Saturday, April 16, 2011

MTI Home video releases for Spring 2011

Greetings fellow independent movie buffs, the good folks at MTI have a few interesting releases on their schedule from April to June. Here is the info direct from MTI: Look for up coming movie reviews from Dan's Movie Report.

Coming in April, 2011
Chicago Overcoat
The fates of an aging hitman and a washed up detective become entwined when one last job leads to one last chance to settle an old score.

"The most charismatic mafia murderer since Tony Soprano." - Variety

"Fans of The Funeral and The Boondock Saints will eat this up." -Chicagoist

Street Date: April 19, 2011

Coming in May, 2011
In the year 2310, a new sport, Gene-Fusion is all the rage! In this exciting game, specially-trained athletes, called Fusers, design their own super-creature by combining three forms of animal DNA... Four teens, seemingly plucked from obscurity, are trained to be Fusers. They become instant celebrities as they perform before sold out crowds. But what they don't know is that each of them has a role to play in an alien conspiracy to take over the world. Only through learning to work together as a team can these four, young heroes take on this alien threat and save the planet from destruction.

Street Date: May 10, 2011
Death Hunter - Werewolves vs. Vampires
When his wife is abducted by a group of blood-thirsty Vampires, John Croix is left to die in a forgotten region of the desert. It is here where an unspeakable evil exists. Now, by no choice of his own, Croix will come face-to-face with the most terrifying creatures of the night. Still a man, but possessing all the strength and power of a werewolf when the moon is out, Croix becomes a reluctant hero for mankind when he learns that his wife may still be alive. Croix sets out on a mission to rescue his wife - venturing deeper and deeper into the Vampire's lair- in his quest to save her before she is lost to the world of the undead forever.

Street Date: May 24, 2011

Coming in June, 2011

Let out of jail after five years, Julian is rewarded by his crime syndicate for keeping quiet. He is put in charge of a gentlemen's pleasure house (the Hobby Farm) and trusted with the proceeds from illegal gambling, drugs and sex slavery. But the women he meets -and the secrets he carries- proves deadly... When faced with the horrific treatment of one of the enslaved girls, newly brought to the farm, Julian must overcome the demons of his own past and turn against the only life he has ever known, to save the girls, and himself.

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