Sunday, July 24, 2016

Actress Claudia Rivarelli Sizzling Summer Series! Exclusive Photos, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above photo: (C) 2016 Juan Carlos Garrido

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a few months back I presented the first in a series of photos from Claudia Rivarelli, as promised this is the second set and will bridge the gap until she completes work on her new film, which will of course be exclusively covered on Dan's Movie Report.
All of the photos on this page are (C) Juan Carlos Garrido Please visit his official Facebook page @

Above Photo: (C) 2016 Juan Carlos Garrido

Claudia is very creative and designs her own clothes, makeup, and creates her own moods and characters. She is multifaceted, and offers any production a diverse look, coupled with am honest, no nonsense demeanor. Claudia is extremely active on social media with her Facebook page having over 20,000 likes. Please like and also follow her twitter feed as well.

Below are a couple of photos from her horror set also by Juan Carlos Garrido, her character is locked in a room as in 'Saw', very cool stuff, check it out!


Claudia is a cross-fit athlete who keeps herself in top shape with a variety of training, in addition she has a .JPG based calendar available to purchase. The photos are super high resolution and easily will print out, below is a sample image:

For more information please contact me through my official Dan's Movie Report facebook page @

Watch for more as soon as her new film begins production, on your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report.

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