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Natassia Malthe Interview (C) 2012 Dan's movie Report SURPRISE!!

Above Pic: Still of Vikingdom Coming in 2013!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers! Here is my first surprise of 2012, I delve inside the mind of the beautiful and talented Natassia Malthe. I must admit  watching the sexy Ms Malthe has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. She has a tough girl attitude on screen at times, but always is likable person in her films. From Elektra to the last two Bloodrayne films she has made her mark on action cinema. Recently she wrapped filming on Vikingdom. Enough of my babbling on, on to the interview.

Before I start, I ask you please tell a short story about life on the set of In The Name of The King 2, how long you worked on it, etc..

We had rehearsals first with Dolph , he's a relaxed cool cat. I worked on it for two and a half weeks. Not long, we wrapped everyday at two pm.. shortest shoot I have ever done.

You have worked with Uwe Boll on several films, do you think his unique vision is inspiring? He does things his own way, as a writer I respect that, what are your thoughts?

Its inspiring that he allows me to create whatever I want. I find his out of the box approach inspiring regards too the fact that he is courageous and doesn't conform.. That is pretty cool.

How about playing up the sexuality in films like Bloodrayne, does it portray a balance of power using your guile as well as strength? Are you a bit of a mischievous lady in real life, sense of humor?

I don't like doing nude scenes, and It was a problem on set. Uwe and I got into a fight about it, but we made up and came to terms with our different idea's of how the scene should look. I wanted it to be dark where nothing could be seen. Just outlines. I was pretty shy and did not feel powerful doing such a scene. But I did grow up in Norway and everyone on the beach went topless so that did play in my mind that if I were in Norway it wouldn't be a "thing" nor have a stigma around it. in real life I am goofy.. and quite prude.

Low budget films offer a bit more creativity?

With Uwe it seems like the actors have a bit more of input to the character. it can be creative but when u have a low budget you don't always get all the camera angles that can show all the creativity.

What pisses you off about the film industry today?

Imdb and age discrimination. I have lost big budget movies that could have changed my career.

Above Pic: Vikingdom Promo Picture

Do you think the home video market going the way of netflix and such helped or hurt the industry?

I think it opens doors to independent creative people because we need to find other ways to survive it. In doing so people are getting more creative, working with the changes.. like web has, in a sense hurt the industry. Studio's used to take more chances on up and comers, now they only hire stars to secure the finances. The stakes are a lot higher, also they are making movies that are sure deals, which doesn't exactly promote the movies I love.. I love the movies made in the 80's.

As a woman who is comfortable with her body, do you feel that sometimes nudity is necessary to sell lower budget films rather than big budget ones? Is it over used?

it is used when the script isn't written by a million dollar writer. It is a hard business out there and unfortunate that integrity may be compromised to sell flicks.

What about the action, do you like the rough stuff on film, the fighting and falling etc? 

I do enjoy fighting.. its something i know i can do with confidence.. of course I would like to do other kinds of films as well...

American vs foreign films, which do you like working on more as a generalization? I am sure it varies, but I am curious.

I love french films, such as Betty Blue, they use great music in France and I love Italian films... Malena was one of my favorites...I wish I could do more artistic films foreign or American. American movies are sometimes amazing but i don't like the commercial ones that have been done over and over again... love to do a poetic foreign film...

Do you have a particular genre of films you like working on the most? What about to watch? 

I love watching biographical movies based on true stories, I love watching movies like Crash, movies about love ,like The Notebook.. so romantic... I also loved Witches of Eastwick, Scarface, Blow... etc....

I know you are active in charitable organizations, what are they, and what made you attracted to them? 

I created my own .org, with some friends and it was premeditated, one thing lead to another since I was deeply effected by what happened in Japan... it is a new passion I have found through trying to help the victims of the tsunami. It was unintended though. More like a self discovery thing that happened to link would be

Above Pic: Sexy Natassia as Brynna is captured in Vikingdom.

What is on the horizon in 2012 and beyond for Natassia? New projects, producing, acting etc? 

I am currently working on producing with a few friends and developing a production company and auditioning.. It is hard to shake that acting BUG I have. It is a total burden. I wish I could leave it behind and quit but I simply can't, and that is annoying because it makes me dependent on it. Like a fix.

I just did a movie called Vikingdom where i met some nice people like Jon foo and Craig Fairbrass. I play a female who fights with men called Brynna , she is the Captain of a ship and falls for Dominic Purcell's character called Eirick... it is coming out 2013.

For more info on Vikingdom like the film on the official Facebook site @

Thanks Natassia, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do the interview.

Watch for more news and pictures from Natassia upcoming on your home for action and tough girls, Dan's Movie Report.


  1. I've read online that Vikingdom is the biggest budget film that KRU studios in Malaysia have ever put together. It'll be interesting see their CGI production values.

  2. It may be the biggest budget film they have ever done, but many actors on this production never got paid and its a year on.


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