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Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent Movie Review (C) 2014 Danny Shamon (Exclusive)

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Special thanks to Rob Ho for allowing me to be the first person outside his U.K. circle to review this film. As my website heads towards the one million hit count, I am looking for more truly indie features, with no initial studio backing, be it large or indie company, still is a "studio backing it. I want people who sweat it out, grind it out and put out their own damn film! Will I still review big budget stuff, yes, will I still do interviews, yes, will my audience still be subjected to scores of talented people with exclusive photos on my site, the final answer is YES! Now, it is time to pay the rent!

Rob Ho is a real life landlord, owner of a building in which tenants live. I was a manager of a rental house in the past, I feel his pain, the trials and tribulations of being everything from an ear to listen, to a housekeeper, to a security guard. In The Landlord, Rob Ho plays Louis Fey, a man who is bequeathed an apartment building by his elderly father. 

It turns out that criminal mastermind Warwick, () is in the property acquisition business and he has a penchant for forcing these people to sell with violent means, and polite British dialogue! Seriously never have I watched a film where violence transpired following more eloquently spoken dialogue. No F bombs, etc.. but, I must say as an American watching this it was different and kind of fun to watch. After a fight ensues Rob Ho looks at Zara Phythian's character Lauren, who also fights a bunch in this film, and says, "A bit of a scrapper, ay?" Now most responses in American films would be "Yeah I f%^D him up so bad his mom needed dental records for identification, with Zara it is a smile, smirk nod, or deadly stare. In Landlord, responses are polite sometimes even non-verbal, but thankfully always laced with fists.

Warwick threatens another business to sell, and this time it is personal as it is the sister of Zara Phythian's character Lauren Jones. Louis Fey (Rob Ho) is also randomly surprise attacked with the streets by Warwick's Henchmen. Rob Ho reminds me of a young Sammo Hung in his fighting style, kind of random, kind of wild, always throwing his weight around,  and tinges of humor thrown in for good measure. Minor complaint is that the fighting scenes, while there are plenty of them, are filmed a bit to close to the subject, not allowing to see the scope of the fight. That is the only issue all other elements, location, creativity, etc are solid.

The big surprise of Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent, is   and her character Freddie. Upon a second watching of the film, I have determined that she is my favorite character on the film, and seems to relish playing the bad girl hench-woman to Warwick. Her character is given a pretty big part, which is cool, as usually the ladies on the bad side are given a few throwaway lines, and subsequently cast aside. Freddie and Lauren duke it out, and as in all of Zara's fights, epic stare downs, angry frowns, and copious amounts of hair flying everywhere, Dionne really looks like a psycho, in her final fight with Zara. I see a solid future for Dionne Vincent, she did a great job and really made the film a treat to watch a second time. Her fight with Zara toward the end of the film has some, shall we say interesting elements, fire extinguisher, kicking, punching, etc... I have two photos below, for detailed description and my intrepid audience to peruse, and I will not spoil the outcome! I will not say which of the two ladies get the most licks in! HA!

Of course there is a final showdown, many henchmen, what would an action film be without many henchmen, random thugs and of course hired goons. In addition, another crime/action film staple, are the two cops who always seem to be a Fortnight late and a Pound Sterling short always trying to nail Warwick.  Apparently to fight Zara and Rob, at least ten of these types of men are needed! Fighting, kicking and of course full blown brawl breaks out. 

Overall, the story and characters were decent on a shoestring budget, and Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent, rates a 7 out of 10, A definite watch! As for Dionne Vincent, I rate her a 8 on the dangerous scale: cute, sassy, and saucy, so like her official Facebook page @ She has many more projects in the work, that I am sure will be blood soaked and fun!

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  1. Great review. I played Davey in the film and personally saw the blood, sweat and bruises the cast went through to make it as gritty as possible. Very proud to be involved with such professionals.


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