Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shadow (2017) Movie Review

Usually one minute and five seconds is barely enough time to even introduce a film. In the day and age of the five minute 'spoil all' trailers it is nice to see a film maker and actress collaborate on a sultry film noir that allows the viewer to imagine what transpires before and after.

'Shadow' is a stripped down yet seething blast of what could have been, a love scorned. Director Maksimililan Urikh has committed to making two short films a month, and 'Shadow' stands out due to the tremendous talents of Katrina Grey. Katrina, has a sultry voice and her tone of melancholy and a tinge of sarcasm and anger pierces through the film. Katrina is a real talent, a diamond, she has many projects on her slate foe 2017, it will be exciting. Ming Yen Chang steps in and provides some really cool sound and lighting on the project.

Overall 'Shadow' is a great film, full of style and imagery, a must watch, and should play well on the indie festival circuit. 'Shadow' rates an 8 out of 10.

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