Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Princess Chronicles: Beauty vs Red" Movie Review and Unleashes Indiegogo Campaign!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, again normally I despise people begging for cash, but Vlad Rimburg and his team really have created something amazing. The 5 minute short, shot on the 4k Red Epic Dragon is a prelude to a larger conceptual piece that will champion women in action. Starring the amazing Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello "Beauty Vs Red' blurs the lines between fantasy and action.

Vlad Rimburg is a staunch supporter of women in action, and he has many ideas with regards to portraying action. The first 5 minute concept features an axe wielding, crazy red riding hood type girl portrayed by Mickey. She snarls, and gets really aggressive in the forest. Not to be out done, the beauty portrayed with vim and wispy aggression by Amy Johnston, complete with a dual set of blue brass knuckles, uses a bow and arrow to get her point across!

Having close to a million views on Facebook, the Woods Entertainment Production, hopes to become part of a whole series, and is seeking a massive 300,000 dollars to create the episode, and has several perks including Red's Axe, and a one minute fight scene choreographed by Vlad.

From Lauren Mary Kim: " I'm always a big supporter of ppl creating their own projects. Have an idea and just do it! Have nothing stand in your way and see all the doors open up. It's very inspiring to see Vladislav Rimburg doing his thing and using the best like Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello. Great job to everyone who worked on this because everyone plays a vital role. Lets, as a community, fund this project to elevate all of us; for all you aspiring film makers, stunt performers, actors , 2nd unit directors, etc etc. Help pave the way for productions to see that we can make epic content."

Definitely worth a watch 'Beauty Vs Red' rates a strong 7 out of 10! I want to see more. For further information on the project go to:
Vlad Rimburg:

Blast your browsers to the campaign @

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