Friday, December 7, 2012

Daisy Diamond Movie Review

Daisy Diamond is a sombre, sordid, and ultra depressing story of a young woman raped by her boyfriend and then forced to live a life of a single mother named Anna portrayed by Noomi Rapace, with a constantly crying baby named Daisy. She has lofty dreams, goals, that are hopelessly hampered, by her baby getting in the way.

Anna is thwarted at every turn by the many casting agents and directors turning her down, even going so far as to insult her. Daisy Diamond falls in the epic tragedy category, so mind-blowing and confounding, disturbing, dastardly, and excruciatingly beautiful to watch. Even with the loquacious monologues by Noomi's character, Daisy Diamond manages to unfold into movie that dares and forces the viewer not to look away. No subject is taboo in Daisy Diamond.

Noomi gives a inimitable performance, worthy of an academy award, except the subject matter is so bruising, that I am sure no member of the academy would ever watch, or if they did would be scared to admit it. Noomi is in every scene bearing her body and soul in more ways than one in Daisy Diamond. This is perhaps the finest performance of any actress in the last decade, sadly, few will ever see it.

Noomi states, that Daisy Diamond is her favorite film to act in, as it was so challenging. This is not Prometheus, nor The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I warn ALL potential viewers of Daisy Diamond, it will offend and shock you. Noomi's character is raw emotion, pent up sexual tension, rage, undying love, and sadness rolled into a rather disheveled, five foot three inch package. Daisy Diamond is highly original, and deserves a wide release in the US, but sadly due to the subject matter it will never arrive.

Still reading my review? I recommend to all potential viewers to watch a film such as In My Skin, Baise Moi, or Irreversible BEFORE watching this. If these films bother you or offend, don't even bother, cause Daisy Diamond is worse. If you have small children or are one of those parents, cooing all the time about your cute kids, I will be honest, don't watch, you will hate Daisy Diamond, and probably want to beat up Noomi.

I am very used to watching European films, and for me Daisy Diamond is an undulating masterpiece, a crowning achievement in film, simplistic in approach, yet seething with energy. Daisy Diamond rates a 10 out of 10, a perfect score, because the film accomplished exactly what it set out to do, disturb the viewer, not just with shocking individual scenes, but with a concise, all be a very dysmorphic story.

Amazon has the DVD as a Region 2 disc


  1. I just watched "Daisy" this afternoon, based on the fact that my new favourite actress, Noomi, is in it, and i hated it, and i loved it, and it was extraordinary and brilliant and ripped my guts out. Not exactly light entertainment, then, but a devastating film and a powerful and mighty achievement.

  2. CAN'T WAIT ... To get my hands on the Dvd

  3. She did her role very much than we viewers expected, but in the whole movie she showed herself as a failure species to roam in this planet and seed in our minds the blood of a innocent was taken for no reason and lots of sex or may I call it a porn and many cleavage. People don't take opinion as a spoiler thought from me. Life is tough if it ain't tough it ain't a life at all we all know the truth very well in our minds. We need success the same way she wants a growth in her life which was try to explained to us only in a bad way that's not acceptable she is living in a modern world not in some 170 AD kind of timeline in a modern world there are ways to survive, people used to survive by eating raw meat and making the intestine tough to digest. She would have choose some other way to feed the child or leaving it in a daycare anonymous and pursue the career the way she need it or else forget about her dream and sacrificing the acting part and search for a job to feed the baby. Or else fighting constantly without losing her hope in a different way will be a courage and a kind of inspiration for the people who view this movie and not thinking themselves as a failure mainly this type of people will come to a thought of by fighting we can still see a light which we all wanted to feel in our lives. Everybody got problem not this way saying it is totally unacceptable. In a movie there should be humour to make our face brighter or thriller to make our mind thinking or should have come with any type of genres with a message to entertain ourself, instead I saw sex and baby crying all the time she didn't even search for the solution to stop the cry instead of she killed it and moaning for the rest of the movie and ended just like that it's only because a movie has to end.


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