Saturday, September 24, 2016

Popart Film Factory! Daniel Zirilli to work on new film with Marko Zazor!

 Above photo Daniel from IMDB!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers Film maker extraordinaire and all around world traveler Daniel Zirilli has a brand new film on the slate!

Coming in from Screen Anarchy is this tidbit:

The most amazing thing about Daniel is the fact that he is an collaborator! He brings in people he trusts to his projects, and always looks to make the best film possible. It is exciting as a writer to get inside the filming process as I covered Reflex exclusively on my site from set reports through Dean and Daniel.

The passion in his film making exceed expectations, and allow for all of the actors to rise to a level of quality. With three films out this year, Crossing Point, Time Rush, and the Steven Seagal flick The Asian Connection, Daniel, bottom line gets results! His films get solid distribution and he is adept at promoting his new films!

Check out this exclusive behind the scenes video from Reflex with Selina Lo!

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