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Check Point (2017) Movie Review (A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

Above photo: IMDB poster for Check Point

With an experienced cast including William Forsythe and Fred Williamson, Check Point had the makings of a cool independent action film. Wrestler Bill Goldberg, who incidentally is back in WWE is the lead in Check Point. Goldberg's character TJ is searching out a cell of some sort of homegrown terrorism. The main issue is Goldberg just does not have the acting chops nor the semse of urgency that is required, in this film. Goldberg rides in town on a cruiser bike, he is not riding angry nor is he riding dirty, Goldberg is just riding!

Check Point is shot well, and solid directing from Thomas J. Churchill, again the main issue is the time spent on the action and urgency is really wasted. There is a few action sequences and Michelle C. Lee who works in a restaurant has a somewhat interesting fight scene about 55 minutes in. A director can only do so much when the source material is not up to par with the desired result.

The proficiency of the actors including Kenny Johnson and William Forsythe, coupled with the cool settings cannot hide the fact that Check Point fails to deliver a true action story and memorable action sequences. The subject matter of homegrown terrorism is a great concept, but in Check Point, it is merely window dressing to the film.

After conducting a detailed interview with William Forsythe  and he discussed the film and a bit of the behind the scenes, I perhaps had too lofty of expectations. What amounts to an average film with a few consistently good performances, yet the lack of real conflict and urgency in the story detracts from the overall experience. Check Point is perhaps worthy of a mild rent, but should be on Netflix before long. Check Point rates a 5.5 out of 10, not bad, but not great. 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lady Bloodfight (2016) Movie Review

Above poster-- Imdb

Languishing in a mired past, Bey Logan's Lady Bloodfight was initially supposed to be a low budget project shot in HK with Hong Kong actresses and a smaller scope with more grit. Voltage pictures entered and brought in the amazing Amy Johnston, merging an East meets West style. Amy plays a character named Jane who has a checkered past and a rather lazy slothful, mother who smokes to much. Jane tasks herself to search for her father who disappeared long ago in the same tournament. Not a bad set up, yet seems too basic.

Lady Bloodfight has far to little dialogue to keep any semblance of a story flowing, that said the captivating Muriel Hoffmann is a real Misses Myiagi and teaches the often uncouth Jane to fight. Speaking of fights, there are many of them, some are far better than others. The fighting is obviously the main focus, the issue I had is the tone is too light and not gritty. These ladies are supposedly beating each other to a pulp yet some smiles and bright lights made me feel this was a comedy. Best fight was Jet Vs Mayling their characters really mixed it up! Mayling Ng is a real powerhouse and cannot wait until she unleashes hell as Orana in Wonder Woman watch for new interview soon!

The main issue with Lady Bloodfight is lack of secondary character development at all, and even a really cool character like Mayling Ng's Svetta is lost in the background. Jet Tranter is shown a bit more and is beating a guy in arm wrestling early on. Jet seems constantly happy in Lady Bloodfight, not scared until well, not gonna spoil it. The other roles, including an absolutely gorgeous Rosemary Vandenbroucke are background fodder and never amount to anything.

The two leads, Amy Johnston as Jane and Jenny Wu as Ling are amazing. Jenny is a bundle of snarls and ample cleavage, hey now, Jenny sorry! Seriously though Amy is great and gives the movie some needed heart in a diner scene. Jenny is really a treat to watch as she is sucking on her lolly, I mean not a care in the world except to kick some ass, where does the line begin, ah yes behind me?

The glaring obvious point is the shaky came and very questionable angles with the fight sequences filming, is it that hard to hold a camera still? I like Chris Nahon as a director, but not on this film as much, perhaps needed a good HK action director and  a cinematographer who understands action with the ladies like perhaps Carmen Cabana. Overall Lady Bloodfight is worth a rent and rates a 6 out of 10 decent. Jenny Wu, Ms Hoffman, and Amy carry the film and make it worthwhile.

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David J Moore The Good, The Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960s-Present Book Review

(C) 2016 David J. Moore and Schiffer Publishing

Before I start this review I owe David a bit of an apology for putting off this book review, between the Widescreen Festival Judging and scheduled interview commitments, a proper review of a 500 plus page book was not possible. Full disclosure, I decided to BUY the book direct from David, because anyone who has that much passion to write about action needs to be supported.

For action fans, The Good, The Tough & The Deadly is a detailed amalgamation of compiled interviews and film reviews from David. Formatted in an encyclopedia style, alphabetically by film title with an index of stars and titles reviewed in the back, with interviews thrown in. The format alone is really enjoyable, as the reader is able to pinpoint which star and which film they would like to peruse first.

Of course I began my readings with films I have reviewed and people including Cynthia Rothrock and Karen Shepard whom I have had the pleasure to have interviewed. In fact, the real highlights of the entire book are the really detailed interviews of the two ladies, as David really took the time and effort to get inside their mind for action, thoughts on making films in Hong Kong and a bit of competitive spirit between them. Partially truculent interviews are often the most entertaining. That is why I loved interviewing the people like Uwe Boll and Natassia Malthe who are not afraid to speak honestly, rather refreshing in this Hollywood vapid glossing over of action films, and refusing to answer many questions landscape, in fear of stepping on toes.

David's interview with Eric Jacobus is a real gem, and provides an inspiring look at modern day indie film making. After interviewing Eric several times since 2006 I must say each interview I read from Eric, I learn more. David J. Moore goes into a budget detail of 'Death Grip', and Eric, ever honest and open chats about it, the casting, and expense breakdown, quite informative, for readers and perspective film makers alike. Really solid work from David on the question front, and brings out the bearded, yet serious film maker side of Eric.

Scattered through the hundreds of reviews some favorites that stand out are when David J. Moore does not like a film, or a particular actor, even when I completely disagree with him, the honesty of a dislike for a project resonates, and bites like a snake, but perhaps that is his way of telling the people they can be better. An example is Skin Trade, I really liked the film, and thought that Celina Jade offered Tony Jaa a chance to explore his softer side, but David focuses on the non urgency of the action, which is a erudite point perhaps I may have over looked. He lambasted '4Got10' and I really loved what he wrote, clever and honest, it was one of Dolph's more forgettable roles.

All of the reviews are informative, in The Good, The Bad & The Deadly, and there are many amazing action stars are scattered throughout, the one major issue I have with the book is the distinct lack of mention of many of the ladies in these films, and not many lady interviews. Now obviously, 'G.I. Joe Retaliation', was a film that David J. Moore did not like, which I loved, but to completely push aside 5 months of intense training from Elodie Yung with incredibly talented stunt professionals Ming Qiu and Tara Macken is almost like reviewing a restaurant's food without mentioning a signature dish. Where was the mention of the crazy ass performance of a very young, and at the time, non-English speaking Bai Ling in The Crow? Natassia Malthe has been in several action films including playing Typhoid in the original Elektra film and is not mentioned. This is basically my only real complaint about the book.That said, I am sure now David will interview more ladies, because, they are rising in action, and David is always looking to expand his knowledge, by reading The Action Elite! #JujuChan ,#AmyJohnston, #SheenaChou, etc...I am sure will cross his path, one way or another in 2017 as David and I both respect Jesse V. Johnson, and the promotions of 'Savage Dog' and then 'Accident Man' will commence, 'cue dangerous ladies, and maniacal Dan laughter'!

Overall, The Good, The Tough & The Deadly is a thoroughly educational book, especially for those new to action genre. The Good, The Tough, & The Deadly of those books to thumb back and forth through, especially when deciding on a new film to watch. David knows his source material, is highly professional as a writer, shows distinct respect to the actors, is fastidious in organization, and is a staunch promoter of action. I recommend the book as a must buy, with a solid 8 out of 10. Amazon has it as one of the better values. With many of the indie outlets selling the massive hard cover book at about $30 dollars and $4 dollars shipping.

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Happy new year to all who read Dan's Movie Report! If you want to see action grow, do not complain about it, strive to make it better, buy the books, buy the DVDs, and support the honest, hardworking, and humble stars in the business, if you do not like something speak up, but offer solutions!

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Widescreen Award Nominees for 2017!

*WSF2017 FEATURE FILM JUDGES' NOMINATIONS (5 Nominees Max. in Each category):
1. BEST DIRECTOR FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet (Krishna Bhati) 2) The Turnaround (James Hunter/Amanda Marquis) 3) The Code of Cain (William De Vital) 4) Day Six (Juan Pablo Abraham) 5) Fist of the dragon (Antony Szeto)
2. BEST FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet (Krishna Bhati) 2) Racist Rights (Jerome-Anthony Larkin) 3) The Turnaround (James Hunter) 4) The Code of Cain (Siarhei Zhdanovich) 5) Occupants (Russ Emanuel)
3. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet 2) Reborn Lost 3) The Code of Cain 4) House on the Edge of the Planet 5) The Turnaround
4. BEST EDITING FEATURE: 1) Presentiment 2) BitterSweet 3) Turnabout 4) Psychos 5) Occupants
5. BEST SCREENPLAY FEATURE: 1) Presentiment 2) Racist Rights 3) The Turnaround 4) Seat 25 5) Day Six
6. BEST ACTOR FEATURE: 1) George Katt (Turnabout) 2) Tobias Licht (Reborn Lost) 3) Eric Roberts (The Code of Cain) 4) Erik Grey (The Turnaround) 5) Joshua J. Thomson (Fist of the dragon)
7. BEST ACTRESS FEATURE: 1) Lisa Brand (BitterSweet) 2) Jaquise Coleman (Racist Rights) 3) Jordan-Paige Sudduth (Cracked) 4) Natasha Alam (The Code of Cain) 5) Juju Chan (Fist of the dragon)
8. BEST MUSIC SCORE FEATURE: 1) The Turnaround 2) Fist of the dragon 3) Reborn Lost 4) The Code of Cain 5) House on the Edge of the Planet
9. BEST SOUND DESIGN FEATURE: 1) Reborn Lost 2) The Code of Cain 3) Fist of the dragon 4) House on the Edge of the Planet 5) Shadow of the Missing
*WSF2017 SHORT FILM JUDGES' NOMINATIONS (5 Nominees Max. in Each category):
10. BEST WEB SERIES: 1) Chains that bind us 2) The Corpse Series 3) The Partitioned 4) Cut & Confidences 5) Ms Incorporated
11. BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: 1) Old Folks 2) Us Thereafter 3) Art in Cuba 4) Gone Viral 5) Built by Pain
12. BEST ANIMATION SHORT: 1) Lasting Marks 2) I Am Dyslexic 3) Lion Dance 4) Scraps 5) Pirate Parts
13. BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT: 1) Speak up. Say something 2) Life on the line 3) Inferno 4) Mando Mercs Five 5) Irreversible
14. BEST DIRECTOR SHORT: 1) Kellie Madison (The Gate) 2) Keith Rivers (11:11) 3) Alexander Maxwell (Legacy of Man) 4) Nicholas Kramer (DUI) 5) Daniel Sorochkin (Check Please)
15. BEST EDITING SHORT: 1) Across the Pond 2) OCD 3) Beyond The Terminator 4) Sitters 5) Stapler
16. BEST VISUAL EFFECTS SHORT: 1) Velvet Boulevard 2) Beyond The Terminator 3) Update 4) Stapler 5) Force-Full Imagination Part 2
17. BEST MUSIC SCORE SHORT: 1) Cabinet in the Woods 2) 11:11 3) Two Secrets 4) The Lottery 5) The Second Move
18. BEST SOUND DESIGN SHORT: 1) Sundowners 2) The Vanity 3) The Gate 4) Force-Full Imagination Part 2 5) Stapler
19. BEST SCREENPLAY SHORT: 1) OCD 2) The Loudest Silence 3) My Story 4) Chippy 5) Babygirl
20. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY SHORT: 1) The Gate 2) 11:11 3) The Chase 4) Next 5) True copy
21. BEST ACTOR SHORT: 1) James Button (The Corpse Series) 2) Isaac Hollingsworth (Cycle) 3) Brian Haley (Bonding) 4) David Ross Paterson (DUI) 5) Jacob Trussell (Check Please)
22. BEST ACTRESS SHORT: 1) Amy Johnston (The Gate) 2) Jenna Stone (DUI) 3) Amber Higgins (Me3) 4) Kylierae Condon (Chippy) 5) Cassidy Mack (Two Secrets)
23. BEST NARRATIVE SHORT: 1) 11:11 2) Mine 3) Two Secrets 4) Legacy of Man 5) The Gate
*WSF2017 MUSIC VIDEO JUDGES' NOMINATIONS: (6 Nominees max. in Each category):
24. BEST DIRECTOR MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Benjamin Roberds (Time Stops) 2) Jaron Clegg (Take My Heart Away) 3) Jhosimar Vasquez (Belong) 4) Jean-Paul Frenay (Cage of Bones) 5) Sébastien Bellaval (Peaceful Life) 6) Kyle Cogan (Ashes of Eden)
25. BEST EDITING MUSIC VIDEO: 1) The Partygoer 2) Before I Die 3) Rush Hour 4) Closer (Trevor Holmes Cover) 5) Valenti 6) Feel the Love
26. BEST VISUAL EFFECTS MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Mechanism of Life 2) Rush Hour 3) Take My Heart Away 4) Ashes of Eden 5) Cage of Bones 6) I Only Tell the Truth
27. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Dark Waves 2) Wonderland 3) I Only Tell the Truth 4) Take My Heart Away 5) Time Stops 6) Cage Of Bones
28. BEST RECORDING ARTIST: 1) Raymond Revel (One More Dance) 2) Ben Giroux (Little Dude Anthem) 3) Stereolizza (Wonderland) 4) StarBenders (Time Stops) 5) Breaking Benjamin (Ashes of Eden) 6) Christopher James (The Addiction)
*WSF2017 AUDIENCE AWARDS: (Winner Determined Based on Public Votes via
29) BEST MUSIC VIDEO: [All Officially Selected Music Videos Eligible]
30) BEST TRAILER: [All Officially Selected Trailers Eligible]
*WSF2017 SOUTH FLORIDA COMMUNITY AWARDS: (Winner Determined Based on Public Votes)
31) BEST CASTING DIRECTOR: [Nominees Coming Soon]
32) BEST TALENT AGENCY: [Nominees Coming Soon]

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