Saturday, September 3, 2011

Australian Thriller "X" Movie review

After witnessing New Zealand's Wound, I was ready for some more movie thunder from down under. X falls into the classification of erotic thriller, but but the second act turns into more action thriller. In X even the basic premise is intriguing, a high priced call girl out on her last job has a random meeting with a young girl on her first night on the street. The interplay, and their separate lives are explored enough to care about their characters.

Vivica Bianca plays the experienced call girl Holly, and the movie opens with some rather bizarre fetish voyeurism show, and delivers a package I rather would not have seen, ladies watching the film should fully enjoy it haha. Holly wants out, to go to Paris, live a new life. Later we witness Hanna Mangan Lawrence's character Shay have an odd first encounter with a bloke who wants servicing, she looks nervous, but eventually figures it out. The movie develops both stories independently prior to their meeting, to tell why and how they meet would spoil a plot point. Hanna's acting is excellent throughout, she meets up with a drug addicted couple, going from innocent girl to aggressive, back to sweet all in the space of one minute. She obviously studied the emotions for the roll.

Shay (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) meets up with druggies looking for a fix

The movie really picks up pace when the two are in the room with a guy together and witness a murder, this turn really ramps up the action and delves into the craziness of the characters in X. I liked the way the ending played out, even the final scene, leaves it open for some ambiguity.

Everyone, from the villains,secondary street thug characters, and even the mousy street kid all played their parts to perfection. This was a gritty, rough film, full of several unscrupulous characters. Definitely worthy of an IFC release!

I rate this picture an 8 out of 10, It does have a sordid subject, but repeat watch-ability factor.

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