Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ghost House (2017) Movie Review Dan's Movie Report

Above Pic: IMDB poster of Ghost House (2017)

Special thanks to actress Katrina Grey for turning me on to Ghost House. Actually, the film had a blink and you miss it one week run theatrically in the U.S., yet very limited. This review is from the home video release.

Ghost House opens very promisingly, as we see Katrina running and a sense of ominous urgency. The tight camera work, and excellent  lighting, really setting the mood. I kind of hoped the entire film would follow this pace, sadly it does not. Katrina has two decent scenes in Ghost House and she made the most of them especially in the beginning, where she showed some real fear. One of those grab you in moments, yet alas no other ones really occur.

The film plays out more like a Chinese style ethereal ghost horror story, and in the case of the Ghost House, the story is just not full of enough plot points, jump scares, or and excitement. It is not a bad looking film, has the elements of setting, creepy houses, creepy people, just not enough intertwined situations to keep a viewer interested.

I really wanted to like the film more, I think the director and crew will be better on the next project, as the talent level and look of the film are fine, just the story and plot were tepid, not allowing for the viewer to be fully engaged. Ghost House is a bit below average, perhaps a Netflix or Amazon Prime affair only and 5 out of 10. 

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