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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix readers, across my desk today comes the newest short film from Russ Emanuel called 'Routine'. The short is meant as a prequel to a feature length film. Russ is a world builder and a visionary in independent film making. 'Routine' has the makings of perhaps something more than a stand alone movie, maybe even a Netflix series.

As far as the synopsis: During a mysterious pandemic, Cassie's quarantine life has turned into a routine, day in and day out. Nothing new seems to happen, until she realizes she's out of coffee. And she's determined to get her cup of joe, even if she must face the horrors of the outside world. Because "she'd kill for a cup of coffee."

The film follows a young lady named Cassie and her life during the pandemic. I must say actress Paige Laree Poucel embodies confidence and she gets ready to face the day, gun in hand. The 4 and a half minute short, is merely a set up of things. She has a cool personality and seemingly is prepared to take on any challenges. I think that Paige is ready to breakout and establish herself.

The movie is well staged from a behind the scenes standpoint. The lighting, sound, music and camera work allow for the viewer to be placed in the moment. A very cool comic book style closing sequence shows an eye to detail, and allows viewers to imagine what is to come. Russ Emanuel and his Russem Productions are producing and Russ is directing. Writer Emile Haris has an slow burn feel, allowing the viewers to watch events unfold rather than throw them in our faces.

The cleverness and world of possibilities make for an intriguing blast of action to come. Watch for a feature length film from Russ coming in 2022 called 'Staycation' Overall, I enjoyed this short, and await the feature and beyond, 'Routine' rates a strong 7.5 out of 10.

For all things Russem Productions, please visit Routine Facebook Page, Official Production Page, and IMDB.

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