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Friday, September 5, 2014

Bloodtraffick Movie Review

Nothing gives me greater cinematic pleasure than watching an expertly crafted short film. 'Bloodtraffick' is a 10 minute cinematic blast of vampire vs hunter theater of the highest order. The adorable  as Ava Chen is a vampire hunter, in her case a special angel, sent to eradicate the vampires and restore peace to the planet. 

'Bloodtraffick' is expertly shot on the RED cam, and the cool opening sequence of Ava collecting her ammo and standing on a rooftop over looking the city has a super hero look to it. Grace embodies the Ava character with cat like reflexes, sinewy and stealthy, moving from scene to scene. Ava is equipped with two guns 'Tombraider' style, and also has a silver stake, you know for the vampires!

 She soon tracks down Fin Rose (), because he is responsible for many of the "angels'" deaths.One of the rooms of his lair is full of wings and another room is full of body parts. Ava learns that both her sisters were his victims and one many have gotten away.

Without giving away the rest of the 'Bloodtraffick', I will say it is full of action and intrigue. Actually writer/director  tells an open ended story that actually would work well as a TV Series or possibly a feature film. By emphasizing the mood and story, and keeping just the two characters in the film, Thym has allowed the viewer an intrinsic curiosity to imagine a vivid world where dozens of the angels exist and are tracking down the vampires in a similar fashion.

'Bloodtraffick' has the repeat watch-ability factor, and is has played at many film festivals. I cannot wait to see more from Jennifer Thym and hope that there is a financial backer soon on a Bloodtraffick' series! 'Bloodtraffick' rates an 8 out of 10, a must watch.

For more information on the film go to the following sites:

Official RockGinger (Jennifer Thym's production company) homepage:
Grace Huang Facebook:
The film is available for watching on Indieflix @

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