Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Forlorned (2017) Movie Review

Above Poster on IMDB from Midnight Releasing

Of course it is nearing Halloween so what better way than to celebrate it with some horror. The Forlorned rather uninteresting yarn about a legend. The novel was written by Angela Townsend and I could not help thinking watching this, that some stories are better left to the reader imagination. The plot is good yet, at barely an hour and 20 minutes, the lower budget film seemed not to not have the presence nor the energy to warrant a recommendation. Even near the end a character is essentially explaining what is happening.

All is not lost, as there is some really cool make-up and some artistry shown in the film, sadly a story of this scope and magnitude just needed more of a budget. I respect the effort as with the locations and special effects taking up probably much of the cash, it probably was hard to get the full story across.

The Forlorned is probably a rent for horror fans only, others probably wait for Netflix or TV, and rates a 5 out of 10.

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