Thursday, January 29, 2015

Maximum Choppage! Extreme Hilarity From ABC2 Australia! Series Debut February 24th, 2015!

Above Photo: (C) 2015 ABC2

Below Link: Official Trailer for 'Maximum Choppage'

Greetings fellow Dan's Movie Report readers, how are your martial arts, and when is the last time you have been "monkey fisting"? Seriously this is perhaps the most hysterical action that has been shown in a long time! Get ready for much pain, in the sides back and legs, not from traditional martial arts, no from the utter craziness that is 'Maximum Choppage'!

Additional videos have been set up @ click for the links! above and below, a sneak peak and teaser!

Action Actress/Producer/Stuntwoman Maria Tran shares the tidbits of the series being as wild and as crazy as it sounds! Watch for future interview of Maria with exclusive photos.

Above Photo: (C) 2015 ABC2

Watch this space for more on 'Maximum Choppage'!

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