Friday, December 9, 2011

Underground (2011)-Movie Review

Underground is an example of why I will never again do a year end best of until December 31st! Underground is an amalgamation of styles burrowing from The Descent in its claustrophobia, Rec with it's jump scenes and various other flicks thrown in for good measure.

The movie opens with a group of military soldiers going in to terminate the experiments that were taking place underground in a military bunker, they are killed, we never see the creatures, but it is an attention grabber.

The film actually begins two years later, as the military bunker is abandoned, and a huge group of teens are having a rave party. A fight ensues and a small group runs away from a gang chasing them, and escapes into the military bunker and are trapped.

No spoilers here, this is a fantastic wild ride of survival as two of the members of the group are marines, but alas no projectile weapons are left. Are they Zombies, no? Are they Monsters? mmm could be. Are there any humans left alive, after these experiments?

The acting is fairly solid, I do wish there were more strong female characters, but for the budget it was decent. The creatures did look a bit like The Descent, but (minor spoiler) they are more evolved, have far different capabilities, and walked erect.

All is not what it seems and the ending "whoa nelly" comes out of left field but makes total sense. In fact it is so crystal clear my stomach is turning! Watch this one!

An interesting side note, the director is Rafael Eisenman. He directed the old Showtime series Red Shoe Diaries, but this is not any love story, or is it?

I give Underground a 7.5 out of 10 A must watch, screw all the trolls, don't hate!


  1. Entertaining film, but not really sure what you mean about the ending. What about it makes total sense :S I feel like I missed something here

  2. Where can I watch this movie, and preferably buy, email at if there is any known place to watch and/or buy this movie.


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