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Michelle Lee Interview "Exclusive" Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Chat!

Above Pic (C) 2013 Machinima. Click on photo for wallpaper sized image

Update 9-30-13: Exclusive wallpaper for Michelle Lee as Mileena!

Michelle Lee is an action star on the rise, Hard to believe I first met her a decade ago at Dragonfest! Because of her hard work and dedication over that time span, Michelle is one of the most sought after stunt women in the country. Her talent, quick wit, and lightning fast moves are evident in the latest installment of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II webseries from Machinima. Her portrayal of Mileena in the popular series should blast her to new heights. Michelle takes time out from the set of Transformers to conduct this exclusive interview for Dan's Movie Report. Enough of my rambling, on to the chat. As the Mortal Kombat saying goes, Get Over Here!

How did you get started in Martial Arts? Was Wushu your first love?

I'm Chinese, we were born with KungFu skillz.

Ok, share a unusual, and never before told story about your involvement with Pirates of the Caribbean,as I think all of those questions have been asked and answered : a huge production, must have been fun and a solid learning experience

I've never mentioned in an interview, prior to yours that there was a scene where I took chopsticks out of my hair and I stabbed a british soldier in the eyes with them. It was cool and greusome and the blood coming out of his eyes looked so realistic. I was hoping it would make it into the film but it got edited out. However, if you search online you might be able to find an easter egg of deleted scenes that will have that edit. Also, Gore Verbinski, the director, mentioned to me he wanted to expand on my character because he loved the concept, however, there was not enough time. Next time Gore!

Ok enough about the past, wow, 2012 and 2013 have been super busy for you. Stunts, acting and Motion capture. Lets start with Mo-Cap Resident Evil 6 and Ada Wong, Maybe share a funny motion capture story, harnesses, and light dots, must have been fun.

I loved the Resident Evil series and because I played it myself, I was super excited to book the role of Ada Wong. I got to showcase both acting and stunts. It was such a treat to work with the Capcom team from Japan. The environment they created was very cool and different than any American production I've ever been a part of.

Actually I think you would make a great Ada Wong in the next RE film, did you ever audition for the film role on any Resident Evil movie?

I agree with you, maybe you should tell Paul Anderson (the director of RE) that! Lol.

(C) 2013 Machinima, Dan's Movie Report screen capture, click image for wallpaper size!

On Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, the new series from Machinima, you portray Mileena, a dynamic bad girl, did you also try out for the Kitana role? I liked Dana Hee's portrayal of her in the movie version.

Well I'm a dynamic bad girl. I did not try out for Kitana. They asked me to chose which lines to read at the audition. After reading both, I chose Mileena. Its so much more fun to play the villain. It just comes naturally to me.

Above Pic: Mileena drives her point home, (C) 2013 Machinima, Dan's Movie Report Screen click for wallpaper sized whoop-ass!

Share some training insights for your part as Mileena on the MK production.

I prepared for the role first by watching the previous MK movies, and watching all of Mileena's fatalities online. This gave me a sense of the world and also what our awesome director Kevin did to alter that world for the new Legacy series. It was fun emersing myself into that realm and creating what a Tarkatan is to me (Editor note: a Tarkatan is an warrior race in the Mortal Kombat world, for more info ) Additionally, I brainstormed ideas for her look and how she would move. Finally, I trained with Mileena's weapon of choice, the sai, and my character all came together. Plus, I had incredible actors and actresses to work with that made my character so much easier to pull off.

Photo Credit:  Tony Chu

The softer side of Michelle Lee, click image for wallpaper size! 

Now that we have discussed movies, video games, and mo-cap, chat about Michelle the person, is it more shopping for shoes or as you did in that video, Gun play and learning more about stunts?

I have a collection of shoes but maybe not the kind you may think. I'm crazy about running shoes, tennis shoes, wushu shoes... lol. And my money is spent on my interests indeed... and Wholefoods.

I am assuming that action is your favorite genre of film, is Michelle Lee ever going to be in a romantic comedy or erotic thriller, haha, as I do see your humorous sexy side.

Above Pic: Michelle Lee as Mileena violent and sexy! (C) 2013 Machinima, Screencap:  Dan's Movie Report

I love all genres of film. I'm not limiting myself to any specific genre.

When you are not being the action stunt woman, how do unwind?

I have several projects outside of stunts. I love photography, and the arts, including digital arts (graphics and creating apps). One of which I am finishing up on now and will be releasing soon!

Above Pic: Michelle on set in Chicago for new Transformers film! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive! Click for wallpaper size!

Should be fun, we will chat on your apps when they are ready to be released, for now, I will let you get back to work and wrap up the interview, what are some of your future projects?

I have a video game I am currently working on for PS4 called The Order 1886. The game has incredible graphics and gameplay, and I'm excited myself to get my hands on a PS4 and play it. Also, I am currently in Chicago stunting on Transformers 4, Age of Extinction. Its exciting to work on a Michael Bay film for the first time, I've been a fan of his work forever!

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