Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bai Ling shooting new movie!- The Crow on Blue Ray 10-18-11

On the Heels of our exclusive interview, Bai Ling let me know she is currently shooting a new action/western called Yellow Hill. More details to follow! The Picture Below comes from her blog.

The story is: The 1860's. A time that had people of all stripes came to America. The land of dreams, the land of promise. But what they found was hardship. In a dying gold town called Holsum a community of Chinese immigrants is being brutalized, beaten, whipped and even murdered....

In other Bai news The Blue Ray disc for the 1994 Brandon Lee classic "The Crow" drops October 18th 2011! This movie is amazing and Bai does an scary good Job as a psychotic, sadistic, moll to the gang leader fighting Brandon Lee's character. If you are too young to have missed this in the theater, or want to watch it again order it from Amazon @

Here is a sample of her in The Crow! A hi def screen cap to wet your appetite.
Bai's character Myca is the only one in the gang smart enough to figure out The Crow's powers and goes after the bird not the man!

Image: (Miramax/Lionsgate) Screen Cap: (Danny Shamon)

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