Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amsterdam Heavy -Movie Review

As a fan of Michael Madsen's acting style I was drawn to this film for what looked like a good crime drama with a good dose of action thrown in. Truth be told Mr Madsen was not in this film for more than three minutes, but Amsterdam Heavy delivers the action in an unusual and non subtle way.

As the film opens and we see the lead character JD (played with underlying intensity by Rik Sinkeld) breaking out of a shipping container with the label Amsterdam Heavy on it. He has been drugged, shirtless, and only has small shards of his memory. As the movie progresses JD meets a couple of street thugs, he dispatches them, and now he has his clothes and is ready to roll.

He has a number scrawled on his arm with a shard of glass, He dials the number, and viola we meet the heroine of the film Monique Lander. She is portrayed with salacious enthusiasm by actress Alison Carroll. Although Alison has little film experience, she is a pretty good actress, clear speaking voice, is adorable, and makes Amsterdam Heavy a fun film to watch. Monique is an undercover cop, who happens to be working at the strip club of the bad guy they are after.

Monique fills JD in on his life, who he is, who she is. JD learns he has a family, and not only does he have to find them, he has to get after the people who are after him, and the corrupt department he works for. Alison is definitely the acting highlight of Amsterdam Heavy, hopefully she will get more roles.

Above Screen Capture: Alison Carroll as Monique in Amsterdam Heavy

Amsterdam Heavy has lots of action, fighting and gun play. Some of it believable, some of it ridiculous, especially when JD gets his clock cleaned by two rail thin fighting girl thugs. Topping things off, after finishing him, one of them slings him over her shoulder like a two pound sack of potatoes. Alison's character Monique does look like she can kick some ass however, and to no surprise we witness her rough behavior as well.

Unfortunately much of the other acting is not so good, but Amsterdam Heavy has enough action and scantily clad ladies to give this film a recommend watch.
I rate Amsterdam Heavy a 6 out of 10, a definite rent or Netflix stream.


  1. You have to be kidding !
    Amsterdam Heavy is so badly acted, ridiculously scripted and amateurishly directed that it must rate as one of the worst films I have seen in a decade.
    Its so bad that watching it is horribly fascinating, The wife and I were in hysterics doing impressions of the various actors and had a hard time agreeing on which were the absolute worst scenes (my favourite is the bicycle shoot out, my wifes was "I like guns" )
    Dont expect any of it to be believable - especially when it comes to the fights. Neither hero or heroine could fight their way out of a nursery school.
    Watch this film if you want to see some nice Amsterdam scenery and a laugh about how bad it is. Just dont pay too much for the privelage as you will feel you have been robbed.

  2. You are completely correct Anonymous. The movie is just garbage and the person who wrote the review above must be a complete moron or someone who has been deprived of entertainment for their entire life....this crap doesn't even deserve to be reviewed...I cannot understand how people can make such rot and still survive in the industry...but as someone once said "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intellect of the populace"

  3. How dare someone have their own opinion.

  4. Opinions can still be pretty terrible.
    This movie didn't have a single shred of anything good. I give it a 1/10 and not a 0/10 only because the sexy ladies & nudity appealed to some part of my male brain (Monique is lovely!)...but the rest of the movie was just all bad all the way through, action scenes included.


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