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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sandcastle Movie Review

With her new film Sandcastle Writer/Director  paints a fantastic tale of scope and depth following the journey of emergence of an Indian woman named Sheila evolving from a moth to a butterfly. Maya parades around trying to show Sheila how to broaden her horizons. Sandcastle is a drama, women talking, discussing ideas, goals and dreams.

The first thing I observed about Sandcastle is the difficulty women in India have in being accepted in society as having equal impact and importance with there male counterparts, Sheila has a boyfriend who is not supportive. She wants to go to a writer's meeting and her man won't let her go. Her friend gives interesting advice "If you let people always walk over you they always will." ":Shake off the old, take a rebirth." Allegorically, this applies not only to women in India, but to all people worldwide who are bursting to break free and become their own soul, and express individuality.

The acting on Sandcastle is really engaging, especially from the lady who portrays Maya,  . The interplay between the various characters in Sandcastle pulls Sheila in many ways. She fights for acceptance at the same time as trying to please herself.

Sandcastle is a deep film, looking inside oneself and makes the viewer contemplate the choices they have made throughout their lifetime. I rate Sandcastle an 8 out of 10, impact-full and thought provoking, the film should satisfy the urge to delve into your own mind. 

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 In addition to being nominated for five awards at International Independent Film Festival in London in October, Indian Film Sandcastle has been selected to screen at Hollywood's LA Femme Film Festival, also in October. The film will be screened in Hollywood on October 20th.

er 20 at 10 am.

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