Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rhino Season (Fasle kargadan)

Above Pic: Poster for Rhino Season (C) 2012 MIJfilms

Rhino Season spans a three decade time frame and is based on the story of a Kurdish Poet who was unjustly imprisoned during Iran's Revolution. Presented by Martain Scorcese, Rhino Season is currently making the festival rounds.

Above Pic: Rhino Season (C) 2012 Mijfilm

Behouroz Vossougi portrays the lead character Sahel, a tormented man searching for his wife, separated by decades of incarceration.

Above Pic: Rhino Season (C) 2012 Mijfilm

Monica Bellucci  takes the female lead as Sahel's devoted wife Mina. Her character goes through a myriad of emotions and life experiences, also being incarcerated. Ultimately she searches for her husband, who she presumes is dead.

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I am always searching for thought provoking historical films to watch. A couple of years back I reviewed a sprawling Italian film Sanguepazzo (Wild Blood) about the sordid lives of Italian film stars Valenti and Freida, worth a watch. 

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