Ashley Park Interview

Actress Ashley Park Interview (2018) A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. After interviewing Ashley a couple of years back, I was curious to see the directio...

Friday, August 31, 2018

Actress Ashley Park Interview (2018) A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. After interviewing Ashley a couple of years back, I was curious to see the direction her career has taken. After viewing Los Angeles Overnight, I had to catch up with Ashley again, and let her chat about her sexy and dangerous role as Abelie. Ashley is perhaps the nicest person in the film business, yet can mix it up as a bad girl, a sign of a real acting talent. Time for me to shut up and get inside the mind of Ashley. Please check out my review of Los Angeles Overnight:

Chat about the audition process. Did you know the director prior?

I didn't know anyone involved in the project before I auditioned. Actually, I had another audition that day at the same location beforehand, and wasn't sure what the audition for Los Angeles Overnight would entail. When I signed in, I was handed a pretty epic monologue and wondered how I was going to pull that off in such a short amount of time! I sat down with it for a few minutes and read over it a couple of times, made some choices, and walked in.

How long was pre-production? It looks like due to the fact there was copious dialogue for most of the characters, some time was taken.

We had a table read with most of the cast, and I recall coming in to rehearse as well as select wardrobe. The director, Michael Chrisoulakis, was a dream to work with throughout the entire process. If I remember correctly, they did do a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and before I knew it, I was on set with one of the most amazing groups I have worked with. Every member of the team had incredible energy, passion and talent. 

How was the initial cast read-through? Also chat about how you learn your lines, both in general and for this film. 

The initial cast read-through was terrific. It was a big group, but already a very supportive environment. I'm pretty sure I didn't know for certain yet that I was going to get the role of Abelie, so there is always some pressure there! I think I was offered the role shortly thereafter. I had such a blast bringing Abelie to life on the screen, so I'm grateful it worked out. 

In general, I like to simply read and re-read the scene in the beginning without too much bias in order to take in every aspect of what I am reading on the page. It's so easy to start making your own assumptions without actually being aware of all the nuanced elements present in any given scene. I start creating who I am within this context, and from that point, I'll start memorizing while trying to always discover new trinkets for the character as I go. 

How about on the fly changes to the dialogue from script to filming, were you able to add any of your own ideas in there?

I am a very by the book kind of person when it comes to the script. I generally try to respect the writer and stay true to the lines unless there is a real reason to bring something up as a potential fix or change. I feel that my job is to do my very best with the lines I'm given, so I'm pretty sure that I stayed true throughout. I know I was asked to make some last minute changes to the script on set, which I'm always willing to do. I love getting direction and running with it. 

Ashley, you are like the sweetest person I know! How did you get into character for this icy villain role?

I think we all have a darker side that each one of us is capable of tapping into. I mean, ride along with someone in LA traffic and you'll undoubtedly see it! I absolutely love the role of Abelie. And I actually really like portraying icy or villainous characters. I think because it's so different than how I am on a day-to-day basis, it's almost surprisingly too easy to go there and get lost in it just for fun. Abelie felt very natural to me. I think the director and writer once told me that they chose me because of how utterly terrifying the audition was. If that's true, I think that's simply the highest praise an actor could ask for. 

Do you scene study other actors who do great villain roles like Al Pacino and Kathy Bates to get into the mood?

I love Kathy Bates! She is incredible. I wouldn't say there is anyone specific I watch, but I do try to take in a wide variety of genres, both as a filmmaker and actress. I really believe in the power of knowledge. I am such an advocate for continuously and avidly learning from both books and life in order to grow in skill and wisdom. 

Chat about the filming process. How many days were you on set filming?

The filming process for the entire movie was spread out quite a bit, but I believe I was on set for a total of 5 days or so, by the end of it. I loved having more time with the script, especially the epic monologue. It was a little indulgent compared to what I'm used to, so that was nice. Sometimes you get a script and you're on set filming multiple pages the very next day. 

Did you have to go in for ADR? It seems like ADR was used a lot on the outside scenes to level the volume. 

I did do ADR. I won't say where, but that is always a challenging yet necessary evil in filmmaking. You always pray that it will be for one small line somewhere and not an entire scene! It can be very difficult to match where you were at as the character the day of filming, especially when ADR is recorded a long time after the film has wrapped. It's never quite the same. 

Chat about the first time you saw the film. Did you guys have a "cast and crew only" screening? If so, was anything changed prior to the premiere?

I was allowed to go to an early private screening for family and friends when the film was still in post, and yes, the film has changed tremendously since that day. The masterminds behind Los Angeles Overnight are brilliant filmmakers and knew just how to cut the film into the beautifully finished product it is today. As a producer myself, I know how challenging film making is, from conception to the finish line, and I am so proud to have been part of such a passionate, hard-working group that got the job done. 

Chat about your thoughts on the film now that it is out, and the feedback you have been getting.

Michael and Guy, along with Camilla and the rest of the filmmakers behind Los Angeles Overnight, did a beautiful job that is worthy of the praise they have been receiving from multiple avenues. This feature is a unique take on film noir that does just what it is intended to do, and the feedback I've heard has reflected exactly that. 

Finally, since we did our initial interview, chat about some of your long-term goals in the business. Have any of your philosophies changed since our 2015 chat?

I think the last time we spoke I had just won the title of Miss Asia USA, which was such a transformative period. I certainly hope some philosophies have changed, but only for the better. I will always be exactly who I am with what I know at any given time, and I do my very best with that. Every challenge inspires me to grow as a person, a businesswoman and a performer. My intention is to simply keep raising the bar, no matter the endeavor. I recently won the Communicator Award of Excellence in Film Production for a film that was self-produced (also a 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection). I recently received my MBA and started my own production company, Ashley Park Productions, where I am currently in pre-production for a commercial feature with an incredible multiple Emmy Award-winning team.

Thanks Ashley, once again, your intellect and observations allow my readers an inside look at Los Angeles Overnight. For further information, please check out Ashley's IMDB page @
Follow Ashley's Instagram page:

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Action Star Alexander Nevsky Brings The East To The West with BIG Wins at Action On Film XIV in Las Vegas!!

Las Vegas, August 27, 2018 - Russian Film Star and Action Legend Alexander Nevsky wins big at Action on Film 2018's MEGAFest over the weekend.  MAXIMUM IMPACT which Nevsky produced and stars in won "Best Action Film of the Year" along with wins for "Best Action Sequence" and "Best Special Effects." 

In addition, Nevsky received the festival's "Breakout Action Star of the Year" Award and co-star Matthias Hues received the festival's Icon Award.

"MAXIMUM IMPACT is the biggest film in my career and I'm so glad it was recognized in such a great way! I'm also happy to receive the "Breakout Action Star Award" and would like to thank "Action on Film International Film Festival" and Mr. Del Weston for this honor. But I couldn't be here without my idols Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ralf Moeller and Matthias Hues so I would like to thank them too for all the inspiration and support over the years!" said Nevsky.

Nevsky received his Awards from Dr. Robert Goldman and Michael DePasquale Jr at the star studded MEGAFest Award Shows which were held at the RIO Hotel Las Vegas and other area venues.

MAXIMUM IMPACT will be released in theaters September 28, 2018, and On Demand and Digital Video on October 2, 2018

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Actress Sarah Chang Interview (2018) A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report Readers. For my second interview with actress and stunt team leader Sarah Chang, I will focus on her upcoming feature Trigonal: Fight For Justice. The new film will be released September 26, 2018 in the Philippines and soon after Worldwide. Sarah chats about working with a wide variety of talents from all over the globe and discusses her various responsibilities on the film. Enough of my incessant babbling, on to the textual action!

Hi Sarah, What is your role in the Trigonal?

I am playing the character of Mei Li.

What attracted you to the role of Mei, what attracted you to the character?

I finally get to be comical, out there, and let myself go. She is very quirky, basically in her own world. I think I can really relate to her. When I read the script, I thought, this is totally me. Nobody really knows that about me because I hide some of it. Haha, but in real life I feel I am like Mei. Haha.

Talk about the pre-production and support prior to shooting Trigonal.

We did acting classes with Gabby Fernandez, to prepare for the role. We also had to do training of course, because Mei does Wushu which is my area of expertise, so it was a perfect fit

Talk about the location of where the film was shot?

Bacalod is in the middle of Philippines on Negros Island. It was different, like a surfer town. The locations on Trigonal are very gritty and grungy and we have to make sure we did not get Denge haha, that was like the first thing that I noticed. I really enjoyed the people here, they are super laid back, very nice, and really talented. They are extremely humble about their skill and talent.

How about shooting the film in your character.

I really enjoyed it, with the workshop with Gabby he went into the character and pulled out all of the details that I was supposed to notice that I did not notice in the script. During the acting workshop I was, whoa (OK) this is where I am supposed to go (in character). While actually doing it on the shoot, I remembered what was going on (there, at the workshop) I pushed into the moment, then it felt so natural, and so much fun. I feel like I can be Mei all the time.

What was it like being directed by Vince S.?

Very comfortable, he gives you simple ques, and then you just follow, he does not interfere with the process, he guides you and then you are there.

On the Trigonal you are the action director, share your experience.

Yes, for the first time I am action directing, I have never done it before, and it was a lot of stress. I was really nervous about it, but I am so thankful to have my team SACHANG Team in Manilla (Sarah has a team of action professionals) and I was also fortunate to have new additions to my team in Bacolod. B the Black Dragon Team Windel Billiones, his son Winsie, and Andre Barayoga, there was also Keno and Kyds Rhey Fuentes, team of Filipino Martial Arts brothers. There are so many amazing martial artists here, hidden gems. There are so many different fighters here, it is easy to work, seems like everyone is a master at their talent. The actors in Trigonal are hand picked because they are martial artists. It was very easy to work with everyone. I was just letting them go at it, and I would say ok it looks good, next scene. It is such a blessing to have such talented actors and martial artists to work with.

What was it like working as an actress in the film?

As an actress I had a great time, because my co actors were amazingly talented. Everything moved and flowed flawlessly. I could bounce off all of the emotions especially with Ian (Ignacio) most of my scenes are with him. It was enjoyable working with him, he always gives you something, and I respond to him. 


How about the other actors in the film you worked with the action ones?

Ok we have Capoeirista and Escrimador Mekael Turner who paired up with China's UFC fighter Li JingLiang.  MMA fighter Wu PeiXiu from Taiwan came in and worked with Brian Wilson. He is actually a friend from my stunt team in Taiwan, he came in and worked with Brian Wilson, their fight turned out really well. It was kind of funny because I get to pick weapons, I picked this really cool looking thing, but when it was made it was extremely awkward to handle so we had to change the fight so they would lose the weapons right away As cool as the weapon looked, it was just too cumbersome to wield in battle, so that was one thing we altered. It is interesting to have to deal with all of the aspects of the fight. I never really thought about that aspect, I am usually worried about the choreography, how I am going to make sure it doubles, or hits. Now I am dealing with the whole look of the fight. I am dealing with the feeling and what I want to achieve. Example: This guy comes into a fight, is he the bad guy, what kind of a bad guy is he? Is he a good guy etc... I had to think of all of the acting bits and action bits.

Any specific scene or part of the shoot of Trigonal you remember?

I really enjoyed the acting workshop with the Kung Fu Panda haha, we have a scene about the Kung Fu Panda. It is hysterically funny. During the acting workshop I went crazy with it, but during the shoot I was not as crazy (I was very tired). Still it was so much fun.

Anything you would like to add?

I just want to say it has been an amazing experience working with very seasoned actors Christian Vasquez, Rhian Ramos and Ian Ignacio. They are all so experienced it is easy for them to get it(transition into character) It was kind of cool doing Rhian Ramos first action scene. In the beginning she was like, “Are you supposed to do that, are you supposed to hit them there, won't they get hurt?” Now haha she is addicted to it, I think she wants to do another action scene. Christian Vasquez did really well in his action scenes, and he was really easy to work with. Epy Quizon surprised me with his kicks haha, he did this crazy twirly thing not even sure if I can do that one haha, Paul Allica and Ian had such a long and drawn out fight. It was supposed to be done in one night, and we spent three days doing the fight. Props to them, I know it was a long fight, they had to do a lot of takes, we had to get everything, because it was such an emotional fight. We wanted to make sure it was perfect! (Please view the all new trailer below.)

Thanks Sarah, another amazing interview.

Of course, you have to watch Trigonal: Fight For Justice, or I will beat you up! 

For further information on the film please check out the Facebook Official Page:


Trigonal: Fight For Justice hits theaters and DVD September, 26th 2018.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge! HollyShorts Film Fest EXCLUSIVE!! (C) 2018 Dan's Movie Report!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!!! Click header text!

AOF screening Tuesday August 21st 2018! 8pm block: 

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, as you know, blazing a trail, a path less traveled, makes for far more interesting material that I feel fortunate to obtain. Yes, I could spend my days copying other sites, I chose however, to support the fine people who allow me an exclusive look inside their project.


My readers are a discerning bunch of creatives and passionate people who already get the news from bigger sites but want to go inside the story. I applaud all indie sites, even the ones who do share news, as much research work is involved. The biggest thrill for me however, is to see passionate people do amazing things like Choice Skinner has done with Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge. I mean check out the Cannes Film Fest screening info, mind you this is a fan film!

and HollyShorts in the same year for a FAN film that is I shall say it FX%ing Mind boggling! On this special post I present exclusive photos from the HollyShorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, YEAH that is the one, incidentally the fest is Academy Award certified so films that win are eligible for Oscar contention!

ALL photos are EXCLUSIVE to Dan's Movie Report and were provided to me by Choice Skinner and Sachiko Ishida, Brandon Moten has taken some of the photos and his name is watermarked into the ones he took. Watch for more exclusives early next week on as well! 

For further information and updated screening information including Action on Film Info please check out the Official Facebook Page @

Choice has been Nominated for an award as well! 
Please check out the official site for screening times.

Final Comicon Appearance for the film will be @
Black Lightning- Tobias’s Revenge will screen Saturday August 18th at the 2018 Michigan Comic Con taking place at Cobo Center (Hall C)1 Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226! If you’re going check it out. It screens at 5:30 PM in room 337!!! This is our film’s last Comic Con appearance. It’s been real ya’ll!! #michigancomiccon


Friday, August 17, 2018

Alpha (2018) Movie Review (A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!)

Above: Poster of Alpha from IMDB

Alpha (2018) Movie Review

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. In keeping with my promise of course to support actors, directors, and action professionals who have taken time out of their hectic schedule to conduct an interview with me, just had to see the newest film starring Natassia Malthe, Alpha. Actually Natassia told me about this film back when it was called 'Solutrean' which actually is a tool making style during the time of the film, which takes place appx 20,000 years ago.

Interestingly enough, Natassia and I have conducted 3 interviews as well, I find her enlightening and honest every single time, and it was exhilarating to see her on the big screen again. Please check out our older interviews-

As for 'Alpha', it is a very moving visceral feast for the eyes. Rugged landscapes, dangerous slopes, and hunting with weapons constructed out of stone and wood, permeate the film. Essentially we have a singular story on how man first domesticated the wolf and began to live in harmony for the good of the hunt and the pack. Alpha is so much more than that. Layers upon layers of hierarchy with the human tribe mirroring the wolf tribe. Tau, played deftly by Johannes Haukur Johannesson, portrays the tribes leader and father to Keda. Tau teaches the tribe youth how to properly make the stone spear heads if they pass then they are included in the hunt. The process is unforgiving, and those who do not pass, are not treated with respect.

We witness the hunt, Keda, Kodi Smit-McPhee is virtually in every scene and in the initial hunt, without spoiling it let us just say things do not go as planned. In fact they go horribly wrong, essentially this is the main focal point of the movie, his long, arduous, treacherous journey. How he has to learn to make fire, find shelter, and ultimately learn that survival alone is not as easy as survival in a pack. Even if that pack is just a lone wolf.

The action tide ebbs and flows in 'Alpha' ranging from calm, to downright scary in a cave. Although the dialogue, all not in English is sparse, the emotions from all of the characters are palpable. The pain of the father losing his boy on the hunt, the grief, to the tribe members trying to comfort him. Natassia Malthe plays Rho, the boy's mother. Natassia showed her range with her somber face, and caring emotion first when she learned of her son's apparent death.

'Alpha' is a film which requires work from the audience. First of all, if one is not used to reading subtitles, then perhaps, watch a film with subtitles prior, I would say to train your eyes. Secondly, because there is so little dialogue, the audience is forced to pay attention to the character movements, facial and body expressions, and landscape location. Essentially director Albert Hughes tells the story through eyes of the characters in it rather than explaining it to his viewers.

Again, for the well educated film attendee, 'Alpha' is a really interesting ride, and quite possibly the way we did involve ourselves with wolves as in reality a pack of wolves and a pack of humans would almost invariably be in conflict, but with two wounded souls, the only option is to band together for survival. Again, the wolf is let known his place in the hierarchy order. Always eating after Keda. That said, they protect each other and since the wolves already hunt in packs, with the beta female and males often driving the prey to the alpha, it makes perfect sense that the two of them would team up to survive.

Watch for an appearance by Leonor Varela as the tribe's Shaman. The thing is due to the fact this film takes place long before the birth of modern religion or organization, many times a healer relied on medicine derived from various plants and animals and of course praying to the stars and heavens. Leonor is a great actress, was interesting to see her in this role

I opted for the 2D version at a regular theater as the museum near me decided not to show it in IMAX format. I do like to view films in 2D first, especially ones with subtitles. Even in 2D the print was pretty crisp, with vibrant sound and color. Obviously much of the movie was actually filmed outside, and it allowed for more massive scope and creative use of the camera. The running time at 97 minutes felt about right, that said, would have been interesting to have 5-10 minutes more of the tribe prior to the hunt. Alpha is definitely a film to see in the theater.

Interestingly enough 'Alpha' is rated PG-13. Seems the producers wanted teenagers and kids to watch this film with their parents. Sort of like a history lesson. History this early could have been portrayed much more brutally, yet we know what happens, and at times the over use of blood, and gore is just not needed, especially in this case.

Special congrats go to the animal trainer, who trained the 'wolf dog' for this film, if ever an academy award was needed for best acting for an animal, this is it! The dog matches shot for shot the actors moods and intensity.

Above: My ticket to 'Alpha' Support films - go to the damn movies!

Overall 'Alpha' is a great film, very watchable, and actually has the intrinsic “I have to watch again” factor. 'Alpha' rates a very strong 8 out of 10. I am very interested in seeing if additional footage is on the Blu-Ray, as seems even more of a story was told, thus this is a def buy on home video.

For more information on 'Alpha' spear your browsers over to the official Facebook Page @

Thursday, August 16, 2018

IDTV Action Fest Announces Winners for 2018!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, without further fanfare I present the winners for the IDTV Action Fest below. As an important note, there is no distinction between short film and feature film at this festival with regards to awards, it is simply the best actor overall (Male or Female) same with the other categories.

"Our programming this year was beyond anything we could have imagined. THANK YOU to all the filmmakers who submitted your films, we are humbled by the decision to submit to our festival. Without further ado we are honored to announce the WINNERS of IDTV Action Fest 2018."

Best Action Actor: Bryan Larkin - Dead End
Best Action Sequence: Deviants
Best Action Choreography: Kowloon Killers
Best Action Team: Blindsided 2: The Game
Best Action Film: I Am White Tiger
Best Action Script: Finding Alexandria by Sayem Huq
Martial Arts Spirit Award: Dom Fred (director)

For further information:
Official IDTV Fest website @

Please check out my exclusive reviews of IDTV Action Fest 2018 selections!  All Exclusive, all the time- Dan's Movie Report!!

Blindsided: The Game -
Truy Sat-
Beyond Return:
When Kids Grow Up:

Jackie Chan's Bleeding Steel! Hot New Contest With!

Greetings valued readers of Action-Flix and Dan's Movie Report! Once again we have teamed up to do a giveaway! Keep Checking back with both sites for details! One Blu-Ray per site will be given away.

Contest @

 John over @ posted about Bleeding Steel back in July --- 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 (Original Post from

After hitting a massive home run with this year's action-packed drama The Foreigner, martial arts and action icon Jackie Chan is back with another exciting new import which is the Sci-Fi Action Spectacular Bleeding Steel. 

The film is currently playing in select cinemas and is available to rent on all Digital Platforms but the film is primed and ready to be released this August from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Check out the official Blu-Ray box art and trailer below!

A special force agent is assigned to protect a scientist and his creation from a sinister gang in Bleeding Steel, arriving on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital), DVD, and Digital August 21 from Lionsgate. This film is currently available On Demand.

Honorary 2016 Academy Award® recipient Jackie Chan plays Hong Kong police inspector Lin Dong, who learns that a biochemical invention has been surgically implanted into his missing daughter. With help from a hacker, Lin tries to connect the dots between the device, a sinister army, and a strange phenomenon called “Bleeding Steel.” Packed with nonstop action and thrills, the Bleeding SteelBlu-ray and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively. 


In an action-packed drama reminiscent of ‘80s techno-sci-fi thrillers, Jackie Chan stars as Lin, a police inspector in modern Hong Kong. While tracking down a deranged, mech-enhanced villain, Lin discovers that a geneticist’s lost biochemical invention has been surgically implanted into his missing daughter. With the help of a young hacker, Lin connects the dots between the device that haunts his daughter, his enemy’s sinister army, and a strange cultural phenomenon called “Bleeding Steel.”

Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?, ShanghaiNoon), Show Lo (Hi My Sweetheart, Journey to the West), Nana Ou-Yang (To the Fore, Mission Milano, Beijing Love Story), Callan Mulvey (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 300: Rise of an Empire) and Tess Haubrich (The Wolverine, Alien: Covenant, Infini)

Pre-Order Bleeding Steel now from!
Bleeding Steel comes out on August 21st 2018!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Producer/Director Roel Reiné (2018) Exclusive Interview!! (C) 2018 Dan's Movie Report

Above: From Roel FB page-- Production Begins! Wu Assassins!

Exclusive 2018 Update: Roel in Vancouver working on two episodes of brand new Netflix Series Wu Assassins!

Roel has completed work on the period action film Redbad. It has had some screenings in Europe, watch for new exclusive interview soon on your home for detailed interviews, Dan's Movie Report! 

Above: Roel with the IMAX camera for Marvel's Inhumans!

Above: Roel working on Hard Target~

After interviewing the amazing Ann Truong, connecting with Katrina Grey, and purchasing the extended Blu-ray edition of Hard Target 2, I had to have a sit down with the amazing Roel Reiné about the film. Both Ann and Katrina have told me that he was the best director they have ever worked for, so organized, and fastidious. Enough of my babbling, sit back, relax, get some tea, take a hard trip bacl to Thailand for the shoot of Hard Target 2!

DT: How much time was spent on principle photography in the open spaces in Hard Target 2.

RR: I shot the whole movie in 20 or 21 days. (20 days, wow , incredible) That is the nature of the beast when you are doing low budget action movies. The budget was 4 million USD, and we shot all over Thailand. Mainly in the north around Chiang Mai, it was a blast. Wait no haha, that was where we shot 'Man With the Iron Fist' there. We shot Hard Target 2 in and around Bangkok. We shot in a place a few hours south of Bangkok, there we shot all the jungles. If I remember correctly we spent 2 and a half weeks shooting in the jungle and we spent a week and a half shooting in Bangkok for the Thai city scenes, the fights, and the opening, and that material.

To give you an idea, the opening fight in Hard Target 2 (The Arena) I shot that in one day! (Ed Note, I was astonished, I asked for clarification) (Yes one day, and Scott (Adkins) he is just an incredible actor and fighter, he designed the whole opening fight sequence in the arena. He was a real trooper, of course for me I am running around with the camera it is tough, but for him it is even harder (tough) because he has to do every fucking thing and the acting and the fighting as well. He (Scott) was just an incredible person to work with.

DT: Speaking of casting, your Hard Target 2 had something unique to a Scott Adkins film, a women with heart and soul. I loved the casting of Ann Truong as the local village lady, I felt she added heart to the film without a clunky love story. How did you manage to wrap a heartfelt story around so much action.?

RR: Yes, having a script that works is so important, and having an actor (Ann) that knows performance, and it is easy to focus on that. I must say that of all my movies, my focus is always the story itself, the drama, and the human interaction. It is really never the action for me as a focal point, the action is easy, the drama and the story telling is the tough part. That is the reason I enjoy my films watching them and making them, as the drama is the focus, and they work on that level. A lot of the action scenes I design myself, in the script it says there is a fight or a chase etc... Then together with the local stunt team in the case of Hard Target 2 the amazing Seng Stunt Team coordinator, I will decide on the design of the fight based on locations, things I think that is “cool” and based on things that a particular actor is good at. If you work with Scott, you know what he is good at, so it is advantageous to use that. Especially shooting in Thailand, I always use Seng Stunt Team. His team are real pros and they are behind the Ong Bak series. He is one of the best stunt co-odinators I have ever worked with anywhere in the world.

With him we just go creative and see 'what can we do here what can we do there' then we design it. What I always do and that is why I can complete principal photography in such a short time 20 days Hard Target 2. It is important to do a lot of prep before hand, prep is the most important thing.

DT: Mentioning prep, how much time did you have for preparation before the start of principal photography?

RR: We had five weeks, it is rather short but if you are really thorough, and also Scott is, he came in two or three weeks before shooting. He started rehearsing on the fights. In the prep I will make all the decisions, then when you hit the set, we are ready. I also chose specific sets where I can do the drama, story, and emotion. I also chose the sets where I can have the action on location. This allows me to split the set, (Have two teams) Between action and drama. We will set up an action scene, example it will take the team two hours to build the shot, or to build some complicated explosion or stunt rigging. Wile that set up is going on I will go to the drama side of the location shoot that dramatic scene with two or three cameras, then I leave one or two cameras with the action people to set up a complicated shot. When they (The action team) are ready to begin shooting I bring the other two cameras from the drama set, shooting with all four cameras in the action piece, and tell them how to reset it. This process takes about an hour or two to reset, during that time I go back to the drama, so it is a continual process.

DT: Wow, what an amazing insight, really saving time. Basically you answered my next question, now we move to one of my favorite scenes in Hard Target 2, a real guilty pleasure. The fight on the train with the sultry Ann Truong and the dangerous Rhona Mitra. Discuss the set up and execution of the fight, with regards to set up time and filming conditions.

RR: With these scenes especially when dealing with actors who are not seasoned and trained fighters like Scott is. Ann and Rhona are not 'trained' fighters (Ed Note- Roel was also talking about screen fighting, Ann knows how to fight, but this is different dynamic) What you had was two doubles that were Synchronizing and mirroring the fights. The actors in turn look at the doubles and mirror the fights from the doubles. That is how I shot that sequence. I recall that we shot the sequence in only one day, it was pretty tough as it was so hot (nearing or exceeding 100 degrees) Both actresses were real troupers and gave it their all. They went for it hard. For a few of the spot gags (stunts like falling off the train and between the train) because when Rhona Mitra's character is kicked between the train it is a really dangerous sequence. Actually that is a stunt guy double actually bending into that position. It was a very dangerous stunt.

DT: Speaking of the fights in Hard Target 2, there is a girl on guy fight, a tricky fight sequence with Rhona and Scott Adkins. Describe the dynamic of the cunning vs brawn fight, girl vs guy type fight.

RR: The good thing about Scott Adkins is he then runs that moment. He is the one telling Rhona to really hit me full on as hard as you can. He was really pushing her to use her full power. There was full contact, that is what made the fight believable. Yeah that was really cool, as it made Rhona aware of what she could do, she was also daring Scott to come closer and fight and do the same thing. It was really a team effort between the two of them to make it really look good. My job as a director on that sequence was relatively easy just to point the camera haha, because it is them doing this. The only thing I could do is come up with a cool ending where Scott kicks her through some wood planks. The fight though is completely managed by Scott and Rhona themselves. The choreography was executed by Seng and his team, they designed the fight but ultimately as with any fight it is up to the two actors to make it believable. It was up to them to make it work and they did, they both really went for it.

DT: The went for it and it was damn brutal. Speaking of action, chat about working with Jeeja and doing the final fight on the bridge in Hard Target 2. Must have been amazing to work with great action people for the climactic fight in the film.

RR: For me it was an absolute blast, Jeeja is such a famous star in Thailand. I really liked her films. Chocolate was amazing. Seng and her know each other. In one of the rehearsals that Scott was there she came to the rehearsal and I met her and said I was a big fan and kind of like a joke I said hey do you want to come to the movie and do a little thing, some action. She was like 'yeah why not' . So that was kind of how it went. (Ed Note: That is amazing and proves, ask for what you want, who knows you may get it) Lets put her in the action and lets go for it. That fight Katsu is also a fight choreographer he is the guy who 'dances' with her during the fight, the two of them are also in one of the Thai films (Chocolate) Since they worked together previously, they both came up with some unique moves, then Seng and Scott came up with some ideas, so it was a real collaboration on the final fight sequence designing that part of the fight.

DT: The fight was amazing but so was the location, chat about the bridge location for the final fight.

RR: I remember I really wanted to do this whole ending on the roof of this building in Bangkok, and we actually designed it for that. We then lost the location, which was at the time a real bummer. The local producer Chris Lowenstien, said hey know this really cool bridge, he showed me pictures, then I went scouting with him to the bridge. When I saw the bridge I thought wow it is spectacular.

I thought the bridge was huge gave a massive scope to the ending. Probably never would have realized that on the rooftop location.

Exactly, of course.

DT: Thanks for the incredible insight to Hard Target 2. Wow! My mind is blown, seems someone is ready for A list action! Give this man 100mil and haha, the movie theater just might topple over!

This concludes part one of the massive interview! Get ready kids, more hard knowledge is gonna be dropped your way soon!

Now as your teacher in action, I humbly submit your homework assignment: drive, fly crawl, or run to a real museum to watch Marvel's Inhumans! The first two episodes were shot on dual Alexa 65mm 4k museum cameras! Phase two of this massive interview will drop from the sky in September! When you want to unleash hell, don't talk about it, go and do it!

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Finally, special thanks go to the ladies Ann and Katrina, for pointing out this spectacular film, and having the heart and mind to prove that film is truly worldwide! To Roel, um, seems you sir have unleashed hell, just hope the IMAX can take it! Keep Reading Dan's Movie Report!

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Inhuman's Interview from Roel, Exclusive ---

Actress Katrina Durden Interview (2018) A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!!

Katrina Durden blasted across the big screen in Doctor Strange, and her intense performance, along with the intricate movie, warranted an detailed interview. After watching Doctor Strange three times in the theater, and of course buying a Blonde Zealot Funko toy, haha, I knew the time is right to go in hard and fast to interview this talented and humble lady, discussing Doctor Strange, her role in the new Street Fighter series and of course her extensive action training. Katrina is wonderfully inspiring young and talented lady, ready to work hard in the action world, get ready folks, a worldwide exclusive interview with the BLONDE ZEALOT: Katrina Durden!

Update August 2018: Katrina Durden is training for new project with stunt action specialist Tara Macken! Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more details soon! Check out this bad ass new video! Incidentally Tara Macken has been featured on my site numerous times including a massive interview:

Check out Katrina's 2018 acting demo on Vimeo @

Chat about your childhood. and how you caught the action bug so to speak, was there a person in your life when you were a child that had a profound impact on your life?

My parents were creatives so I was left to my on devices. I became fascinated with films, cartoons, comic books and video games, their stories and characters; particularly the strong female ones. Their abilities and self confidence, something an awkward kid that never really felt like she fit in aspired to have. At the same time, I was a bit of a tom boy, and back when kids still payed outside, the only kids that made me feel at home were largely boys with their simple philosophy and rough and tumble way of handling things. It made sense to me. Then slowly I was exposed to the likes of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, 80's and early 90's action films and was of course, like pretty much everyone you must speak to, was fascinated. 

What can you remember one of your early Sensei's teaching you that still sticks in your mind today?

Its not really a particular lesson, but the discipline and diligence that's instilled from being involved in martial arts, and sport as a whole really, is so important. I would never say I'm particularly innately talented. But I'm super passionate about what I do and will put everything I have in to improving and developing, and supporting others on their quest around me - I think paying it forward is one of the most important things we can do. 

Chat about your acting training ,and what made you decide that you wanted to be in front of the camera?

I've been performing, off my own back, since I was circa 13, whether it be dance, amateur dramatics, poetry or music. I studied at school and did two years of performing arts at college, did summer schools and workshops at places like Sylvia Young's and Moscow Arts Theater, was part of a theater company and was lucky to do a placement at a theater in Paris. During this time, my dad passed away which put my future into a bit of a tail spin. Performing had to be put to one side as I attempted to build a viable career in Sports Science and Human Performance to support myself and my family. But that itch wouldn't go away. Fast forward a couple of years, and a few more experiences, and I met some incredible people in the world of film-making and action who reignited and helped me add fuel to the the flame and made me realize that itch was there for a reason. If I didn't give myself a shot, if I didn't know, I would forever wonder "what if". So I got to work studying anywhere and with anyone I could. My uncle is a film, TV, theater and ex Royal Shakespeare Company actor, and also sat on the admissions board at the Central School of Speech and Drama so he coached and mentored me, as did actor and film maker, Joey Ansah. Life is a people experience, and this is a people industry and I've been so lucky to have met and learned from some great ones. Other than that I still take classes and seek to learn continuously; I'll always be a student of my passions.

I noticed that your area of study is Human Performance, describe to my audience the training and classes you have to undertake in that curriculum, how also does it make you a better actress, and more well rounded person?

When I originally decided to study sport and human performance, it was almost as a response to what had happened in my life. What was the closest thing to the things I loved? Performance, action, martial arts, human ability. It seemed the smart choice. Again, from my early influences, I was fascinated by the human body and its capabilities, and elite sports people and movement artists, are an example of the closest thing we have to super humans. I had also studied psychology in college because I was also fascinated by human behavior and the human mind and how far it could go. It was a close toss up. But studying sports science gave me a clear understanding of the functions of the human form, how to improve performance and fuel and look after oneself physically. That's an important part of training, of action and indeed of the modern industry. But I think, like anything really, its another page in my story, another chapter in my book to draw on and I think the art of acting is also developed in the art of living life, experiencing different situations, vocations, meeting people on all different paths and listening to their stories and adding to your emotional intelligence. I've spent time as a trainer, a coach, a kids teacher, a journalist and so on, and I've learned from all of those experiences and the people I've met along the way. 

Chat about the audition process, if there was one, or how you were selected for Doctor Strange.

I was recommended to the casting director, Reg Poerscout-Edgarton, by a friend of mine who knew and had worked with him previously, one of my closest friends and fellow actors. I went in, did the audition, and then came out not thinking too much of my efforts. About 4 weeks later, I get a call to come in for a stunt assessment and then training began, about a month after that I was confirmed for the role.

Once you landed the role, did you undergo a lengthy training process? What are some of the things you had to learn for your Zealot part?

We spent a good few months training under the most awesome Jojo Eusebio and Vincent Wang in a mixture of martial arts styles, including Silat, Cali, JKD and Kung Fu, and of course the choreography itself. We spent a lot of time previzing the action sequences. We had a lot of wire work to do so we spent lots of time rehearsing and getting comfortable with the stuff we were going to do on screen - the whole thing was a lot of fun - a lot of hard work, but an incredible learning experience.

Above Katrina Durden as The Blonde Zealot in Doctor Strange

Curious when you started filming, what some of the instructions were for you to get in character, did they give you the menacing stare directive, and how did you approach your character, did you sit with the script and act it out?

The script had it all - it was our bible. It showed us our place in this Strange universe. And Mads was such an incredible commander, and Scott Derrickson, our general. They led, we followed. 

Share a strange ahaha, and or unusual story from the set of 'Doctor Strange' 

So many! We had so much fun on those sets - from magic tricks, to dance battles and general douchebaggery - it was just incredible to be part of the wild ride. Wouldn't even know where to start. I will say that one of the hardest things I've had to do is try to keep a straight face standing in front of Benedict Wong as he's chuckling himself at the end of the Hong Kong section.

Chat about working with your friends Scott Adkins and Zara Phythian, does it make things easier when mates are on set?

Ah most definitely. The dream is and has always been to do what you love with the people you love and respect. And I've been so lucky to have done that. Both Zara and Scott are such talented performers, both in action and drama, and had been an inspiration early on as pioneers of the UK in the action industry, so again, getting to work with people you really respect as people and professionals is always great. Particularly when they're mates.

What are your thoughts on the film, I am sure that you liked it, but curious if you watched it and are thinking if you did this and this differently etc...?

The film is phenomenal, a real visual masterpiece and a testament to the team that made it happen. I don't think I'd ever be presumptuous enough to think id change anything, but I guess, with a great story and so many great characters it would have been awesome to just see more of it all. 

Above: Katrina Durden as Decapre in Street Fighter: Resurrection

Shifting gears, chat about Street Fighter: Resurrection and your bad ass character Decapre, what is her origin and her strengths, judging from your reel, she is a relentless bad girl.

Decapre is a character that was first made playable in SFIV and she is one of Bison's personally programmed female army, The Dolls. Her appearance resembles that of Cammy, however her face is scarred from the experimentation done to her by M Bison. This is a sore spot for Decapre and reason for her wearing her trademark mask, and also the reason for her intense hatred of Cammy, although raised as sisters. Her programming, some say was too good, bringing about certain robotic mannerisms and way of speaking, however it had also left her volatile. Calm, then berserka style rage when provoked - made her such an interesting character to step into. And I'm such a fan of Street Fighter, that getting to be part of that universe was also a dream come true.

Do you like playing the antagonistic characters, you are such a kind lady so this is acting? 

Ah, thanks man! I think it's always great playing bad girls. People are an interesting mix of light and dark and exploring the darkness in an appropriate setting is always fun. Especially when antagonists are multi layered. For example, Decapre was doing the bidding of her chief and commander, M. Bison, a man that then abandoned her and bid her to die as if disposable, bringing about a different mix of emotions which was great to explore. 

Who are some of the directors, producers and actors you would like to be given the opportunity to work with in the future

There are so many, I could be here forever. There are so many actors, directors and producers that inspire me constantly I almost don't want to limit my answer. I just love working with passionate, talented people and I've been lucky in having done that so far, I hope to be fortunate enough to continue to do so.

Speaking of the future what are some of the projects you have coming that you can discuss?

Well, Street Fighter: Resurrection should be getting a wider release very soon and as for upcoming work, I'm hoping 2018 will continue to be a bright year... ;-)

Katrina in 10 years is, A. acting, B. Producing, C. Teaching or D. A combination, what are your long term goals?

Hopefully all of the above. Film making fascinates me. But for sure, longevity. To survive and create. First and foremost I want to be the greatest actress I can be, and I am always learning. But the more and more I grow within this industry the more I would like to expand into directing and writing given the experience and opportunity.

Advice to young people wanting a career in the entertainment field?

Do it. With all your heart and everything you have. And love the process. The destination is less important than the path itself, enjoy its twists and turns. And invest in good people. They will make the journey amazing. 
Above  Katrina Durden interviewed for Dan's Movie Report a video!!!

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Final thoughts:

Thank you for having me Danny :-) always a pleasure and thank you for your support!

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