Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warrioress, action without the wires!

The Ross Boyask production of Warrioress uses no wires! The martial arts style is Silat. Below is a pic of actress/martial artist Cecily Fay in action on Warrioress. Over the next several months there will be exclusive action coverage of this film on Dan's Movie Report!

For more info on the film's production and other actors in the production check out the official blog @

On that site there is links to the variety of pages, including Facebook, and twitter feeds.

pic below is from Cecily Fay's Silat School Website.

Screen Caps below are from the trailer, all done without the aid of harnesses or wires, please note Cecily is a trained gymnast, and martial artist with 20 years of experience, don't try this!

All Images from the trailer for Warrioress are from Fearful Symmetry Productions, and Stealth Media Group.
Cecily Fay teaches Silat @

Cecily has uploaded several new videos detailing the form on youtube. Below is a direct link to the sword style, Silat Melayu Royal Sword form, all videos and forms are copyright.

Watch Dan's Movie Report for future exclusive interview with Cecily, and producer director Ross Boyask!

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