Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Action Actress Crystal Santos Upcoming On Dan's Movie Report! Exclusive Walllpaper Photos!

Above photo: Crystal Santos (C) 2015 Chanel Medel  (All Photos can be made wallpaper size!)

On July 17th and 18th of 2015 the Martial Arts History Museum will have it's annual Dragonfest, follow the link @ This is a not to miss event. Actress/Martial Artist Crystal Santos is a fixture in the action realm and has been awarded numerous awards including being Officially Inducted into The Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors and awarded with Outstanding Dedication in the Martial Arts!

Above Photos: (C) 2015 Chanel Medel

Above Photo: Crystal Santos in The Immortals Photo Shoot

 As the Dragonfest approaches, Dan's Movie Report will be your exclusive home to the fantastic images, videos, and coverage from this amazing event. Watch for exclusive interviews with Crystal Santos and many other luminaries at Dragonfest!! Crystal will chat about her various experiences in the stunt action world ranging from working on 'Deathproof' to her new recordings with Inkcorporated! Watch this page for future exclusive Crystal Santos photos!

For more information on Crystal Santos, hit up her official facebook page @
She has a music page with her brother's band Inkcorperated.
Her band page @
Twitter @
Instagram @

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