Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Behind the Action On Savage Dog!!!! Exclusive!! Ladies of Savage Dog Contest Complete!

Greetings fellow action fans, what do we have here, Mr. Scott Adkins has unleashed a Behind the Scenes video on YouTube describing the action! In this cool documentary, we see Adkins, Keith David, Marko, and Cung Le chat about their experiences in the film, in addition to the actiony parts actress JuJu Chan who plays Isabella, chats about her role as caring lady who sees the good in Tilman's character.

Sadly all of the Ladies of Savage Dog photos are gone! Thanks for playing! Watch for a Marko Zaror contest soon!

Check out the video @


Kindly read my 3 detailed interviews with cast of Savage Dog  @ 
Sheena Chou first worldwide interview on Savage Dog
Interview conducted in December 2016 held until release of German Blu-Ray!

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