Thursday, July 27, 2017

Man At Arms - Art of War Series Review Dan's Movie Report

Image from Danny Trejo Facebook page.

Greets valued readers of Dan;s Movie Report. Tonight is the final episode of season 1 of Man at Arms on the El Rey network. The show is reminiscent of older Discovery Channel weapon age shows but with the twist of having a forger making weapons. Host Danny Trejo and weapon's expert Crystal Santos among others test out the weapons on various items of including fruits, human formed gel molds etc...

Where the show gets going is the fact that it seems or it is for the most part unscripted, the weapons are explained, forged then the cool part comes actually in the banter of the various actors on the show once they have the weapon in their hands.

Some weapons, like the three bladed knife, actually appear to cause more damage to the person actually wielding it then the intended target. The great thing about having someone who has 25 yrs of martial arts and weapons training like Crystal Santos on the show, is to watch her adapt to using the weapon, and slowly do the movements while wielding it. Danny Trejo adds cool commentary and the hour show moves fast, with backstory of the weapons and informative parts on forging.

I am very impressed with the controlled environment, lighting, mood,  and they show slow motion hits after full speed. An on set medic describes the locations of wounds and the possible injuries. Overall a great first season, tonight is the season finale and airs on The El Rey Network

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