Monday, January 23, 2012

2-Headed Shark Attack Movie Review

Above Pic: 2-Headed Shark Attack Poster

As a fan of low budget films, I can usually count on The Asylum to deliver some low budget madness my way a couple times a month. Some of their films are better than others, some are downright bad, 2-Headed Shark Attack falls somewhere in the middle, time to delve into the gory details.

The story opens up with a small boat pulling two attractive lady skiers and a couple of guys on board taking video and pictures of them. Then woosh, in an instant this giant CGI two headed monstrosity attacks them and eats them. No this is not a spoiler, it happens right away, before the opening credits! I am not a fan of showing the creature right away in these types of films, especially when the animation budget is minuscule.

Above Pic: Some of the nice scenery in 2-Headed Shark Attack

The main story opens with a group of students on a boat with their instructor, Professor Babish (Charlie O'Connell). The group is on a semester at sea. Carmen Electra plays Mrs Babish, who is supposedly a Doctor, hahahaha. Needless to say the acting on this Shark Attack was pretty sub-par, and downright comical, but this is obviously intentional, or not? The girls are all very good looking, and 2-Headed Shark Attack is about hot chicks in the Florida Keys splashing around and getting violently mauled and mutilated, what's not to like?

Surprisingly, the best acting in this film is by Brooke Hogan. Even though she has little experience, I thought she does a decent job with her character Kate. Kate has a more involved story arc in the second half of 2-Headed Shark Attack. Brooke has a calm, clear speaking voice, not whiny, and she tries her best to act scared at the appropriate times, forceful at others.  I am sure she will get more movie roles after this film.

Above Pic: Brooke Hogan in 2-Headed Shark attack, Will she be shark Bait?

(Minor Spoiler)The film's story blasts into high gear when a giant half eaten shark gets caught in the boat's prop, thus disabling it, luckily for the folks on board there is an island close by. As we find out later in the film, the island is not too safe of a place to be either, as it is sinking, no more spoilers!

This 2-Headed shark is explained that two headed animals do occur in nature such as snakes and turtles, and that this is a sort of genetic mutation. Ok then, now that the illogical science is out of the way back to our actual story. The majority of the rest of the film is spent trying to figure out how to escape the relentless, always hungry shark, and return to the boat to repair it. I am assuming they want get the hell out of there.

As for the plot, There are some good ideas, as the shark was not the only thing the group has to contend with. The dialogue is typical low budget drivel, but occasionally important plot points find there way in, haha, did I mention the hot, scantily clad, Florida chicks.

Not sure exactly what to rate this one... 2-Headed Shark Attack is not boring, and the setting and scenery is nice. The film is, for the most part watchable. I give 2-Headed shark Attack a 5 out of 10. The Asylum needs to shoot more movies in Florida! The film is available for pre-order on Amazon and ships January 31st.

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