Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fire With Fire Movie Review

Above Pic: (C) 2012 Grindstone Entertainment Group

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Fire With Fire starts off with a bang as with a violent independent convenient store father and son, being threatened by white supremacist gang members, then watches as his son is brutally murdered. He is given a chance to pay them money for protection, but he says that he is protected by the Eastside Crypts. Watching the crime unfold is a firefighter named Jeremy Colmen, portrayed expertly by Josh Duhamel.

Colmen tries to fight back, is eventually shot, he survives because only his firefighter friends rescue him. Colmen is put in witness protection, movies out of state, and is assigned sultry FBI Agent Talia Duram,  Rosario Dawson to keep an eye on him.

White Supremacist leader Neal Hagen (Vincent D'Onofrio) is the ring master of the group and vows revenge. D'Onofiro brings the role to life, he is big bad mean and angry. The fire in his eyes evoke a hatred.

Willis and D'Onofrio square off in Fire With Fire (C) 2012 Grindstone Entertainment Group. Dan's Movie Report ScreenCap.

Bruce Willis portrays police captain Mike Cilla. Cilla also has an interest in the case as his former partner was murdered by the same group. He is trying to reel Colmen in, when Colman starts to target members of the White Supremest Group.

Fire with fire ebbs and flows with energy, as Colmen builds from timid fireman to revenge mode. The transformation is entertaining to watch and while the movie progresses, the mayhem increases. The flow and action are  seethe with energy, as Colmen enlists help The East Side Crypts.

Although seeming trite, this is one of my favorite indie action films of the year. Fire with Fire has a cool story and fantastic performances from Vincent D'Onofrio, Rosario Dawson and Jeremy Colmen. Dawson expressions portray a caring and sympathetic disposition, but when backed into a corner she pounces like a panther.

Colmen has the bulk of the screen work here and enjoyed watching the character transformation. D'Onofiro, is a whirlwind of energy, seething hatred from every pour in his body. Bruce Willis is Bruce, intense, showing the underlying sardonic humor he is known for.

Fire With Fire is one of those big budget DTV films, and it shows, a budget prob close to 20mil. I enjoyed the sets and action, this would probably play on a big screen well. In addition to the action, attention to detail with the background in several scenes and subtle lighting make for an overall solid watch.

Fire With Fire rates an 8 out of 10 and this is a strongly recommended purchase or rent. Below is a direct amazon link, the movie is under 13 dollars on DVD!


  1. I thougt it was bad. Really bad. Bad acting, bad script, bad action. Bruce Willis wass dull, I normally like him alot. Dumahal can't act his way out of a cardboard box. A mess. 1/10

  2. Clearly the reviewer has suffered major head trauma to label this movie anything but diabolical. An utterly nonsensical and hacked together piece of drivel.
    If you hate yourself then watch this movie.

  3. First I would like to review the review, You have got to be out of your god damn mind! To think you actually get paid for this I really really so really hope you do not. If you do I'm sure it is paid buy the film studios who made this movie. About the movie great cast, Bad acting bad plot bad script bad productions bad special affects could have been actual money maker put 20 mil into it I'm sure they won't even get 10 of it back.. Terrible terrible Terrible wasted 1 hour and 37 minutes of my life I will never setback. I feel robbed I want my money back. Or give me a job reviewing films I'm sure I can do it better this hack.

  4. I could give a ffffuuuu****kkkk!!!! I enjoyed the movie. Period.

  5. First off, I agree with with the other postings, in that 'Dan' the reviewer has just lost all credibility for rating this film '8 out of 10.' Enough said. With regard to the movie...what a train wreck. From the opening scene with its forced locker room dialogue and equally forced delivery by the actors I knew I was in trouble. But I pressed on..and for a little there seemed to be a glimmer of hope as 'Hagen' turned out to be enough of a bastard that I wanted to see him go down at the end. But the depressing reality of this amateur production sets in with horrible scene after horrible scene...horrible acting, horrible plot sequence, horrible dialogue... I'm just going to stop's depressing me. This is just one of those movies that Willis and Duhamel took on in order to pay the bills. Awful.


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