Monday, June 2, 2014

Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review

Live. Die. Repeat. Three words which make up the tagline for Edge Of Tomorrow, permeate the film, as Tom Cruise's character Cage is caught in a time loop, dying over and over again to save humanity. The situation is simple, and actually the film feels like an updated version of Starship Troopers, adding in the time-loop parameter.

Cage is a military officer not actually trained in combat, but is recruited by an elite military outfit from the UK that is going to make another Normandy style invasion in France to kill the mysterious alien enemy. The Outfit is deposited on the beach, but it ends up being an ambush, and everyone dies. Cage, when he dies, ends up back in the same spot he started in waking up in handcuffs among the soldiers duffel bags, labelled a deserter forced to relive the day and be re-dropped into the same ambush.

Each time he is thrust back into combat, he learns a little more, more about his special 100 pound exo-skeleton suit, who his team members from J company are, and even mimics what his commanding officer says. He dies, he learns, and repeats the process.

Above Pic, a hot steamy Emily Blunt, click for wallpaper size!!

Along his travels he meets up with Rita (Emily Blunt) who plays a hardcore Helicoptor blade wielding bitch. She is as tough as they come, and eventually trains Cage to perpare to end the war once and for all, by killing the Omega, a "Brain Alien" Think Brain Bug from Starship Troopers, Actually there are three main types of alien entities, The Alpha, (a super powerful rare alien, who's DNA allows it to reset the day, thus knowing where the enemy is, standard soldier aliens and the all=powerful hidden Omega.

Edge Of Tomorrow blasts and runs like a video game, in IMAX 3D you are in the action, in site and in ear-splitting sound. The film is loud, clanky and has the calmness of a 10 ton brick landing on a feather. This is an action film, not much dialogue, and what there is repeats, and repeats.

Cruise is his usual suave self, a tinge of humor deflects the enormity of the situation. The surprise here is Emily Blunt, for those unsure if she could pull off an action role with her prim and proper self, be prepared for a her muscles, (not sure where they came from, but they are nice, and glisten when sweaty) Emily also has an intense, hardcore attitude, she seems to relish in the tough chick role, and boy is she one bad-ass woman,

Overall, minor gripes with the lack of initial plot development, as the story is kind of told on the fly. More set up, and character development, and how the alien race actually got here would be cool, but this film is a true summer "check your brain at the door popcorn flick" and it is a fun as hell ride. I recommend the IMAX 3D version, Edge Of Tomorrow rates a 7.5 out of 10.

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