Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hong Kong Shogun Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Screenshot of Hong Kong Shogun, (C) 2016 Maria Tran

Greetings action lovers worldwide. Action director, writer, producer, Trung Ly has unleashed his latest creation, a one day shoot total for fun short film called Hong Kong Shogun. It spoofs many Hong Kong action film styles, including the ridiculous Hong Kong detectives. Ramping up the silliness as Maria plays a no nonsense investigator wanting to find out and capture the Hong Kong Shogun.

Along the way Maria meets some characters, literally, hahahaha, some are way more savory than others. Once again, a chance to work with actress Juju Chan dressed as Bruce Lee, but with a tight skirt and cleavage. I must say whenever Maria and Juju are on screen together magic happens at it did in 'Hit Girls' and 'Fist of the Dragon'. The ladies, Juju and Maria, do a bit of a dance, then pose, then fight, kiss,boob grab, by maria, etc, hell I have no clue but I laughed. I feel Maria does this basically to see the kind of reaction she will get out of her co stars, and really enjoys the banter and light-hearted fun of the filming process. Maria, time to write a feature film of 'Hit Girls'!

Look for a cool cameo by Mike Leeder as Shogun, a star in a wild west show channeling his inner Eastwood, meets westwood, snarky silliness, and we all know, Mike is just a guy, who knows his place in his films. In addition a mysterious man in black, is played by the talented Antony Szeto, director of 'Fist of the Dragon'. Kudos to Trung Ly for the action, and his usually bad ass self! Watch for Xin, also another cool customer that hits hard!

Is Hong Kong Shogun the greatest short film ever, nah, but it is really silly and fun, and now that Juju has worked on a few US films and Maria is working with Jackie Chan on his new film, it is time for the ladies to shine bright and for Maria to bring her unique brand of action to the rest of the world.

Hong Kong Shogun rates a 7 out of 10, Maria, and Juju, haha, once again, your physical contact is more than punches and kicks, and for that, we are all winners! HAHAHA!

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