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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Metal Hurlant Chronicles "The Endomorphe"

Above Photo: (C) 2014 SyFy Michael Jai White, Silvio Simac,  , Michelle Lee

Although I rarely review TV shows, on Dan's Movie Report,  I must make an exception, for the fantastic beginning to Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 2. The Endomorphe is a whirlwind of action and force. No wasted filler, just 22 minutes of seething energy from director  , based on a comic by:  .

Beginning with last years Mortal Kombat, and her brutal and seductive portrayal of Mileena, , has taken the big leap from stunts to acting. In Metal Hurlant her character is Gas, is a tough soldier destined to protect, the young boy who has powers that will eventually control the Endomorphes.

The star of the episode is none other than the amazing Michael Jai White. White excels here as the tough commander. strong, silent, and stoic. He exudes confidence, but he never wavers in his quest to protect a small boy destined to overcome the Edomorphes, beings with metal skeletal fused over flesh. When a tentacle leaves their body it implants a homing beacon, on a victim, leading them right to that person.

Martial Arts champion and actor  also graces the episode with his massive frame, and big personality. I thoroughly enjoy Silvio's work, he has several IMDB credits including an amazing fight with Scott Adkins in Undisputed 2. Simac portrays Sant, a tough no nonsense soldier, loyal and unwavering.

The episode opens with the Endomorphes watching a meteor shoot across the sky, suddenly the serene workers mentality changes to kill humans and overrun the population. The "lead' Endomorphe is a highly advanced being, a mix of predator and leader, he is controlling the charge to find the young boy.

This is a great 22 minute episode. Each 22 minute episode in Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a stand alone story, however, they are all intertwined by this common theme. Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a cool conceptual idea. Although it is derived with themes from other films and TV shows, the 22 minute 'movies; put the viewer, right in the action, kind of like a Poe short story.  The Endomorphe rates a 9 out of 10, excellent, with repeat watch-ability. The series is currently out in France, and has aired in the USA on SyFy.

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