Friday, April 1, 2016

Rush Hour TV Series (2016) Review

Greetings fellow indie action fans, what we have here is a rare breed on network tv, a show that is funny, full of action and has subtitles, and is in prime time. CBS has a cool idea with 'Rush Hour' expanding on the movie idea first put forth by Jackie Chan and Chis Tucker.

Been reading that people think this show is "dated" , has "forced Jokes"  "crude humor" HELLO, that is the damn point,  The politically correct humor of today is so boring, why so sensitive? Remember 'Blazing Saddles' as a case in point. Humor is humor, regardless, I do not care if someone makes fun of my race or religion in a humorous light, what is the damn issue. Ooops... tripped off my soapbox.

 Above Pic: The dynamic duo! Carter and Lee (C) 2016

portrays Det. James Carter and plays Lee a cop from Hong Kong.
Basically the series follows the film, renegade black detective who cannot follow procedure is forced to babysit Chinese cop. The story is pretty basic, but fun and light hearted, Rush Hour never crosses the area of serious crime drama, it is sarcastic, crazy, and non apologetic.

  , are the show's creators and have some cool ideas, With the stolen statue and mysterious sister of Lee who seems to be mixed up in the criminal element. Yes kind of like the original, but a bit different.

The supporting cast as Sergeant Diaz and as Kim Lee (sister) do a good job of balancing the testosterone driven show, by adding in their own attitude and toughness.

Above Pic: Get ready for a bar fight! (C) 2016 CBS TV

 The highlight of the show is the action and maniacal stunt work. Helicopters, crazy fights, car stunts, gun play- everything. Stunt co-ordinator James Lew did a masterful job of wrangling all of the stunt crew together This is a good show for stunt people. Support the stunt community and watch. Is 'Rush Hour' high art; nah, but fun. 'Rush Hour' rates a solid 7 out of 10! Bang!

 The show airs on CBS Thursday nights at 10pm EST.

FB page for the show is @

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  1. first critic review I see that rates it as a good show, but I agree, I enjoy this type of comedy. Ofcourse its not as good as the movies, thats impossible but it is an entertaining and funny series


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