Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hide-Movie Review

Making an independent movie is a difficult task. While I commend the Brandi Brothers for attempting a horror film, I have to admit I did not like the project. Hide borrows elements or shall I say is trying to be like Scream although it is filmed in the style of the Blair Witch Project.

The entire film consists of the killer making threatening phone calls in a scream type voice to the people he is going to kill. Finally later in the film he begins to kill his victims. Set up is minimal and the grainy shaky cam video gets rather tiresome after only a few moments.

The acting in Hide is not too bad, but the source material and script are so limited that the characters are not given much to work with. One girl walks around with a crutch and doesn't seem overly scared until it is too late. There is not enough dialogue and plot development to fill a feature length film, maybe it would have worked if it was a short film.

I rate Hide a 3 out of 10 a pass, but this is a first effort, I am sure the next film will be a step up.

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