Saturday, August 30, 2014

PeiPei Yuan Goes Crazy In A Pool Hall, Many Thugs Beaten!

Who needs big burly men to break up a thug ring at a seedy pool room. In all reality, why use a full group of men to do the dirty work, when all you need is PeiPei (a.k.a. Peppa)! In this 90 second slice of insanity PeiPei seems pissed, and would rather crack your skull then kiss you. Her version of kissing is breaking a pool cue over your back of your head. PePei is adorable, has an inviting smile, innocent face, however, PeiPei, is hell bent on fighting, and usually speaks with fists and kicks, rather than soft vocal niceties. Watch for more on PeiPei later in 2014 on Dan's Movie Report, your home for all things that are hot and full of action!

The short film also features Mario Perez, Jimmy Chhiu, and Alvin Hsing.

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