Thursday, November 10, 2011

Born Bad-Movie Review

The Asylum's Born Bad is a study in how a brutal killer worms his way into the life and the mind of his victims. Actor Michael Welch does a masterful job of portraying a psychotic, neurotic, and cocaine using killer Denny, who preys upon the weak, and vulnerable.

After meeting Brooke Duncan (Bonnie Dennison) Denny slowly worms his way into the family's life. Fixing Brooke's step-mother's car, shooting hoops with her father he slowly gains their trust. Brooke is trusting at first, but she soon sees his violent side as he threatens her and slaps her before driving her home to her family.

One of the softer moments in Born Bad, Denny (Michael Welch) and Brooke (Bonnie Dennison) at a family dinner.

The story is not altogether original, but the tense drama heats up and held my attention throughout. By the end of the film I grew to really hate the antagonist Denny and learned to care about the Duncan family, including the father Walter played rather blandly by David Chokachi.

The tense drama in Born Bad builds into a crescendo of madness in the final 30 minutes, when the family must fight for their lives. The movie flies along at a rather frantic pace throughout, and never seems to bog down. The unrated version adds about 7 additional minutes of footage, more violence and some scenes with clothes in the off position.

I rate this flick a 6.5 out of 10. I recommend checking it out on Amazon. The DVD also includes a gag reel and a short behind the scenes feature. Amazon link is below.

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