Friday, July 25, 2014

The Martial Arts Kid Trailer Drops Online!

Officially premiering at the San Diego Comicon, The Martial Arts Kid Trailer has made it's way to Youtube @

Watch for more exclusives, later in 2014, on your home for action, Dan's Movie Report!

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  1. Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock are one of the most historic and passionate combinations you could put together… When they are working to help humanity by making a film to end bullying – they will…. Grandmaster style….

    This is not just a film – it is the begging of the end of “bullying” as we know it – they are primed to make their mark on the world in a good way…. This film will possess an inspirational energy – spreading non-violence, just by people standing up for others –

    Their message will reach the “100th monkey” proportions – soon all over the world – bullying will end…

    Just watch….


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