Monday, July 28, 2014

Upcoming Exclusive! JUJU CHAN Interview! A Dan's Movie Report EXCLUSIVE!

Greetings valued readers, upcoming on your #1 home for exclusives on the web, is an interview with multi-talented Actress and Taekwon-Do fighter Juju Chan. Juju has recently completed work on two Roger Corman films, an action film entitled Fist Of The Dragon, and a Horror film called Palace Of The Damned. 

Both films are making the festival rounds and should be released to DVD shortly. In addition Juju has a very cool short film available online now from director Maria Tran called Hit Girls. Hit Girls is a action comedy which the two ladies Maria and Juju are hired assassins. 

In addition to all of the film work,  JuJu Chan, recently represented Hong Kong at the 7th Taekwon-Do (ITF) Asian Championship and brought home a Bronze medal in April. A month later JuJu was recruited by the Hayabusa Gym in Hong Kong to represent them at the "WMC The One Legend" Mauy Thai fight on June 24, 2014. In under a month of intensive training from Mauy Thai Featherweight IFMA World Champion, Bryan To Hang Lam, JuJu successfully transformed herself from a Taekwon-Do fighter to a Mauy Thai fighter. With her strong kicks and heavy punches, after three rounds of three minutes each, JuJu won by an unanimous decision, and become the Hong Kong Mauy Thai champion for the under 46KG division. 

Juju has many big career plans in the coming years ahead, and she will chat exclusively with Dan's Movie Report about her current action work, and her goals and dreams for the future. 

Kick your browsers over to these official Juju Chan related sites for more information, and prepare for impact, cause Juju Chan is destined for stardom! 

Official Juju Chan Facebook Page:

Official IMDB Page:
YouTube Page:
Hit Girls Facebook Page:
Official Fist Of The Dragon Page:

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