Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chastain: Surrender To No One CD Review! Out November 19th 2013!

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First up on the hot list of music is the November 19th release of the first Chastain release in 22 years to feature Leather Leone on vocals! The hard hitting, old school blast of melody and crunch represents a return to the days of music, before heavy effect laden vocals and 10,000 over dubs. You will not find, bass dropouts, high pitched crooning, nor anything remotely labelled as wimpy on Surrender To No One! Dan's Movie Report is proud to be the FIRST to review this great release!

The eleven track release represents a personal venture back into music for Leather, heralded back by her undying love and respect for the Master of the Moon, and Man on the Silver Mountain, Ronnie James Dio. Chastain as well, seems to reach back, instead of the guitar virtuoso, more of a power riffing groove. 

The entire CD is full of diversity and intensity. Blistering tracks such as "Rise Up" with double bass drum beats and locomotive crunch are not the only style on Surrender To No One. The final track "Bleed Through Me" is an epic ballad, a far reaching introspective journey in my opinion for soul searching, and reaching deep inside yourself for strength and passion.

The recording is not slick like the releases of today, it harkens back to the raw undulating power deflecting tonality of the 80s, as if this CD was actually released in the 80s, an obvious and earth shattering achievement. Returning to their roots Chastain has built Surrender To No One as a masterpiece a defining 80s rock anthem for 2013! 

This CD is a recommended double purchase.  Buy and Buy a second one to give as a gift to the uninitiated 80s metal fan. I rate Surrender To No One my first PERFECT score on Dan's Movie Report of 2013 also, I added an extra point for the dedication, determination, and communication of David Chastain and Leather for making this happen. Surrender To No One Rates and impossible 11 out of 10, Like an extra credit on a test! Do the math, bang your head, and buy it! Surrender To No One! HAHA!! For additional info go to:  

Here is My 2011 Interview with Leather! Exclusive!

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