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The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption Movie Review

Above Pic: Blue Ray Release of The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption (C) 2011 Universal Pictures

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The third installment of the Scorpion King series is an ultra low budget blast of movie-making insanity. Because the title is so long I shall refer to the film as Battle For Redemption. The film has everything a sword and sandals movie fan could possibly want. If you are not a fan of these types of films, well then go watch Hope Floats!

Battle for Redemption opens with a narrative, those familiar with the previous installments of all the films in the Mummy series know that to establish the storyline this method is employed. With a budget of only six million, I was quite astonished what they came up with. The look of the film, although inferior to the original films, was lush and refined and it had 1/15th of the budget!

Our Hero Mathayus, portrayed by with a quick wit and a fighting spirit by Victor Webster, is a a King without a Kingdom, the last of the Arcadian warriors out there looking to be a mercenary. Webster's portrayal seems to get off to a slow start, but by the middle of the film his is in full form, jabbing with the tongue and including the fist.

Ron Perlman plays Horus the King with surprisingly subdued ferver, and sends him on his quest. Mathayus needs a sidekick, and recruits a wild warrior named Olaf. Bostin Christopher plays the warrior with such silliness and outlandish oneliners you think you were watching a three stooges film! Ha, you think it would be bad, but surprisingly the one liners are clever as the two men are on the quest. Almost an homage to Mongo from Blazing Saddles.

The quest is sidetracked when they meet another king and in return for their help he offers his daughter's hand in marriage, problem is she is kidnapped by this maniacal king. Yeah the plot is a bit wonky, but what he hell there is so much fighting and a myriad of action.

The second half of the film is the true highlight. Battle For Redemption kicks up into high gear when the audience is finally introduced to the fun part of the film. The Evil King summons three Demons with the Book of the Dead. We also see that the seemingly sweet innocent princess is not who she seems. Krystal Vee plays almost a dual role here. Her beauty is sublime, and changes this testosterone fest to something far better to look at, her acting ability and sensuous fighting skills are pretty entertaining as well.

Above Pic: (C) 2011 Universal Pictures: Kimbo, ready to take a slice out of his adversaries

The three demons are the show's true highlight. First off I liked the CGI that they were presented in. Check out Kimbo Slice's nasty, over the top Zulu character who wields a hammer that spews fire. Not to be out done wrestler Dave Bautista as the dead warrior Argomael is epically big and full of much kickassery, yeah dammit I create my own words. Yeah it is outlandish, but these men are just the two big burly guys needed to play the parts haha.

The final demon of the dead, is the most brutal, maniacal, and cutest of them all, and by far the lightest haha. Selina Lo as Tsukai has so many powers, including the ability to fly, create a sphere of visibility, and unleash a holy hell of martial arts fury. Selina is a fantastic actress and seems to bask in the evil limelight. She has a likable quality and a clear speaking voice. Hopefully this will be a springboard for her future acting career.

Above Pic: (C) 2011 Universal Pictures: A long blond wig and a large amount of whoop-ass is Selina Lo as Tsukai!

There are twists and turns in the last 30 minutes of the film and quite frankly, the plot gets lost in all the fighting, but I did not care. Battle for Redemption is well shot even using Elephants as fighting transport, and in battle scenes! Kudos to the cast and crew in Thailand for shooting this on a shoestring budget.

I was on the fence about what rating to give this. Battle For Redemption is a frame of mind type film, as this film requires the viewers to check their brains at the door and enjoy the fun, don't think, relish the action. Maybe I am being generous, but I rate this sardonic, sarcastic, pugilistic masterpiece an 8 out of 10! Now a word to the haters, get a life and a sense of humor! Pre-order is available, item ships January 10th on Amazon, and no I do not work for this production.

Check out Selina Lo's Official site.

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  1. Sounds like what the doctor ordered! I wanna see this!

  2. This is a God-awful movie and you could find better acting at the local junior college or better yet at a high school drama club. Some of the fight scenes were good but they made Mathyus look inept and not like the dominant force The Rock was.

  3. I see it, SUCKS (really), dont waste your time and buy ..... a book, i dont know

  4. Quiet possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, Not that the other two Scorpion King movies set the bar very high at all but this managed to make them look superb by comparison. This isn't even worth the time to download it, all I got was 45 minutes in and couldn't tolerate the horrible attempt at acting any longer.

  5. What a waste of $6M.....Should have donated to charity instead....

  6. This is an absolute crap movie! The worst movie of its genre not just series.
    I am embarrassed for Billy Zane and Temuera Morrisson for being a part of it.
    They must have had forget how to act pills or something. 0 out of 10 movie.

  7. honestly one of the worst films i have ever watched, to say this has got everything you need in this 'type' of music makes me question why you bother writing about movies. acting was terrible, script was terrible, the whole story line was just terrible, i watched 20 mins then used the rest of the film as background noise while i played minesweeper... yes, minesweeper was more entertaining then this movie

  8. A saw the pre-DVD release and I must say, What was the Director/Producer thinking when they made this movie. (??) Complete waste of time and you get head aches within 20-25 mins. Looking into oblivion is better than watching this movie.

  9. For a low budget movie its very good. But compaired to the others it sucks. Better spend a bit more for better quality. Some decors in the movie look like ... decor made of foam and plastic. Highschool props.
    Gave it a 6/10

  10. If anyone is thinking nof a New Year resolution, it must be NOT to waste your time watching this CRAP movie!!! I cannnot believe I endured around 30 minutes of it! Shame on me!
    Read a book instead or take your gf./spouse somewhere nice. Terrible acting, horrible storyline, crap decor, even worse directing, all in all CRAP!!! For all of these I give this film 0 out of 10!!!

  11. Bad acting, bad direction, bad plot, stupid dialogue, bad locations (I know that the film was shot in Thailand but in which country does the action take place), plot holes, civilization mash-up ( we have Romans, Egyptians, Ninjas, Thai people etc), .. a complete waste of time.... really one of the worst movies I;ve ever seen

  12. Very B movie, it lacked the capability to hold my attention, 15mins into the film I grabbed the laptop to surf!

  13. I strongly disagree. SK3 was much much better than SK2. SK1 launched the movie career of The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. SK3 was pretty darn good. Krystal Vee is incredibly beautiful & Selina Lo is hot too!! Victor Webster was a good Scorpion King, but he is no Rocky. SK3 had that cinematic feel that was so lacking in SK2 (Part 2 felt like a TV show). The Ghost Warriors were Awesome! Kimbo, Bautista, & Selina Lo all did a great job kickin ass!!! SK3 was everything that I expected and much more!!! SK3 is better than In The Name of the King 2.

  14. What a waste of time this was. I did get a headache just from watching this piece of garbage. Bad acting, extremely bad plot. The only thing I liked was the girl, Cobra. I give this movie a rating of 2/10, and I am being generous because of the girl. Can't believe the reviewer gave it an 8 (must have been really drunk). Doesn't even deserve to be called "Scorpion King..."

  15. Looking forward to seeing it and making my own judgement.

  16. Ive seen porn with better acting lol

  17. for a 6mill budget i think this was a prety good film, SK1 was a lot better but this beat the hell out of number 2 which was decent at the best. its amazing the amount of people bitching about it being shit, would love to see any of them make a better movie. all i can say to said people is get a life and a sence of humour lmfao sad sad kids these days :)

  18. A very terrible movie, the only thing I was looking forward was the finish because I just couldn't stand to watch anymore. It SUCKED!! soo bad and I think that money could be given to make another Paranormal Activity which would be better than this piece of crap. All I liked about it was the Krytal she was sexy and made the movie barely tolerable. 1/10 for me never going to hear of this movie again

  19. One word regarding the movie....

    C R A P

    Everything was so freakishly terrible... I would give it 0.1/10.0.... Pathetic !!!!


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