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Scott Mann Interview Part 2!! Final Score! (c) 2018 Danny Templegod

All photos on this page are on the IMDB page for Final Score, and credited to their original creators, they are used only for the purpos...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Scott Mann Interview Part 2!! Final Score! (c) 2018 Danny Templegod

All photos on this page are on the IMDB page for Final Score, and credited to their original creators, they are used only for the purpose of the interview and not monetized

Scott Man Interview Part 2 Final Score

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers, as promised here is part two of the massive 2 part interview with director Scott Mann. Scott shares his thoughts in depth about Final Score, I know that my readers have probably read other interviews with Scott about this film, but I hope that this one gives a fresh perspective on his thinking behind the action, not just the main characters. Scott is really interesting to talk to thus I went long in our interview with the PR person gently reminding me he had other interviews scheduled, our call lasted 30 minutes not the assigned 15, sorry folks, I feel that if a person has a lot to say I give them the opportunity. Get ready to chat with the MAN! Scott Mann!!

DT: Transitioning to Final Score, you have a very strong female character in this movie who is a Villianess and she has a really good stunt double also.

SM: She does, wow I was thinking the same thing, I recently looked at the film myself and thought yeah she is amazing. 


DT: Yes, not only is she a good stunt double but the stunts she has to perform are not typical stunts a female performer has to work on.

SM: I agree, when we do things we try not to draw a line and say that stunt is for a woman or that stunt or part is for a man, there is certain kind of physical attributes you have to factor in. There are certain ways which people with less physical mass can attack to gain an edge and put their opponent at a disadvantage. We try to venture away from the old fashion attributes of action and fighting. Don't divide it what is the point, woman or man, the roles and action can be balanced and fluid. We do not like to draw the lines between characters.

You noticed that I see that Alexandra Dinu had a really amazing role and of course her stunt double Rubie Planson.

DT: Yes sir Scott! I did notice they are a great combination of acting and action! In fact my buddy Lee Charles who is also in your film was going to try to contact her for me. I really loved her work.

SM: Yes the sheer amount of stuff she was pulling off fighting a big guy, the physicality of it, she made it work, back to the other film I did with Dave (Bautista) had Gina Carono in it. You have to consider these things and it is interesting to watch the process of dynamic action unfold. Using stress offense coupled with speed and agility make the fights between her and a larger opponent look believable and engaging. Back to Final Score, that is the way I envisioned the character of Tatiana portrayed by Alexandra Dinu to be agile and full of fight, but also diverse enough to handle the different situations she was put in from Motorcycle chases to fighting to gun play.

Alexandra the actress is very beautiful and talented, but I thought of her as a man, in this film we stripped away Alexandra's femininity and with her portrayal we see the raw character she embodies! It was a conscious thing that rides throughout the movie. Alexandra embraced that, and if you look at the transformation she worked on it is quite astonishing, how her character took shape, Before and after, the regular actor and her as the villainous Tatiana! Alot of it was getting into that character, that spirit. It also was down to our great make-up artist Jemma (Harwood) she did an incredible job to help create the character.

Yes when you are writing the idea is to give the characters places to go physically and emotionally to convey a dynamic story. Dave Bautista does you are right Danny get into a more emotional state and the bad guys do get more reckless as the film progresses. It is hard as you only have very limited amount of screen time to develop the characters, so it is a hard balance between the action and the story. Hats off to the people who always seem to pull this off. They are the ones who make the characters come to life. I do think that they did a great job on that.

DT: Did you storyboard the action?

SM: We kind of mapped it out ourselves, and worked it out. The sequences, we mapped out. We were using the stadium for real, so we had the opportunity to do it on a big scale not in front of a green screen. We tried to come up with the details about what we could do. With an action film such as Final Score we wanted to stray away from traditional set pieces. Now on the motorbike chase around the concourse we did do an initial storyboard pass, we went through it and mapped out where we could go. I think we did that for a couple of the other sequences as well. It is good to start out with a template but I personally like to leave a lot of headroom for the reality of stuff. I like the visceral real action. I want to do as much as possible on set in camera.

DT: I thought the action sequences that the team crafted were open ended, is that your view Scott?

SM: Yes I never cared for action sequences that are too stylized and set in a rigid framework. It distracts from some of the fun you would have in capturing a spectacle. Dave Judge the stunt rider, is amazing and he did actually drive on the roof of the stadium! Yes that was a real stunt! He had a safety cable, but still that was an amazing hair raising stunt and one that was so hard to pull. Rob de Groot also did an incredible job for doubling Dave. As a director I really wanted to capture that. It is not like the HK style of films where there is a lot of previz and every fight is choreographed down to the minuscule detail. I collaborated with the stunt coordinators to keep it free enough so the movements were fluid. I want to never force the action, I want the characters to be in the moment. I am a fan of action like that and for this film I felt it was tied to the fabric of the characters and their development.

DT: Chat about the character deaths of the various villains and good guys in the film?

This film more than any other I have been involved in there is an intense period of writing, as we were writing the film as we were making it, crafting the action. This has the consequence of the freedom to do things that you will find along the way, and along the path of the story. It can also be scary as we had to come to a conclusion of the action, the culmination To keep the film flowing. We would have a sketch of how things would go and how things would play out, but not complete story boarding. It was movable, as I am a fan of adventure in any script. Yes the fight on the lift between Lee and Dave, in the lift (elevator) it was a small space. It was interesting to see that type of fight between two huge guys in that compact space. I never did a fight in that type of space before so we were trying to be inventive. As a director, I am always looking to what is fun for me to watch and hopefully the viewers as well. There is times when you can do what you want to do, and there is times when you have a specific idea in mind, we usually have a decent idea in mind going into it but very much we like the dynamic

A good example of this is the kitchen fight where the actor gets his hands in the fryer That actually was not in the scene with the knife in the fryer and it was not even in the scene until Dave and the stunt guys worked through it together and came up with the idea. I thought it was a really nice moment in the film. Between the back and forth of making things work, you get little bits of magic. I am really pleased on how all if that turned out. The worst thing you can do on a low budget movie is to constrain yourself to be to conscribed to one way of thinking. Like the action, the electric wires, you can spend a fortune on something that is not really important. We try to work with things inside the set to our advantage, to use the moments we have on set to get into the action and don't worry about the other tings you did not get either due to budget or shot concerns. In Final Score it is about embracing things you have to live with, and trying to make the most out of it. I feel we pulled a lot off in very constrained circumstances.

DT: How long was the shoot, principal photography?

SM: We had 4 weeks in the stadium and two weeks in London. So 6 weeks, I thought it was a bit too short for a movie of this scale, but it is always a balance. The truth is while it is nice to have a budget there is less room in bigger budget stuff for do something interesting all the time. The moments in the original scripts, probably never would have been allowed in a studio film. The fact we were a realivily small independent. It does not have to have a sequel or be a remake, Final Score was its own original idea and a sequel of course is not needed, the film stands alone, this allowed us the freedom to explore the finality of things, in a stand alone original movie.

DT: Do you have any new films in the works?

I have another film that I plan to shoot in 2019 which is an action thriller set in Chicago, that should be happening this year, but I have been doing a lot of TV. I have been dipping my toes in the television roles as it were hah, which I have been enjoying. I enjoy doing a lot of things, actually Final Score came out of the blue. Like in Final Score, it came up as hey we have the stadium lets do this! So we had only 3 weeks to get it together ha, what a ride!!

DT: Thanks again for the interview Scott I know we went several minutes over our time.

SM: Yes no worries, I had fun thanks.

DT: I really enjoyed the film Scott thanks again for going in depth for Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix!

SM: Thanks to you for taking the time to explore the film, and show it in a new light. Def reach out to Pete as well if you want to find out more about the action! Thanks again mate, cheers, have a great day.

That is it! As always never sharing news, but dropping 2,000 word interviews! Dan's Movie Report has new interviews and of course to be happy to collaborate with the best action site on the planet Action-Flix, we share the same philosophies on films, we buy them! We enjoy them and support those individuals who we feel share our passion. As 2019 roles on look for more exclusives on both sites! Final Score is now out on DVD for purchase or rental! 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kali Diaries 7! Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston!!

Above: Pre-Photo of Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston working on Kali Diaries 7!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, on the heals of the incredibly shot Kali Diaries 3, comes a return blast with Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston. Kali Diaries 3 won the Artemis Award for Best fight! It was also shown in Texas, at IDTV Action Fest!

Lauren Mary Kim: Kali Diaries 7 Sneak Peak Pics!!!Apocalypse Fight against the beautiful & fabulous Amy Johnston Our follow up to KD3! Staff versus double sword
📸 & edited Vladislav Rimburg
Fight Choreography
Alvin J Hsing Brendon Huor
đź’„ & Hair Talya Boz
Location Caryn Mower
Wardrobe Dolls Kill
Props Brad Yuen

Amy: Lauren Mary Kim is one of my favorites to work with and I'm excited for the release of this apocalypse fight for #kalidiaries 7 very soon! Here are some stills đź’™ Staff vs Double Sword⚔️
Shot & Edited: Vlad Rimburg
Fight Choreography: @alvin_hsing @brendonhuor
Hair & Makeup: @teebozzmua
Location: @carynmower
Wardrobe: Dolls Kill
Props: Top Quest Inc @trufflemaker7
#fightlikeagirl #fightscene #stundouble
#marvel #action #girlfights

Please check out my interview with Lauren @
Amy Johnston has been featured numerous times on Dan's Movie Report, Interview:

Watch for more, later in 2019, on Dan's Movie Report!! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Car: Road To Revenge (2019) Movie Review © 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: DVD cover to The Car: Road To Revenge (credit: IMDB)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. In 1977 a solid underground movie called The Car was released. The movie was about a car possessed. Actually, this film came out before the Stephen King penned novel and eventual movie Christine, which was unleashed in 1983. That said, both films are excellent in suspense and intrigue, plus some maniacal action. Since the 80s so many possessed vehicle films, and films about vehicles have been made, a clever one being Maximum Overdrive, essentially about Semi Trucks taking over a rest stop, humor is also interjected.

Fast forward to 2019, a very loosely based sequel on the original film The Car is released. In this film a high powered, egotistical megalomaniac has a special bio chip that is wanted by nefarious factions. Gone, is the enjoyment, fun, and sadly story of the films in the 80s. Universal 1440 entertainment is a indie direct to DVD branch of Universal Pictures, and some of their indie films are very entertaining. This was a bare bones DVD, in the era of 15 dollar, bigger budget films putting special features, I feel a bit ripped off, but again, it is buyer beware.

The Car: Road To Revenge is dark, brooding and ominous, but just has no heart. Director G.J. Echternkamp, who also healmed Deathrace 2050, actually not a bad remake, all be it cheesy it was pretty entertaining. I realize many people panned that film, but stacking up against The Car: Road To Revenge it is far ahead.

The costuming of the villainous characters are right out of an 80s punk rock scene, but here it kind of looks ridiculous, like the entire film was shot in a dark small studio, reworked for each scene. Again, more time should have been allowed by the producers to properly work on the project.

For violence and gore fanatics there is plenty of it, copious, gratuitous, as the DVD states it is the unrated edition. At under 90 minutes including credits crawl, unrated, again seems like padding to make this a longer films. This is where some director commentary, extended scenes, maybe a behind the scenes would have added some additional time to see inside the minds of the creators. Of course this is not a flick for the kids as copious use of the bad language and nudity occur,

Full disclosure, I actually heard about the film from Actress/Singer Nina Bergman. She is in the film as a villain who broods and looks bad ass, sadly as most of the characters in the film, she is underused. Deaths occur swift, and often, never enough time to emotionally connect to the characters.

Overall, I would have to say pass on The Car: Road To Revenge, it is not a good film, rather bad, uninspired, and a cheap DTV, that should have been left alone. The Car: Road To Revenge rates a 3 out of 10.

Walmart and Amazon both have the film for sale, for 15USD now.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Redbad (2018) Movie Review (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Redbad poster from IMDB

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. After conducting two detailed interviews with Roel Reine, one about Hard Target 2 and one about Marvel's Inhumans: 


I was very interested in viewing his epic Redbad film. The film is an embellished account of the life of Redbad the King, although this mainly tells the story of his rise to power. Wikipedia gives an historical account of his rule, though since it was 1300 years ago, not as much is known. Most of the struggles were lead against the impending Christian rule.,_King_of_the_Frisians

Historical significance aside, Roel again uses artistry and imagery to tell a compelling story. Again this was an entirely Dutch production with mainly Dutch actors and a budget of only around 9 million Euros (APPX 10.5 mil USD) Comparing that to Alexander which was released in 2004, adjusted for inflation the budget would be around 200mil, it was already 155mil. To make a massive scale historical drama on this budget is quite impressive. Sadly due to poor release schedule, Summertime, virtually zero promotion, the movie was a bomb, garnering only 400,000euros in the box office. Many factors played into it, even if it was released in the winter, Redbad probably would have struggled to make back it's entire budget smaller country, huge budget. Ultimately, Epic pictures in the U.S. Picked it up for home DVD release.

Redbad is two hours and forty minutes, however Roel stated that more was filmed and it aired in it's entirety of four nights on TV. The DVD contains some behind the scenes, but for the USA, it was limited, and again I felt that more needed to be put on there, perhaps a 2 disc set. I liken the release to the John Woo epic film Red Cliff, which he split into two separate films, a total of 4.5 hours yet when it came to the theaters in the USA it was under 3 hours, and combined as one film. By chopping this much off Red Cliff, the audiences watching the USA version were not treated to a large portion of the story development. Redbad has that same feel, yeah it is long, epic, but needed the complete story.

Above Loes Haverkort in Redbad from IMDB

The acting in Redbad is quite good. Gijs Naber portrays Redbad, quietly and understated, again this film is about his initial banishment and rise to prominence. Basically prior to his long reign as King. Loes Haverkort as Frea and Lisa Smit as Fenne, are very pro actors. Actually there is many battle sequences and a balance of action is added with a female warrior. Special mention goes to Malin Kirjonen wow she put in some epic action. Currently she is doubling Milla Jovovich for Monster Hunter.

The story is a bit weak, but it is hard to tell what was written vs what was ultimately filmed. Difficult to judge. Perhaps Redbad would have worked as a limited series better than a film, which was released as four episodes. The dialogue is in Dutch with English subs for an obvious push towards the U.S. Release. Perhaps the best part of the writing occurred prior to a young Redbad being banished, as little is known historically about his very young life, thus writer Alex van Galen, was very creative and dramatic. A great story build up.

Once again Roel, who is both Cinematographer and Director proves his mettle. The film is aesthetically well framed, many wire cameras, drones and tricks to be able to completely maximize a very small, relatively to scope budget film. Many of the battles are during the day, and it is not about the detailed conflict but the scope. The look of the film reminded me of Neil Marshall's Centurion. The actors are on point an prepared. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Roel was given a 20 mil budget. He directed the IMAX episodes of Inhumans, and is also directing episodes of the upcoming Wu Assassins for Netflix! Roel also writes some of the music for his film and has performances on a modular synth very diverse talent.

Back to Redbad, overall the film should please fans of historical and foreign films. There is some action, again though it is not an action film. Honestly, Redbad is a difficult sell to much of the U.S.A., as seems are attention spans are too short. The film is good, and deserves to be seen by a wider audience, and rates a 7 out of 10.  Amazon prime members in the U.S. can watch the film through the service with no extra charge.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Director Scott Mann Interview (C) 2019 Danny Templegod

Above: Scott Mann from google, (Promotional Photo only)

Greetings valuable readers of and Dan's Movie Report. With his recently unleashed action film, Final Score, now on home video, Scott Mann revisits his cinematic origins and discusses The Tournament. What newer action fans may not know is more than a decade prior to Final Score, Scott Mann developed and directed The Tournament, his indie masterpiece, and his first feature film! Respecting the talents of Scott Adkins and Kelly Hu, I was quite interested to watch it when it came out. The Tournament is a real treat to revisit, it holds up surprisingly well. Now it is time get behind the mind of the MAN! Scott Mann! This is part one of a two part interview, which will spread across both Action-Flix and Dan's Movie Report. Part 2 will be about Final Score.

Before we start the questions on Final Score, I wanted to ask you a bit about the Scott Adkins- Kelly Hu starring film you did awhile back called The Tournament. The movie was one of my favorite indie action films, had so much fun watching it. I actually interviewed Kelly Hu's stunt double Kim Chiang, incidentally, she is working now as fight coordinator on The 100.

Scott Mann: Oh really she is now on The 100? Yeah Kimmy yeah she is brilliant, great.

Above: Scott Adkins, and Kim Chiang get very violent, on The Tournament.

Danny Templegod: Scott, one thing I really enjoy about your films is that you get women involved in the action.

SM: Yeah we had a double who could pull off the action. Yes Kimmy is amazing, and The Tournament as a total film as well it was a crazy experience. I love it with all my heart, it was my first film. It is so bonkers, haha, I am very proud of that film. 

Above: Pre-release poster of The Tournament (From IMDB)

DMR: Yeah I think the film was ahead of it's time. I feel The Tournament is more like a film made in the last couple of years, rather than more than a decade ago.

SM: Yeah there is actually a TV show I envision in the mix based on The Tournament, as we developed quite a lot of written material and concepts. We developed a whole world relating to The Tournament, I hope to have it furthered in the next 6 to 12 months. You know how these things take time.

Above: The DVD cover of The Tournament  (From IMDB) 

DT: Interesting ideas, I am curious if you were involved in the casting for The Tournament?

SM: Yeah the Tournament was all my movie. I learned not only directing, but producing. Honestly, I tried to get a film off the ground prior to The Tournament, which was much more kind of serious drama
Sadly I failed to do that, it was three years of hard slogging, and not having a film getting made. I remember my film school buddies and I, were kind of down on our luck, and we were researching what kind of films were getting made at the film market. We were watching the kind of films we loved and kind of came up with the idea. The film essentually of emerged from failure. We made a promo (Trailer) to sell the movie and to drum up interest. I wanted to make sure they ultimately wanted me as a director, and it is funny how similar it is to the finished trailer to The Tournament. We went through this big process.

Above photo: Ving Rhames makes sure that the sultry Kelly Hu gets the point! (C) 2009 Buzzfilms

DT: Not only do you have talented people, but you have to have people who are willing to work hard for the film, and it really shows in The Tournament.

SM: Right, to invest in themselves, makes all the difference. Everyone worked so hard on The Tournament, they put their blood and sweat in it, and it shows. I mean the film is really super low budget, the fact that we were able to pull it off is kind of a miracle for everyone involved really. We all poured are hearts into that one.

DT: I was thinking for that budget it would be hard to make a film like that now more than a decade later.

SM: I mean it is weird there is a way a type of method to do this, but of course you would want to spend more. That is why I am expanding the concepts to a TV show. I mean there are not many true action TV shows out there.

DT: I was thinking of Jack Ryan.

SM: Oh right, how is Jack Ryan?

DT: It is not bad, but could have been better.

SM: Well it is hard to marry top quality performance and action, and come up with a watchable product.

DT: I think the most important thing that is often lost is the acting, in an action flick, and that has to be first and foremost, and many of the so called action shows, push it to the side.

SM: Totally, yes I agree.

  Above photo: Ving Rhames makes sure that the sultry Kelly Hu gets the point! (C) 2009 Buzzfilms

DT: Bringing it back to The Tournament, Kelly Hu can act, and you do not have to worry about the action as you have a double who is so amazingly powerful and adept, she can not only handle it, but make it seethe with energy.

SM: Yes absolutely!

DT: Just because a movie has a bunch of big stars, does not mean it will be a good film, especially if the cast is just not into the source material.

SM: Yes I see your point, you cannot fill the acting parts of a movie strictly with people who are specialists with action. You can have a really great double making the action look glorious, so that side is covered.

DT: Yes my thing is if you did not have a stunt pro like Kim Chiang to do the incredible fight sequences in The Tournament, the film would not have turned out as good.

SM: Absolutely, that character I created for Kelly Hu to play is central to the story, so performance and action are everything, thus both aspects had to be strong. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks Scott, this ends part one of the epic Scott Mann Interview. Thanks again for sharing your insights to the readers of Dan's Movie Report and Part 2 will soon be unleashed!

In the meantime, check out the Dan's Movie Report classic review for The Tournament: Initially this review was on the older website.

For additional reference, please check out my earlier interview with stunt action specialist, Kim Chiang!

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report and as 2019, will be the year of dynamic action and exclusives! 


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I am Vengeance (2018) Movie Review (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: The IMDB poster for the film!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Director Ross Boyask has been on my radar for years and I have reviewed two of his earlier films on my site. The film Warrioress he directed and wrote along with Cecily Fay is damn amazing for such a limited budget, retaining the fun yet action style he is known for. Back when I wrote for Vengeance Magazine Ross was featured for Ten Dead Men, a crazy movie very early on in his career, but his directing power and intellect are there from the outset.

Fast forward to 2018, now 2019. Ross is in full fledged ass kicking mode with Evolutionary Films, he plays an integral role with the company, directing, editing, and acquiring new films! Check out

I Am Vengeance as it is called in the United States, or Vengeance in the U.K. is currently available for Netflix subscribers, in the USA! It is exciting to see Ross get the recognition he deserves for his labors of love he is a true student of film and constantly is supporting other peoples work and going to the movies!

I Am Vengeance is a true action yarn a guys film. The amazing wrestler and all around big guy Stu Bennett plays John Gold an ex soldier turned mercenary. “John Gold, learns of the murder of his best friend, he sets off on a mission to find out what happened. What he discovers is a sinister conspiracy and he sets about taking down those responsible one by one. “ (From IMDB)

The film opens with a torture and killing scene of his friend, and damned if I am going to spoil it! Everything about I am Vengeance spells grit, power seriousness I have to say I did not see coming from Ross! The filming style is bordering on film noir, but has a tense building story. The lighting reminds me of the older style action films, a bit lower on the tech, which is a good thing. The film kind of depicts the life of regular people. There is two sisters chatting and sitting in the restaurant when the small confrontation, John Gold leaves and meets up with Sandra (Anna Shaffer) to learn more, and the story flails out from there.

The acting is excellent! All the way around, the cast were obviously enjoying the film and working for Ross. Anna Shaffer is cool as an actress proving that power does not always have to come from fists but intellect! Great story plus clearly defined plot! All the way around really enjoyed the film! Whet else can I say, British Violence and Bollocks and madness! I am Vengeance Rates a damn amazing 8 out of 10, a must own! Follow Ross on Twitter! This guy is active!

Go to subscribe or log into Netflix now @

In addition, Ross is currently in Production on the followup and the amazing folks at have posted perhaps the most epic BTS video ever of a film in production!!

Blast that site and for more information! Watch for more interviews coming in 2019 and 2020! Incidentally Katrina Durdan is in Vengeance 2 as Jen Quaid! Get ready for people to have there asses kicked and smiled at! Check out our interview from late in 2016 watch for a new one in 2019!

A live exclusive video from Zara and Katrina! Female Zealots! And the amazing Lee Charles!

Watch for a variety of interesting things from Dan's Movie Report and as we enter our second year of collaborating!