Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar-Movie Review-Danny Shamon

The anticipation leading up to a huge film is often watered down when the film comes out. With Avatar Cameron outdid his own high standards with a masterpiece worthy of once in a lifetime status.

If one comments on this movie without seeing it on a Museum quality true Imax not AMC No offense but those are not the true format, then the comments are just not justified. Drive as far as need be, go to a museum screen! 5 story screen, 15k sound system was system 3d all the way!

Going into a long dissertation of how the movie is, plot, story line, characters have all been covered, by hundreds of other reviewers. Plot is simplistic, but additional themes were added. The true magic was the movie look and texture. The backgrounds were lush and detailed. The renderings from Weta with help from ILM were amazing and awe inspiring. I rate this movie an 11 out of 10, once in a lifetime experience.

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