Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hot New Movie Trailer! Asian Connection! A Daniel Zirilli Directed Steven Segeal Film! New Photos!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers! Get ready for some Seagal action Asian Style! From Director Daniel Zirilli comes ;Asian Connection' Oh yeah!

With the Slogan "The Beast is in the East" expect copious action, a bit of humor and look for cool action peeps Dean and Ron from 'Time Rush' I am all over this one! Need to get my Gotee on point and my buffet game active and party down to South East Asia! Michael Jai White adds to the intense action as well! My head already hurts from the beating!

Check out these hot new shots from the film's trailer! On your home for action Dan's Movie Report!

Description: Two American expatriates, Jack and Sam, unwittingly steal a drug lord's money when they rob a series of banks in Southeast Asia and become the target of the gang's vengeance. When Sam is killed, Jack turns to the love of his life, Pom, and the couple becomes a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde that takes the fight to the gang. Written by IvanWong

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From Daniel===  The ASIAN CONNECTION Official Trailer is out! Directed by Daniel Zirilli, screenplay by Glase Lomond story by Tom Sizemore & Daniel Zirilli. starring STEVEN SEAGAL, MICHAEL JAI WHITE, John Edward Lee, Pim Bubear with Byron Gibson Sahajak Boonthanakit Eoin O'Brien Dean Alexandrou Ron Smoorenburg Natalie Lorence Kecha Khamphakdee, Byron Bishop Nick Blade Khan Alex Winters David Gray ... screenplay by Glase Lomond, story by Tom Sizemore and Daniel Zirilli produced by Danny Roth, Damiano and Tiziano Tuzzi, Michael Tadros Jr. Chris Conover, and Thai production company Wych Kaosayananda and team!

Watch for more exclusives and an interview with Director Daniel Z in the coming months, on your home for awesomeness! Dan's Movie Report!

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