Monday, December 26, 2011

Suing The Devil Movie Review

Above Pic: Suing The Devil Poster from IMDB

So I watched this film without finding anything about it. Suing The Devil is an odd story about a young gentleman who decides to sue the devil for 8 trillion dollars. The film was peppered with sarcastic undertones as veteran actor Malcolm McDowell played Satan with vim and panache. Suing the devil poked fun at all aspects of the devil including looking for him at used car lots and strip clubs.

Although most of the film takes place inside the courtroom, outside drama was played like a Court TV battle with host and very quirky, and down right nutty Tom Sizemore as Tony 'The Hip' Anzaldo. In addition to him was the levelheaded and damn cute Rebecca St. James as the tame and demure Jasmine Williams

Not sure what to make of the whole thing, it is definitely open to interpretation, thoughtful, well acted, and very well directed. I thought it was a rip on the ridiculousness of the whole God Satan argument, until the final stage of the film, Suing the Devil develops a more somber tone.

There were many movie references including the "You can't handle the truth" line from A few Good Men. I enjoyed it the script, it was smart and if you have a low vocabulary, you will admonish this as trifle drivel. You do not have to be religious to enjoy this film. Just enjoy the silliness of looking for Satan and the devil leaving a flaming business card.

I loved it, Come to find out, Suing the Devil was apparently a religious film! So what, I rate it a solid 7 out of 10 as Motley Crue would say: I give a "SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!!!! hahahahah.

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  1. liar. anyone who says this is a good film is a liar. I understand"opinion" but there is no redeemable feature to this film whatsoever. amateurs. Dan's proven to me that this site is rubbish

  2. This movie is a real disaster of narration, script, edting (the Lord will punish you for that awful job, especially the audio department)and acting.

    I'm goin to pray for Tom Sizemore and Malcolm McDowell's acting careers....may they rest in peace, or rather: PIECES.

    Gabe, out.

  3. One of the worst examples of acting I have seen. It is beyond being so bad it is entertaining to just plain old bad.

    Clearly trying to push religious beliefs for the entirety of the movie ruins any opportunity for the film to seem genuine.

    One would hope being based on a legal proceeding there would be some level of tangibility as far as being a believable case is concerned.

    Do not watch this

  4. This is great film. Great review. Don't listen to the above critic - it's the same guy who has been going around attacking the film - right Joseph?

  5. I think this is an excellent film for young aspiring actors and directors to see. To place it firmly in their mind in the 'what not to do' column. 

  6. Haha what can I say...this was so bad it was funy!!! I wondered sometimes whether it was a spoof it was that bad but then I realised it was trying to be an actual film..and failing miserably...haha Oh God Ive attended better school plays!!

  7. I agree...there is no way anyone can actually call this a good movie. I don't know if you were paid to write this review, but this movie has been marketed in a very deceitful way. BTW, I am NOT an atheist...I am just not a liar. If you think pretending this is good is going to bring anyone to Jesus, you are deluded.

  8. This movie was interesting in that it exposed to me how underhanded and devious the promotion company who was hired to generate hundreds of fake accounts and positive review on IMDB and other sites was.

    they even threatened me with legal action for interfering with their campaign.

    the films pro-god message is in direct conflict with how people associated with its production conducted themselves in the real world and online.

  9. I would believe this review more if you simply stated you liked the pro-god message it tries to deliver, but you definitely lose any credibility when you say it was "thoughtful, well acted, and very well directed." Well acted? Really? Doesn't the Bible say lying is a sin?


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