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Natassia Malthe Exclusive Vikingdom Interview (Exclusive Photos!) (C) 2013 Dan's Movie Report

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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! Here is a brand new interview with the multi-talented Natassia Malthe. In Vikingdom Natassia plays a fierce and loyal boat captain/warrior named Brynna. Being from Norway, and loving action, Natassia fits the part perfectly.  She kicks ass, and the film is a cool twist on the legend, and I like it! So there, once again get inside the mind of Natassia and check out her thoughts on the Vikingdom production exclusively on Dan's Movie report. (For her full interview click this link:

Some the the action in Vikingdom looked very intense, even though you have done several action films in the past, did some scenes like the twisting dive challenge you, were they harder?

The dive was hard actually not much help with it and I had to jump myself and twist myself , to get it right was very hard especially with props and landing on them each time . All the fights scenes were intense . I had to really concentrate .

Even though Vikingdom was a huge production from KRU what are some of the differences you encountered between that and the Elektra film you worked on, sets, attitude, organization etc..

Elektra was a way bigger budget with extremely experienced people in every single department . But I think that isn't really important . The intention and drive to make a good film and work with what one has is what gives a film uniqueness and soul . Sometimes high budget studio movies mess up the story and the story becomes generic...To commercial .... there was more of a community feel on Vikingdom. 

Very true on community, additionally Vikingdom has a unique story in that Thor is portrayed as a maniacal God, in my review I liked the portrayal as I think it offered something different, What were some of the things that attracted you to accept your role in Vikingdom, the strong character you would be playing, the unique story etc..

I was attracted to the mythology and that my character was strong . I liked the genre a lot .

It was great that you were portrayed as a warrior. How were the relationships on the set of Vikingdom, everything was relaxed, etc..

Um.. I was mostly hanging out with my bf at the time Jon foo ... We kind of did our own thing kept away from any drama . But everyone was nice and friendly . 

Are there any rumblings you heard from other big budget releases from KRU. a sequel etc..

I have heard of sequel talk.... One, two, three but you know I hear that on every movie and until its happening its something I try not to pay attention too ...

Hope it happens, Vikingdom is a cool project, any new projects in the works you can chat about?

I am in talks with a TV show, but I have also been thinking of studying at a university and getting a degree ...... I feel like a change ....

Whatever your dreams are, I wish you the best Natassia, chat soon.

Thanks for the interview.

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  1. I already twice watched this epic movie..I like it..just for relaxing my mind.. low budget with great cgi .. wow..fantastic...hope more better next time with more budget..also use VFX..


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