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Producer/Writer Bey Logan Interview (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. It has been a long time coming. Producer Bey Logan has brand new projects unleashing...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Producer/Writer Bey Logan Interview (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. It has been a long time coming. Producer Bey Logan has brand new projects unleashing in 2019, first is Lady Detective Shadow, in May comes Vixen. Both films are releasing stateside on the TriCoast Worldwide. Last year The Dark Soul was also released on the TriCoast . Bey also has two new books, one on Bruce Lee, the other is a compendium on various films entitled 36 Chambers of Kung-Fu Cinema. Both books can be purchased on his official Reel East Website.

I am breaking this interview down into two parts, new films first and then books. I realize Bey has a long history in action films, however this interview is only focused on new material, please read our 2015 interview for further information on Bey and some of his past work:

Phase one, the films.

Chat about how the ideas came about for Lady Detective Shadow, it really seemed like a throwback to early 90s style wuxia films.

Thanks! It felt like the time was right for a female period kung fu detective, and my producing partner James Nan felt exactly the same way! It’s definitely the case that international audiences have a great appetite for this kind of film, thanks largely to Ang Lee’s work on ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and despite all of mine on the sequel!

I am curious, with regards to pre-production, did you have some time prior to the film starting principal photography to work on story-boarding the action, perhaps describe some of the process.

The only story-boarding done was for the visual effects shots. Which I think also have a nice 90s throwback feel! I feel Chinese film-makers will always be better than Hollywood in terms of the swordplay action, but probably always take second place in terms of visual effects. So the only pre-viz was for the fx shots. The action was pretty much all designed on the set, China-style!

I really liked the costuming on Lady Detective Shadow, curious how the ideas for costumes were decided upon, like what period of time is the story supposed to be set in or is it a mythical time, with blended styles.

It’s supposedly the Song dynasty, but these kinds of period Chinese epics take some liberties in terms of historical verisimilitude. The main challenge was designing outfits that our leading lady could fight in. I like her ‘bee keeper’ hat, which was actually very useful in the desert with all the dust and bugs.

Chat about the casting, how many actresses and actors read for the two lead roles, they had many scenes so had to be fairly adept. How long did the film take to cast?

The director, Si Shu-bu, has a lot of experience filming period TV dramas, and he knew Shang Ring, who plays the lead, from her earlier television work. He knew she could look good in period costuming, which not everyone can! And that she could take on her share of the action. My recollection is that he recommended her, Shang Ring accepted and that was it!

I know China is notorious for having a very small number of shooting days, cramming a lot into a very short time, how long did the principal photography take on Lady Detective Shadow? Was there more than one unit shooting?

It was actually two months on this one, which is more than we had on either ‘Vixen’ or ‘Dark Soul’. And you need the extra time when you’re shooting swordplay action in the middle of the Gobi desert! It was pretty much one unit, with a splinter unit for some wide shots and inserts.

Chat about set design, I realize you had various carpenters and others working on crafting the set, were ideas and drawings made or more basic sketches and allow some freedom to create.

There was a very experienced production design team on the shoot. The challenge is that you’re shooting buildings and props that we only know today as antiques, and they have to look relatively new, but still used. If that makes any sense! I would actually have preferred things to be a bit grittier, like a Spaghetti Western, but it still looks pretty good!

On to the action chat about some of the action, the fights are more beautiful, graceful. Actually she seemed like a Dick Tracy of olden times learning the clues as she went along.

Wow. I actually haven’t heard Dick Tracy referenced for a while! But that’s exactly right. I mean, the obvious modern reference is ‘Sherlock’, because she was this ‘Shadowvision’ when she interprets a crime scene. And having her be a lawgiver in the equivalent of the Wild East gives us all these opportunities for our lady detective to go into action. Narratively, it saves a lot of time, giving her a crime to solve. It’s like kung fu ‘CSI: Gobi’. We’re actually working on the sequels now!

How was the response to Lady Detective Shadow in China? Was it a TV movie or did it show in Cinemas.

It had some limited theatrical play, but was primarily a high end TV movie. People still like this kind of thing in China but, strangely enough, audiences in the west seem to like period swordplay action even more. I think Chinese people have actually seen a lot of these, while they’re still relatively new in the west. Given how well ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and the subsequent wuxia films did internationally, it’s surprising there haven’t been more of them distributed recently. Maybe that’s why ‘Lady Detective Shadow’ has been so well received!

Above: Bey Logan, Max Repossi, John Cheung (from 36 Chamber of Shaolin - Bloodsport)

Chat a bit about your involvement in the negotiation process in general with regards to obtaining U.S. Releases for Lady Detective Shadow and others you have been the Producer on.

Well, we have a great international sale partner in Tricoast Worldwide. I think that when you make any kind of lower budget genre movie, or are planning to make one, you’re always smart to talk to your sales company. What kind of film can they sell, and what kind of numbers can you hope to generate? With ‘Lady Detective Shadow’, Strath Hamilton and the team all told me that there is always a worldwide market for a well-made, female-centric Chinese swordplay flick. And how right they were!

Shifting gears with Vixen, just saw the trailer for Vixen, looks really bad ass, chat about that film was it always written for that specific actress to play the part or was there a casting search?

It was actually my producing partner James Nan who introduced Li Ran, who plays the lead. And she is just amazing! She’s a former stunt-woman, so obviously very gifted in terms of stunts and fights, but she also turned out to be a wonderfully sensitive actress. In this, she remind me of Amy Johnston on ‘Lady Bloodfight’, where you bring someone in because they can fight and then you’re SO happy that they can also act very well! I only got to work with Amy once, but we’re actually preparing another film starring Li Ran, focusing on the world of female boxing.

Ultra-violent and unabashed, Vixen looks like a crazy female Die-Hard, chat about some of the ideas you and your team had for the production.

It’s exactly that! The genesis of the film was that we were preparing to shoot another film in Shenzhen, and then thought why don’t we just roll into a second film, using the same crew, and kind of do two for the price of one? My partner Elizabeth asks “What is the best action movie set in just one location?” and I said “‘Die Hard’.” And she said “So why not do ‘Die Hard’ with a Chinese chick…” And that was it! It actually ended up being a standalone feature that we shot in a city called Yuhuan, but it was a lot of fun and, again, it proves that this femme-centric action is what people are looking for, especially from Asia.

Ross W. Clarkson is a total pro action cinematographer having worked on Scott Adkins Ninja films, Truy Sat and Never Back Down: No Surrender , and now director for Vixen, chat about having him in the fold, the film seems even more polished than dare I say it Lady Bloodfight, it has a bigger scope, like more theatrical epic feel to it. His direction seems to allow for more room to create and craft the action. (Trailer of Vixen-

I first met Ross when someone showed me this sci-fi short film shot in Hong Kong, and then I met this ditsy lady director who had supposedly shot it, and there was a disconnect! This woman made that…? So I asked one of the actors, and he told me “Oh, the DP actually directed the whole thing…”, so I wanted to meet that guy, which was how I met Ross Clarkson. For a while, it felt like every summer Ross and I were doing another film in Bangkok with another faded 80s action star, ‘Kickboxer: Retaliation’, ‘Attrition’… I knew Ross had the long held ambition and ability to direct, which is why I was happy to give him the chance to on ‘Vixen’.

Chat about some of the challenges on training the actress, for her role, how long did she have to learn the choreography, and were there any changes on the fly, with regards to the action, and story?

Our biggest challenge on this show was scheduling and casting. Li Ran was doing another show and couldn’t come until the last minute, and our bad guy, Luc Bendza, had to be shot out so he could go work on another one. I was saying to James, “you found us all these great actors, but none of them really have time!” Luckily, Ross Clarkson is really good at scheduling, so we made it work. Luckily, these guys were able to pick up action and dialogue on the day! It was also a challenge to cast, as we shot in Yuhuan, and there are really NO local actors. At least, none that our casting director could find! That meant we had to bring in a lot of foreign performers, which can get expensive.

Vixen has a fairly diverse cast, seems this is the formula to sell films in multiple territories, curious how the casting process went for the additional roles besides the lead.

As mentioned above, we had to look pretty far afield. I had seen this short film that Bryan Larkin and Julian Gaertner had done, and was impressed by it, and by them, so it was great to get them on-board. Julian, in particular, gets more to do here than he ever has before. Then we had my man Max Repossi, who flew in from Italy. Our casting issues actually worked to his advantage! When he took off in Mifed, Max was only playing one character, and by the time he landed in China he was playing twins!

Perhaps tell an unusual of humorous story on the Set of Vixen.

Obviously, this film is very ‘Die Hard’-esque, which someone on IMDB helpfully ‘revealed’! Spoiler alert provided for and by idiots.... So we wanted to throw in a few ‘in’ references. At one point, a cop is on the ‘phone saying “This sounds like a bad copy of ‘Die Hard’…” We had one scene set in a room full of Christmas decorations, with Li Ran’s character disguised in a Santa Claus outfit so that she can shoot one of the bad guy’s thugs. Who is actually played by my son Ryan! After she fires, Li Ran pulls down the beard and says “Ho, ho, ho, mother*&^er”. And dear sweet Li Ran wasn’t familiar with that particular word, so Ryan and I are standing there on set at 3AM teaching this pretty Chinese girl to talk like Samuel L. Jackson…

Chat about Post Production on Vixen, do you and your team set out a post production timeline, seems when you are one of the people in charge stuff gets done in a more timely fashion, then with too many hands in the til.

We worked at a great facility in Shenzhen, which is very convenient for me, being in Hong Kong, less for James, who lives in Beijing! Or maybe it was convenient for him because, you’re right, I ended up doing most of the work! Editing is always great, because you relive your fun experiences making the film, and terrible, because you realize what you didn’t shoot. Ross cut very fast, I did some tweaks and put on the credits and then James did the music. Team effort!

Which territories remain unsold for Vixen? Are there current release dates for the film in some areas?

It’s selling so fast, anything I say will be outdated by the time you read this. If you’re a film buyer, don’t delay, contact Tricoast today! ( And keep checking my Facebook for release updates!

Above: 36 Chambers of Kung-Fu Cinema Book, By Bey Logan

Shifting the interview focus to your newer books:

A few questions on the books, first off, what made you decide to compile a new Bruce Lee book?

I just felt that I had amassed so much information on Bruce Lee over the years, and had experienced the Bruce Lee phenomenon from such a unique perspective, that I could bring something new to the table. I tried to write the book that only I could write, and was very aware of the angles taken by some of the other recent and excellent books on the same subject. Also, for various reasons, I felt the need to be make an effort to be especially productive this last year, which is why you saw me making films, writing books and competing in the occasional kung fu tournament!

You said the response so far has been very good, do the outlets you sell from and your own site, give you an indication on numbers?

As with the territories sold for ‘Vixen’, the sales on ‘Bruce Lee and I’ are a running tally, and if I say the number now it will (hopefully) be outdated by the time this goes live! We’re a small press, and can’t compete with the large ones, but I’m very happy with the reception. I guess a lot of people out there grew up reading me writing about Bruce Lee, and were happy when I finally did a book! Here’s an exclusive for you! ‘Bruce Lee and I’ is actually the first of a series. I’ll be writing more books looking at the careers of many of the martial arts stars I’ve admired and worked with, again from my unique perspective as film-maker, friend and fan. So you can look forward to ‘Jackie Chan and I’, ‘Sammo Hung’, ‘Donnie Yen and I’… Maybe even ‘Maggie Q and I’, God help us…!

I have the 36th Chambers book, very in-depth, did you write it to preserve some of the history of martial arts in Cinema for the next generation?

You make me sound so professorial! Yes, that was part of it, Danny, but the main motivation is that I think these films are so much fun, and can also potentially inspire a more rewarding lifestyle. Which isn’t something you can say of too many Hollywood action films! As with ‘Bruce Lee and I’, I felt driven to write the book that only I could write. There are enough earlier Hong Kong movie books out there with plot descriptions and critical comments. What I wanted to do with each film was share what it had meant to me personally, place it within the framework of Hong Kong film history, then look at it from start to finish from the simultaneous perspectives of a film-maker, martial artist and historian. Actually, yes, that does sound kind of professorial!

Above: Bruce Lee and I Book, By Bey Logan

Since you watch so many older films from the very early Chinese productions to now, what are some of the changes besides the obvious of streaming platform, better tech, high resolution cameras etc... you notice. Seems like the much older films from 50s and 60s were more steeped in story and mythology rather than copious action itself.

It’s so interesting! This is slightly to the side of your question, but especially with the Shaw Bros movies, where they were only available on VHS bootlegs for so many years, when you see the restored versions, you start noticing certain actors in the background, specific props, sometimes Chinese characters on the walls… There was a whole generation where that kind of texture wasn’t available, because there was no way to screen pristine copies of the films. I think there are some wonderful things to see in the earlier era of Hong Kong cinema, especially the late 60s to the mid-70s. We have somehow lost our mojo in terms of a depth and breadth of quality Chinese cinema. I was just watching King Hu’s ‘A Touch of Zen’, which was made in 1968, and it just blew me away. Where did we go wrong with all this CGI nonsense?

And I see that you are also an executive producer on ‘Furie’, which has been playing in theaters in North America, and was a big hit in Vietnam. How did that come about?

I am so proud of my friend Veronica Ngo, who both starred in and produced ‘Furie’. I was much less involved with this film than with the other ones we discussed. That’s probably why it’s so good! I think I came up the title, ‘Furie’, and that’s about it… Kidding aside, it was wonderful to work with Veronica, who is this world class talent, and a kind and loyal friend. I had some small part in ‘discovering’ her for the west when I saw ‘The Rebel’. We’re working on another project now, and, when we have more to say, you will be the first one to hear about it.

In closing, what are some observations working in China Vs working in HK for films?

Well, Hong Kong cinema just moved north, and most of our great film-makers started working on Mainland Chinese movies. Bigger budgets, greater resources, more access to CGI… Did we maintain the same quality of Hong Kong films? That’s debatable. I think it all comes down to having a story to tell, and figuring out a way to tell it, by any means necessary. That’s the challenge everywhere, east and west, and it just takes different forms. Working in China is different, and I’m still figuring it out. And I was the most prolific foreign producer in China last year! I am hopeful that there is a young new wave of film-makers coming into the business. I’ll probably be retired by the time they hit their peak. I’ll be watching ‘Ip Man 18’ in a nursing home!

Any plans to do another film blending cultures or is it better to just keep the Chinese films for the China market? Do you have any new stories in the pipeline, new ideas or films that are in pre-production?

I’m really focusing on writing or finding stories that I care about, ones that mean something beyond just a fun exercise in action film-making. Whether they’re Chinese films or co-productions or Hollywood films will depend on the demands of the material. As I mentioned above, we have another couple of ‘Lady Detective Shadow’ films in the pipeline, and I’m making another film with Veronica. And I still have a few dream projects I’d like to somehow make happen before I retire from the martial world!

TriCoast Entertainment Website:

Reel East on Facebook:

Friday, March 22, 2019

Fighting Spirit Filmfest Birmingham Tickets On Sale Now! (Dan's Movie Report)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Today, Friday March 22nd is the day the tickets are available to the Fighting Spirit Film Screenings in Birmingham! Please act fast, the 100 seat theater is sure to be sold out quickly!

Fighting Spirit Film Festival is the UK’s ONE and ONLY fighting film festival – it’s a celebration and screening of martial arts and action movies. The festival is in its 4th year of bringing together the martial arts and action film fan and film making community – Fighting Spirit Festival continues to inspire others to participate in martial arts and/or make films with martial arts and action content.

The Mockingbird will play host to the festival’s second visit to Birmingham and
promises to be a flip-kicking event with the UK premiere of “Triple Threat” directed by Jesse V Johnson and starring Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping, Celina Jade, Ron Smoorenburg and Jeeja Yanin!

In addition the UK premiere of the eagerly awaited “Ip Man” spin off “Master Z” starring Max Zhang, Tony Jaa, Michelle Yeoh, David Bautista and produced by Donnie Yen! 

Throughout the event there will be screenings of short films: Chopsticks / Dead End / Tranh et Nowak and Shaolin Warrior Monk as well as martial arts demonstrations - British Wushu champions Samuel Mak and Steve Coleman, Wolverhampton based Kru Linford  Melbourne (Muay Thai/Kickboxing) and Sifu Tony Clements (Southern Praying Mantis).

For full descriptions of the films that will be screened please read my earlier post:

Here is what people have said about the fest!

I have learned a lot, had fun, and made new friends who have the same passion for making martial arts films. This is the festival that I wouldn’t want to miss” by Pau Han Kho [STEAM]

An absolutely incredible time, with some of the loveliest people I've ever met. All other organizers 
have been super helpful and involved right from the submission process, and it was an absolute 
pleasure attending the festival. I can't recommend it enough!” by Aeddan Sussex [CHOPSTICKS]

Great Festival! What a pleasure to see all these international guests and cross path with some very talented artists and filmmakers. It's the best place to be in London for all action and martial arts 
film fans. Thanks to everyone involved. See you next year!” by Francois Mequer [THE RETURN OF BLACK SHADOW]

The films screen at The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen
Gibb Street
B9 4AA
United Kingdom

Tickets are available on our website from Friday, 22 March 2019 at 1.00pm (U.K. Time) For more information please contact us via email or social media channels:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Luke LaFontaine Chats Triple Threat!! (C) 2019 Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix readers, after witnessing the action spectacle of the year in the theater, I had to learn more about the fight choreography of Triple Threat! While I have seen numerous interviews with the action stars of the film, I have yet to see an interview about the actual action! Hold on to something stable, fight choreographer Luke LaFontaine, breaks down his work on the film and shares some insight on the upcoming Avengement! Luke has also worked with director Jesse V. Johnson on his recent films Savage Dog and Debt Collector! Time to go hard once again, all exclusive all the time; Dan's Movie Report! Once again, I team up with the top independent action site on the web,

DT: I know you have worked with Jesse on so many projects the past 15 yrs or so, Triple Threat was by far the biggest budget and most high powered cast, how did you approach your portion of the filming when you got the call to coordinate the fight sequences filmed in L.A.?

L.L.: Production gave me 24 hours to put together finished pre vis of fight. I quickly got stunt fighters to be Tiger and Michael, got action cameraman ,choreographed fight, picked angles, shot it, and edited same night.  

Above: Theatrical Poster for Triple Threat, used for promotional purposes only

DT: Your action style is a bit different from Tim Man's yest things merged in a  seemliness manner, did you have to make any adjustments to the choreography prior to filming, if so what changed, also were there any adjustments on the fly?

L.L.: I was able to look at some of the footage, saw direction Tim was going,  was careful to keep Tigers and Michael's (Bisping) technique while adding and blending my choreo and shooting style. There were minor changes on set w Michael because hes a beast and keeping moving forward. I didn't want them battling right off the set. 

Above: Behind the scenes photo of Luke working with Tiger Chen and Michael Bisping in Triple Threat.

DT: Chat about working with the actors, how much time did you have to prep for the fight sequences? Curious also as to the input Jesse gave you with regards to the fights, was it where to end or was he kind of more hands off, letting you handle it?

LL: I met w TIGER CHEN and MICHAEL BISPING in the morning, showed them the previs, Tiger and Michael had a few great ideas w incorporated in. I added some bigger moves for both of them. we rehearsed for about an hour, they picked fight up quick. Both consummate pros. It was like a Tornado versus an earthquake!

Above: Luke on a short contemplation of the next action sequence with Tiger Chen and Michael Bisping on Triple Threat.

When you work out fights, in general do you do a slower run through off camera, then film slow on camera to get the spacing right, curious how you decide angles and moves, I realize it is Jesse's or director's job, but since you are choreographing the action, I figured you may have learned a few new tricks along the way. Also did you have an opportunity to interact with Tim Man during production of Triple Threat to compare notes?

Yes, we always do walk thrus of the fight sections before shooting. Jesse and I have always worked well together. I make sure to listen to what he wants and he trusts me to make it all happen. I picked the angles based on how the fight traveled thru the set. Jesse got hero acting moments. Then we shot the fight and got extra specials for the end. 

Above: Pre-release poster of Avengement! Used for promotional purposes only

Shifting gears to an Avengement question, I know Avengement has completed principal photography and you cannot say much, I am curious if the action is more visceral, and in your face, like a Savage Dog, than Triple Threat, and perhaps some non plot spoiler things you can share about the production.

Avengement  is one of our most vicious most brutal set pieces of action. More realistic and shocking at times while still getting your blood pumping. Avengement is a game changer. New character for Scott , and I think his Best!!! Happy that Scott and Jesse asked me to come to London. great creative time.

Final thoughts, I am curious on your thoughts on the state of action movies today, we have chatted about this, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to discuss perhaps some things that can be changed and some things that you enjoy about today's action films.

LL: There have been real advancements made technically in action.  J.J Perry, Chad Stahaelski, David Leitch, Darren Prescott, Sam Hargrave, Garrett Warren and Clayton Barber along w others have been raising the bar for action films. Id really like to see more versatility and creativity to go in new directions w choreography. HK/Chinese cinema style was great  and Marvel style action is really good,but its a new era and entirely new styles need to be born from creativity here in the us.

DT: Thanks again Luke, for another enlightening interview!

LL: Thanks Danny!! Always a pleasure.

For Luke's first interview on Dan's Movie Report, kick your browsers over to:

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Abduction (2019) - Movie Trailer Unleashed!! New Scott Adkins, Andy On, TNA movie!!

Above: Abduction poster on IMDB, used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! Today Scott Adkins dropped a very cool new trailer of the film Abduction! The new film stars Scott Adkins, Andy On, and Truong Ngoc Anh. The Roger Corman produced film was also produced by Scott Adkins, and Truong Ngoc Anh's company TNA Entertainment. 

Above: Truong Ngoc Anh (TNA) in Abduction picture from IMDB, used for promotional purposes only

A man steps out of a park fountain in Ho Chi Minh City with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. As he wanders through the city, piecing together clues to his past, he is relentlessly pursued by mysterious figures. Starring Andy On & Scott Adkins, and Truong Ngoc Anh. Directed by Ernie Barbarash..”

The full force action film set in the near future. Although not much is known about the plot, someone abducted Quinn's (Scott Adkins) wife and he wakes up in the future, and he thinks it is still 1985. Expect copious action, loads of fist fights, and a very cool Truong Ngoc Anh. Expert action Maestro Tim Man, provides the choreography, and whoa, many bodies will hit the floor.

Interestingly enough expert martial Artists Brahim and Myra Mala are also in the film, in case you have not heard of Myra, oh you will!

In the mean time, please check out my older interviews with Brahim, Tim Man, and Truong Ngoc Anh & watch for more in the very near future on Dan's Movie Report and

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Redcon-1 (2018) Movie Review (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Redcon-1 Poster from IMDB, used for promotional purposes only. Not monetized. 

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, thanks to my friend Tayah, who sent me a three DVDs or Redcon-1 I am finally going to review the film and do a contest to give away a DVD. details next week!

Redcon1 is a zombie film, I found it decent. While the action is good, and a lot of things are thrown in, there is just no filter nor focus for the production. A series of events unfold leading to an apocalyptic outcome, yet there is not enough of a human element and the fact it is almost two hours in length, makes for a difficult watch at times.

The negatives aside, Redcon-1 has a lot of cool elements, the movie feels big, many extras wide scope lots of props, Redcon-1 not only was full of action, it brought the audience into it. Right from the opening scene in an ambulance where the patient was about to die and then the ambulance doors swung open to reveal the same patient and the two paramedics as zombies, is the audience thrown into the fray. I think this is the right way to do zombie films, not from an observer on a monitor, but from inside the action.

Things do get more interesting when the military is brought in to “control” the situation, of course this leads to more mayhem and killings and attacks. These are not your parents' zombies they move with a ferocity and quickness, which actually adds to the fear. Sorry to say , 2019, zombies I can walk calmly away from are just not as entertaining nor frightening that the ones who come after me aggressively.

Not to much else to say, it is a big cast of character in Redcon-1, no one steals the show. There is talk near the middle of the film finding a cure, but things of course do not go as planned. While the plot is mostly predictable, enough twists and turns exist to make Redcon-1 interesting. Overall this is a decent film as stated before, not great, not terrible, Redcon-1 rates a 6 out of 10.

For more information on Redcon-1 please visit the film's official Facebook Page @

Special thanks to Mark Strange and Tayah Kansik for the help in locating this film for review.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Triple Threat (2019) Movie Review - A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive © 2019 Danny Templegod

Above: Poster of Triple Threat (C) 2019 Well Go USA used for promotional purposes only.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, the event action film of 2019 is here. Triple Threat will finally be released Worldwide beginning with a 150 screen blast on Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 in the USA. Dan's Movie Report is thrilled and honored to be chosen among the few journalistic outlets to screen the film early and provide thoughts on the project.

Because this is a very early review, and many portions of the plot and character development are integral to the audience enjoyment of the film, I have decided that this will not only be a spoiler free review, but a timeline and nuanced unspecific review, more like random thoughts, not following any structure. 

Above:  Exclusive photo of Michael Bisping, Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins, the bad guys of Triple Threat!! (C) 2019 Well Go USA, Exclusive to Dan's Movie Report

Director Jesse V. Johnson crafts a undulating masterpiece in Triple Threat as the audience is inserted right into the story literally from the opening moment of the film. Lush images of a jungle in South East Asia is the backdrop for an opening to set the stage. Triple Threat is meant to be a theater movie, and one to crank the volume up! While many comparisons on the web have been made to The Expendables, ultimately I see a far more personal story here. Each character, is given a voice in the action, and time is taken to allow the actor to show emotion throughout.

Another element in Triple Threat that is particularly enjoyable is the interplay between characters who have a very tenuous relationship, The audience at times never knows if the person will be deceitful. This is what can be considered the third element, the protagonists, the antagonists, and those whose alliance suits their own needs and focus. Again revealing this, will spoil the story. Of course it is well known who the bad guys are. Scott Adkins, Michael Bisping, Jeeja Yanin, Michael Jai White, and Ron Smoorenburg are an elite band of hired mercenaries. Enough details regarding the action have come out, who fights who, and some of the locations of the fights. 

Above: Actress Celina Jade, the glue that holds Triple Threat together! (C) 2019 Well Go USA exclusive to Dan's Movie Report

Celina Jade, in her most complete character role to date, plays a Billionaire's daughter who is intent on ridding the city of Bangkok of crime, but of course so many want to stop her. Celina is an amazing actress, Triple Threat is a movie where she has to push through a myriad of emotions, all the while keeping focus on what she must do to accomplish her goal. She forms a bond with Tony Jaa's character in Triple Threat, and the fact they have worked together prior in Skin Trade shows.

Tony Jaa is a force of nature, The man is pushing hard to get is acting skill at the top level. Wait, what the hell are you saying Danny? Yes, the thing is, this is what sets Triple Threat apart from I can safely say, 95 percent of all other action films, the acting. Jesse, took his time explaining to the actors, what he wanted in a particular scene, so much focus, the result is not only the actors show more emotion, but ultimately the film more watchable. Ron Smoorenburg, told me that Jesse gave him the motivation for his character and the reasoning behind why his character is wearing the glasses, a nerdy Rambo! Ron said it helped him, feel the character. Action actors, are mainly known for kicking ass and being stoic onscreen, In Triple Threat, the characters are flawed and have things happen to them that requires emotion. So important this is, Jesse sets the bar high for his actors, and gets results in Triple Threat.

Pointing out a few strong highlights of Triple Threat, the first one being just a great action sequence, and fight between Tony Jaa and Ron Smoorenburg. The full force fight is close quarters, hard, angry, and no body part is left without bruising. Fight choreographer Tim Man, has truly crafted some of the most entertaining action in a long time in Triple Threat. His action prowess is well documented, and he keeps leveling up in each outing. Speaking of fights, a sequence near the end was choreographed by the amazing Luke LaFontaine, and his style is different from Tim's, actually this allows for diversification in the action and completely works for the story.

Scott Adkins explodes with emotion in Triple Threat, he is the angry yelling villain we all needed to see. Gone is the stoic, I will kick your ass and be done mentality, now he is raw, visceral and raging. He is not only the leader of the group of mercenaries he is angry throughout the film. This leads to rash decisions and unpredictable actions, the makings of a great action movie!

All of the elements are solid in Triple Threat, lighting, cinematography, and scope. Triple Threat feels big, by that I mean perhaps a film of 5-10 times the budget. Rolling in at a crisp 96 minutes, felt a touch short, but the edit kept the story moving, I sincerely hope a complete Blu-Ray is released with director commentary, deleted scenes, and a deconstruction of some of the action and locations.

Some small gripes are the lighting near the final fight sequence, which was shot in an different location. The back lighting was cool, but the overhead lighting did not allow the audience to see the action as well, I did do a second pass with the brightness turned up, it was better, but the colors washed out a bit. Not a gripe, but because the film is in multiple languages and subtitles are used, certain characters voices, are louder than others, of course this cannot be helped, but letting the audience know what to expect. I would have liked to see a back story on the mercenaries, prior to them being inserted into the jungle, even 3 minute montage, may have helped. Jesse, to his credit does in effect do this through a past vision element, but again, a few moments prior, may have helped character motivation, and for the audience to feel more emotion towards them.

Those minor elements aside, overall Triple Threat is a great film, one that has not only repeat watch- ability, but memorable quotes! Not wanting to spoil them, I will point out one such quote from Celina Jade saying after she is whisked away on a boat, to Tony Jaa and his unlikely friends. “Can I trust you guys?” Then looks worried. A pensive moment, yet something adding a bit of levity do to the timing of the statement ha, usually this is said prior to a daring rescue!

As for a rating, whew, "Triple Threat is a bombastic, fantastic, masterpiece, pushing the limits of character!" YEP, that is it in a nutshell. Explosive in action and dialogue, Triple Threat delivers the goods, in a blood soaked package! Even the minor gripes are minuscule compared to what the team has accomplished. The film rates a 9 out of 10, it is that good. All one can hope for is either a part 2 or another film starring some of the same cast! Kudos to Well Go USA, for pushing the boundaries of their own company as well and really putting focus on such a great property, by releasing to theatrical on 150 plus screens!!!

For detailed information:

Please check out my partner site where John and I do a dual interview with both Director Jesse, and Ron Smoorenburg! .

Here is all of the information to BUY the film legally!  Also to watch in theater!

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Trigonal: Fight For Justice (2018) Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!!

Above: Poster for Film! All rights reserved, for promotional purposes only!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, Although I did an interview with actress Sarah Chang for this movie a while ago , signals got crossed and I never was able to view my copy for review, that said I look on IMDB and lo and behold zero reviews, I am calling this outside of JoBlo, a Dan's Movie Report IMDB exclusive and, by far the best Filipino Film EVER!

Here we go! I was all hot and lathered up about watching Buy Bust and reviewing it, especially after hearing many people on the web chatter about it. After watching it, I decided not to review, I totally respect the hard working people who made it, but again, I am not going to slag a film I disliked when other great films are out there.

Above: Lead Actor Ian Ignacio  and lead actress Rhian Ramos go through an emotional and physical hell in Trigonal!

Phase one story. The Trigonal (I will refer to the film as that for the balance of my review) sets up it's lead character with heart and emotional concepts, We get more than the typical 3 minute plot opening and then right to the action, we get a life prior to. We see a husband and wife together, happy naturally sharing life. A family bond is established. Interestingly enough, the fact Trigonal gives the audience time to breath and enjoy the joyous surroundings.

Above: Director/Writer and bad ass cop! Vincent Soberano

What is cool is the entire city, was involved they got cooperation from local law enforcement, thus no surprises! This also allowed for Vincent Soberano, who wrote and directed the film to have a cool character of a law man, who is actually SMART! When does this ever happen in a crime action-drama, that would be never! Yep In Trigonal, the law asks for tips from

The lead actor Ian Ignacio who portrays Jacob Casa is amazing. He is shown going through a full gamut of emotions from tears to rage when his wife is attacked, again no spoilers, let us just say although he was also in Buy Bust, Ian has a chance to show his real range in this film! Basically he is forced to fight in a tournament, yeah it is not all what you are thinking, as multiple stories rage on about this tournament. Special drugs from corporate fighters, crime, wrapped in a human story, I say no more!

Above: Sarah Chang! Top action coordinator today in the Philippines, and she is a great and natural actress, humble and hard working!

All is not entirely serious, and this is a good thing! Actress and stunt coordinator and fight coordinator Sarah Chang brings her self and her adept team in! I am serious! Once the action starts Sarah turns on the sarcasm and the violence, no spoilers! The dialogue she gets to say, has many references to interesting action movies of years gone by. She is like the nerdy girl, yet serene, another very complex character. I will chat about one scene as Sarah is shooting pool badly, ahahah, when thugs come into the bar she hides under the pool table a true laugh out loud moment! Again no spoilers as to what happens next!

I really like Rihan Ramos as Annie Casa, her portrayal of the innocent wife who also owns the Dojo with her husband, is heartfelt and honest, she is a pro actress, and gets in a bit of action in the beginning herself! No Spoilers!

Yes there are villains! Of course there are, A copious amount of fighters dot the landscape of Trigonal. The final third of the movie is an all out action assault in the yep, TRIANGLE shaped ring haha!

No Spoilers! The lead villain is a colorful character who rolls very heavy with two very large powerfully built women as his private attache! Boom! Enter Leigh Guda who I interviewed 6 yrs ago for my site, again she is a fitness person and not going to lie I was thrilled to see her in front of the camera not just training others! Leigh has honor, power, and channeled a rage, again she had zero action and fighting skills prior to this film but Sarah Chang worked hard to train her, now she has continued it! She looks the part of massively rough menace!

You have evil chemist and many other bad guys!

Part 2, the quality of the filming, I could see everything clearly! Yep, even dark scenes were lit in such a way to see the action, like corner or side lighting. In Buy Bust I turned my Netflix brightness to max and still it was a blur of blackness. UGH! Trigonal powers through with excellent top notch rate camera work from the entire team of which Jeff Centuari is a part of! He knows how to film action!

The sets and look of Trigonal are of high quality and easy to see, nothing is hidden, You see a serene temple, a hospital, a fight arena, a Dojo, this is not the claustrophobic film, it is shot in various locations so added a more epic feel to it.

Between the great story, easy to like and easy to hate characters, Trigonal: Fight for Justice is a win on so many levels, despite the difficult road to make this film, it was well worth it! This is my Dan's Movie Report action special mention, indie budget, solid acting, and great story, coupled with the best action coordinator working in the Philippines today Sarah Chang, yep I will say this she worked 20 hour days, always smiling, building others up not tearing them down, honor in action! I got this film at 2am and watched til 4am last night and watched again, then again! Each time noticing more nuanced things! Repeat watchability factor is very high, Trigonal: Fight For Justice rates an 8.5 out of 10 yes it is that freaking good, now I hide under a pool table an wait for fallout from the wannabees never was people and the internet trolls haha! Smile in the face of anger, be serene be Sarah Chang and Vincent Sabrono!

I am waiting a real proper USA premiere for this film, that said, or do we deserve it or mindless drivel, ok yes I like mindless drivel!

Please visit Trigonal: Fight For Justice Official Facebook Page @

Watch for more on Dan's Movie Report and

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Avengement! Adkins Action film, with Jesse V. Johnson directing sells to Samuel Goldwyn Films (Exclusive) Dan's Movie Report!!

Above: Scott Adkins in Avengement!! (C) 2019 Samuel Goldwyn Films! For Promotional purposes only! All Rights Reserved!!

For director Jesse V. Johnson's latest exclusive 3000 word interview please visit

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers on the heels of Triple Threat releasing all over the USA next tuesday comes the announcement that Avengement has been sold! More will follow!

Los Angeles, CA ( March 13 , 2019) –Samuel Goldwyn Films announced today that the company has acquired U.S. rights to Jesse V. Johnson’s action thriller AVENGEMENT. The film stars Scott Adkins (ACCIDENT MAN/DOCTOR STRANGE), Craig Fairbrass (LONDON HEIST), Nick Moran (LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS), Thomas Turgoose (KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE/ THIS IS ENGLAND), Kierston Wareing (FISH TANK/100 STREETS), and Louis Mandylor (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING/IN THE EYES OF A KILLER). The film will be released in theatres and on digital May 24th. Bleiberg Entertainment produced the film through its Compound B genre label and is handling worldwide sales.

While released on furlough from prison, a lowly criminal evades his guards and returns to his old haunts to take revenge on the people that made him a cold-hearted killer. It’s an epic, bloody battle to search for the soul he lost years ago on the streets of an unforgiving city.

AVENGEMENT was directed by Jesse V. Johnson, from a screenplay he wrote with Stu Small. The film was produced by Ehud Bleiberg and Joe Karimi-Nik; and executive produced by Nicholas Donnermeyer and Scott Adkins.

“It’s a hard-hitting gangster film with fight scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat,” says Ryan Boring, Director of Marketing & PR at Samuel Goldwyn Films.

AVENGEMENT marks my sixth film with Jesse V. Johnson and there's a very good reason why we keep working together. Jesse allows me to play in the action genre sandbox that my fanbase expect whilst simultaneously pushing me to stretch myself as an actor. Along with co-writer Stu Small he crafted a story that allowed me to create a unique and interesting character who I relished playing. Can't wait for everyone to meet Cain Burgess," says star/executive producer Scott Adkins.

“Every film you get to make is a gift, and as such you must be sure to attempt to create something worthwhile. With  AVENGEMENT, Scott and I worked very carefully to author a character and scenario that was original and fresh, with action sequences that were justified and exciting without repeating anything we had done before,” says director Jesse V. Johnson. “With Cain Burgess, Scott has built a nuanced, interesting but paradoxically, a both frightening and sympathetic character. A man who has tempered his pain and rejection into a carbon steel tool for revenge, but this is not revenge in the skindeep film-noir style, this revenge is deeper and more resonating, a satisfyingly baroque almost elegant retribution.”


Samuel Goldwyn Films is a major, independently owned and operated motion-picture company that develops, produces and distributes innovative feature films and documentaries.

The company is dedicated to working with both world-renowned and emerging writers/filmmakers and committed to filmed entertainment that offers original voices in uniquely told stories. This is best exemplified by the Academy Award® nominated SUPER SIZE ME; Sundance winner GOOK written and directed by Justin Chon; the critically acclaimed feature debut by Francis Lee GOD’S OWN COUNTRY; SXSW winner MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND; the high-school drama BLAME directed, written, and starring Quinn Shephard; LGBTQ musical drama SATURDAY CHURCH; ALLURE starring Evan Rachel Wood; Warwick Thornton’s Australian western SWEET COUNTRY starring Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, and Hamilton Morris; the Wim Wenders film, starring James McAvoy and Academy Award winner® Alicia Vikander, SUBMERGENCE; the family film ZOO; NANCY, a psychological thriller starring Andrea Riseborough; COLD SKIN from director Xavier Gens; and A BOY A GIRL A DREAM starring Omari Hardwick and Meagan Good. Upcoming releases include Ondi Timoner’s bio-pic MAPPLETHORPE starring Matt Smith, Russia’s historic drama SOBIBOR, Joseph Cross’ directorial debut SUMMER NIGHT, and the Karen Gillan & David Dastmalchian lead film ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW.

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Fighting Spirit Film Festival 2019! Get Ready for Triple Threat! Full Program Details! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Fighting Spirit Logo with added date to festival! (C) 2018 Fighting Spirit festival , used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, while we are a week away from the USA premiere of Triple Threat I have some news regarding the Triple Threat premiere and showing of other films at the Fighting Spirit film festival in Birmingham on April 28th, 2019 !!

Above: Official Poster for Triple Threat (C) 2019 Well Go USA! Used for Promotional purposes only

The Official link has been set up to preview the amazing event.  

To check out past events, including an amazing UK. Premiere of The Debt Collector, please follow this link below and check out these radical videos from past events!

To fuel your appetite for Triple Threat an 8 second blast! Tony Jaa and Ron Smoorenburg BTS fighting all exclusive all the time on Dan's Movie Report! 

This video is exclusive to Dan's Movie Report! Never before shown!

In addition to the U.K. Theatrical Premiere of Triple Threat four winners of the 2018 Fighting Spirit short films will also show!


Godefroy Ryckewaert | 2017 | French | Action Comedy | 22 mins
An action comedy film featuring two special agents skilled in close-up combat: Tranh, a young intelligent, down-to-earth woman, and Nowak, reckless, adventurous, and somewhat narrow-minded. They are on a undercover mission to recover paintings which belong to the government, stolen by a German esthete, Otto Von Schnitzel, head of a neo-Nazi faction.


Aeddan Sussex | 2018 | English, Mandarin | Action | 22 mins
Now hunted by the very gang she was once a part of, Shu struggles to find a way of restoring her father’s legacy, all whilst under constant attack from their new leader; her murderous brother Fang.


Carter Ferguson | 2017 | English | Action | 19mins
A seasoned contract killer returns reluctantly to Hong Kong, a city of bitter memories for him. He is to meet a young up-and-coming gun-for-hire to carry out an unspecified job together, but when they do meet his past life resurfaces and leaves both men questioning their motives. A searing, emotional rooftop climax triggers a kick-back against the manipulation they have both suffered.


Qing LV | 2017 | Mandarin | Documentary | 5 mins
Harsh Verma was previously as a professional football player at AC Milan - now he is the first Indian warrior monk accepted by Shaolin Temple. This documentary tells his story.

Dan's Movie Report will be on hand for this momentous occasion! Of course! I will be sending an intrepid U.K. Representative to the screening event! Watch for more coming in April! Watch this space for an additional surprise announcement coming soon, from Fighting Spirit Film Festival regarding another premiere!! Fighting Spirit delivers the action and is ready for the next level of events. To learn more about the film Triple Threat, straight from Director Jesse V. Johnson, please read his 3,000 word exclusive interview exclusively on! 

Above: Jesse V. Johnson flying through the air to show what is needed for the action! (C) 2017 used for interview purposes only, not for monetizing!

In that interview Action-Flix and Dan's Movie Report team up to deliver an in depth, detailed look at all phases of the production! Congrats to the entire team at Fighting Spirit Festival for this amazing event!