Sunday, July 31, 2016

Actress Juju Chan in V-Force! Updated Savage Dog Information! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above Photo Juju Chan readies in makeup for V-Force film in Portland, Oregon.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers,  Action actress, and multi-talented Juju Chan is currently in Portland filming 'V-Force', The supernatural, sci-fi, action film also stars Don (The Dragon) Wilson and Keith David. Juju plays the character Bao Lee, and will have super powers, as yet to be revealed. Juju has been filming her action sequences overnight on this shoot, and should prove to be full force excitement. Actor Don (The Dragon) Wilson states that Juju plays his Daughter in the film and breaking with tradition it is she who saves him from the evil monsters in 'V-Force'!

For' V-Force' check out the new IMDB page @

Plot is:  Four young woman gain extraordinary powers, who are guided by an older mentor to become super heroes.

 Juju also just wrapped her portion of filming 'Savage Dog' with director Jesse V. Johnston. The period film, is still a bit of a mystery, but Juju plays the character Isabelle and according to the HK Post has a relationship of sorts with Scott Adkins character of Martin. The film also stars Cung Le, Marko Zazor, and Sheena Chou.

Above photo: Director Jesse V. Johnson and actress Juju Chan on the set of Savage Dog!

Above Photo, screen cap from Dream Team Directors video of MSW Martial Arts Academy seminar.

In addition, Juju recently took time out of her busy schedule to impart her knowledge and skill set to local L. A. youth 
At the MSW Martial Arts Academy @
Video is on the Dream Directors Facebook page.

For detailed 2014 interview with Juju Chan, please follow this link:

Follow Juju on her various social media sites including her Facebook @
Snapchat: My snapchat: jujuchanhk

Special thanks to Samera Entertainment and Jesse V. Johnson for the help with compiling the post.

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