing a role gives me that next level motivation to work harder and be the best I can. I had 6 weeks to get into great shape and I put in 110% effort. Eating cleaner, training smarter and increasing my overall intensity gets me the results I need. This all comes from having a solid plan, being well organized and staying away from distractions.  

DT: Yes Jet you were really strong and forceful on Tidelands, Ok Jet, as you know Tidelands is a TV MA show, with copious amounts of nudity and of course violence. Chat about how you felt about your violent and sexually charged role, and how you handled it.
JT: It was a little confronting being in the opening scene for Tidelands wet and half naked, let alone having to fight some poor guy on a boat. I dealt with this by being naked as I often as I could. In my hotel apartment. I cooked naked, cleaned naked, read my lines naked, but I saved a lot unnecessary on washing! When friends came to visit me I tried to make them feel uncomfortable for not being naked. By the time we shot the opening scene I was very comfortable in my birthday suit. However the production crew was very respectful and professional. For these scenes we had closed sets and wardrobe would always run to cover us up between takes. The only thing they could’ve done better is given me a warm private jacuzzi after that cold night in the ocean.

Above: Set pic from Tidelands! This is the house of the Queen, played by Elsa Pataky!

DT: Wow, that is some incredible insight. Share a story from a particularly hard or long day on set, what did you have to do and how did you pace yourself to be as fresh and a ready to go from the beginning of the day to the end.
JT: There were long days and short days and you’ve got to make the most of them. Getting a good quality sleep is the most important thing, being well prepared, resting between takes, staying hydrated and nutritionally aware was necessary.

Above: Jet with two very large lawmen!

DT: Chat about working with the other actors, did you learn or watch the technique of others like Elsa on the set?
JT: It’s always interesting watching other actors work, everyone has their own way of preparing but what works for some may not work for others. As an actor it’s important to know what works for you and also to have a good understanding of others. I have a lot of respect for Elsa juggling her acting career as well as being a mother of two young children and having to learn lines in a second language. She is a very empowering role model for women. For me she is a great example of continued personal growth and not giving up on yourself even after you take on the responsibility of motherhood. I also admire her commitment to staying fit, fun and healthy and her overall warm spirit. With that being said the whole cast was a pleasure to work with, it was great to learn from each other and adopt some new lifelong friends.

Above: Jet gets to ride hard! In Tidelands! 
DT: Chat about your action scenes, really looked fun, and challenging? How long did you have to rehearse the choreo?
JT: I love the feeling of achievement you get after performing a difficult task. The chorey was challenging, we learned most of it on the day due to timing pressure. I proudly performed all my own action scenes - no double required. I copped a few good ones from landing on gravel, smacking my head on concrete to snapping my toe and freezing my nipples off at times. Nothing a glass of wine and can do attitude couldn’t fix.

DT: Finally, if you have seen the show, curious as to hear your thoughts about it?
JT: Being the first original Australian Netflix series, Tidelands has opened up some great work opportunities for the locals. The diversity of the cast is a great benefit to the growing multicultural community in Australia. It’s very exciting to be part of this movement and I look forward to finding some time to binge watch the whole show.

DT: Wrapping up, chat about upcoming projects, I noticed you have posted a few of your cooking videos on your YouTube Channel.
JT: As much as I’d love to explore more my other hobbies in food, fitness and martial arts, I’ve decided to prioritise my focus on acting, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. I’ve learnt to stop getting distracted with things that have nothing to do with my goals. This year i am pushing myself to the limits with clear intentions and purpose.

DT: Jet wow, what an interview! Kicking ass as always! Watch for more on Jet, on your home for worldwide exclusive interviews! Dan's Movie Report, partnering with!

JT: Thank you for having me Danny, it is always a pleasure doing your interviews.
Keep up the great work! Lots of Love! keep up to date on my Instagram!

Go now to Netflix, sign in, and watch!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ekachi Uekronatham NETFLIX series! Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection! New Details!

Above: Promo posters for the series, for the Thai Market!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers several years back I covered extensively the film directed by Ekachi entitled Skin Trade, in fact Ekachi filmed a special promo with actress Celina Jade live at a press event! 

Fast forward to 2019, after a huge run of successful live shows and various other projects Ekachi is back as EP and director of the first ever Thai series for Netflix! He has shared hot new details below as the show airs first on Thai TV!

Multiple Lives: There's more than one woman in her: a graffiti artist, a coyote dancer, a girlish brat and a motherly transsexual. Each attempts to take control of her shattered life after she's witnessed a murder. Will the love of an ace repairman be enough to restore her back to her "alone self"?

"Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection" by Bravo Studios stars Saiparn-Apinya, Typhoon-Kanokchat, Seo Ji-yeon and Sarah-Na Lin. This 13-episode romantic thriller will premiere on Channel GMM25 in Thailand on 14th of February. Internationally, the entire series will premiere on Netflix worldwide on 10th of May 2019.

Written by Benjamas Dalhirunrat. Directed by Preedaporn Buatoom. Created, executive produced and story by 

Ekachai Uekrongtham เอกชัย เอื้อครองธรรม 吕翼谋. Official Facebook, click for more info on series and trailer!

Watch for exclusive interview in 2019!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Writer/Director Kellie Madison To Direct 'The Wall" for Dolphin Entertainment!!

Updated Feb 1st 2019: EXCLUSIVE!  Kellie Madison had this to say exclusively to Dan's Movie Report The Wall is a horror film." "We are still planning for 'The Gate' feature after this film." "Trust me it  (The Gate) will be better for it.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, of course I never share the news but on this occasion I have to. I always read deadline, as they break the stories rather than rewording it here is the link.

Synopsis:  The Wall tells the supernatural story of a young woman who is forced to unlock memories of a traumatic event after removing a mysterious painting from the wall of her rented apartment.

That is right Kellie Madison who directed "The Gate" short film and "The Tank" has her script sold to Dolphin Entertainment and Producer Tom Ortenburg will Co-Produce through his company Briarcliff Entertainment. Mr. Ortenburg was instrumental in Open Road Pictures, the company that released the Oscar Winning "Monster's Ball"!

As a writer and lover of indie films, this is a significant step to female storytelling. Kellie has a stick to my guns attitude and is very steadfast in her ideas.

I was able to obtain many exclusives for The Gate on my website and proudly supported her indiegogo campaign!

Exclusive Behind the scenes video from The Gate: Above

Actress Amy Johnston and an exclusive Promo from: The Gate Below

Make sure you Follow Kellie Madison on her official Twitter @