Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boaz Zippor: Photographic Artist Spotlight

Above Pic: Boaz Zippor, licensed to Dan's Movie Report Model: Yok Jade

Photographer Boaz Zippor, currently based in Thailand, has a fantastic eye for detail and channels his artist impression to photos. Keep reading Dan's movie Report for more exclusive photos and info from Boaz. He also provides some exclusive pics from fantastic actresses Krystal Vee and Selina Lo, watch for those in separate posts! Here is his details and some exclusive sample photos!

Boaz was Born in Israel 1972.
Educated in Milano, Italy, majoring in industrial design and visual communications.
Was founder and managing director of several multimedia and design companies in Italy and Israel, before moving to Thailand in 2003.
Above Pic: Boaz Zippor model: Jade
In Thailand has been an art-director and creative-director for multinational companies.
after several exhibitions of mixed-media and large scale prints, debuting in a solo-exhibition in Milano in 2001, is now concentrating full-time on writing, painting and fine-art photography.During the years, Numerous Art works have been bought for private collections in Italy, Israel, New-York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Barcelona, and of course Thailand.
In the years 2009-2011 ran a private fine-art gallery in Bangkok, exhibiting prominent photographers, mainly from the social documentary field, along with his own work.
After years of active involvement in social projects in Israel, am now involved in supporting several projects in Thailand, especially in the field of education for under-privileged children.
 Self-published his first book of poetry in 2010,  and an anthology of his first three poetry books and other lost poems was published earlier this year. In 2011 launched his article content reservoir with over 3000 articles and reviews, and in 2012 launched the travel blog section of the site
Through the years Boaz has been a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, writing mainly about social issues, progress and perception.

Supporting the theatre, dance groups and the opera as part of pro bono projects for the community, brought zippor to a peculiar position of being the 'performers photographer' specializing in portraits of actors, singers, dancers and other creative people.
"working with actors is always interesting, as you know you are facing a multi-personality crazy person, and usually they know how to use it too, but I always try to get to the person under the mask, the person – not the persona. "

"I come from a very classical artistic background, and the years in Italy are also a great contributor to my appreciation of aesthetics, so I don’t really think like a photographer. I try to think more like a painter, creating with what I have in front of me "

"one of the secrets I got from oil painting, and try to use in my work is the dense backgrounds, layer over layers giving a sensation of life, of dirt, of something organic, not a shinny glossy pretty picture in a magazine."

Watch for more from Boaz! Exclusively on Dan's Movie Report! for now set your shutters to blast his website @

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