Sunday, March 22, 2015

STÉPHANIE GÉRARD Wallpaper Images! Exclusive!

All photos can be made wallpaper sized! To do this, on a windows computer, left click on the photo, to enlarge, right click on the enlarged photo and select view image, on the enlarged image left click again and it will be full size. To download, right click and select, 'save image as' and viola! Congrats, you have a big photo!

Greetings my esteemed readers. It is time once again for some sizzling new photos of the talented and sultry actress and singer Stéphanie Gérard 
She was performing live at the Miss Russian L.A. 2015. Check out the hot Youtube videos posted:

Of Course read more about sexy  Stéphanie Gérard
on Dan's Movie Report with her exclusive interview @

Watch for more on sexy Stéphanie Gérard on the home for action and exclusives Dan's Movie Report!

For more information go to the official website:

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  1. Stephanie eres la verdadera mujer maravilla!!! Hermosa Encantadora y Talentosa!!!


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