Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Jovelyn Maria Minoza video posted--

Above Pic: Jovelyn Maria Minoza

About two years ago I interviewed Jovelyn on Dan's Movie Report! Jovelyn has recently posted a new training video where she instructs two young students for a first time fight.!

Jovelyn has a 30 year martial arts background, speaks English, German, French, Taglog, and Cebuano! I think her time has come to work as a martial arts trainer on a film! With her compassion, understanding, professionalism and patience I feel she deserves a shot at training film actors for fighting and possibly some fight co-ordination in the future! She resides in Germany, her Facebook friends' list is currently full at 5,000, but send her a message.

stick your browsers to:!/NoONEOne

Also follow her on Youtube @

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