Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yoga Pant Brawl (2016) Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

 Photo Credit: Yoga Pants Brawl Facebook Page.

Greetings action fans worldwide, today we have a totally hilarious entry into the action short film genre. Actress and all around talent and her merry band of ladies seem to have a problem with others in the park, who are wearing yoga pants. directs her band of spandex bad girls to fight and get rough. Hysterical Character names such as Bootie Betty and Yoga Yeti are included in this 5 minute short.

Let us just say there is action, comedy, angry face Tamiko, very silly outfits and foot stomping walking throughout. The film is great fun. It is worth multiple viewings for the action, choreography and hysterical silly dialogue. Watch as the talented stunt ladies flex their acting muscle in 'Yoga Pant Brawl'.

Photo Credit: Yoga Pants Brawl Facebook Page

PeiPei is super talented, very sarcastic, fun and seems to want to get thrown about, how can that be bad? She has many videos on her youtube channel @

Overall I rate this 'Yoga Pant Brawl' and 8 out of 10. Lessons learned: never cross PeiPei, and Tamiko is adorable when angry.

The film is currently entered in festivals and watch for a sequel soon, please go to the Facebook or Twitter feed for more info!

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